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Gangsingan – Traditional Game that has an attitude of cooperation, teamwork, and the value of honesty.

Gangsingan – Traditional Game that has an attitude of cooperation, teamwork, and the value of honesty.
Gangsing is a traditional game that can we find on the village on that time. Gangsing now is very different with the past. Now we can find many kinds of gangsing. Gangsing that mad of plastics easy to find everywhere and easier to be played. It is because the design of gangsing now is varies. Traditional gangsing was made from wood. The making process of traditional gangsing so easy but it needed accuracy so it would produce “panggal” that could be spin and balanced.

Every places in Indonesia usually has this game. That is why Indonesia that has multi ethnic society, consists of many tribes know many kinds of gangsing

There is no record in Indonesia that states where this game certainty came from. The historical data likes manuscript and archaeological data , artifacts or non artifacts discussed about this game haven’t found yet. So, it is difficult to reveal the history about gasing in Indonesia


The game –Gasing at Natuna, Tujuh Island, Riau Province have there since Dutch colonialism. At West Java the game – gasingan has known before the independence. While on North Sumatra this game has been there since 30 years late.

In the first time, gangsing only done by the children, adult and old people to waste their spare time and to fulfill their entertainment needs. At Balim the village on the slope of Mount Batukaru in general the game gangsing done on dry season when coffee harvest. The former land of drying the coffee was used as arena to play gangsing. At that time on Adimulyo, Karanganyar, Kebumen Regency the game gasing has done after harvest season. While to wait the rain season came to cultivate the field (paceklik era,) the farmer – children or adult wasted their spare time to play gangsing in their gardens.

In some places in Indonesia, this game has different term for example from Jakarta and West Java it is called Gangsing or Panggal; at Lampung it called Pukang game; at Jambi, Bengkulu, Tanjung Pinang dan Riau Island, West Sumatra this game is called Gasing; East Kalimantan it called Begasing; At Bali it called Megangsing, Nusa Tenggara Barat called Maggasing and Apiong is from Maluku.

Kinds of Gangsing

A. Wood Gasing
It makes from hard wood likes petai china woods, rukam woods, kemining woods, orange woods etc. The shape of gangsing that is played has small teeth or likes yam. On top part is given head to wrap the gasing players strap. On the bottom is plugged a spike or spiky iron as spur to injured or ruin the balance of opponent gangsing

B. Paku Berindu Gasing
It is from Bengkulu and made of bindu nail (seed fern) and bright yellow bamboo. The technique to make this kind of gangsing is by whittle fruit spikes and stick to gouged fruit seeds. It plays on the floor by the boys or girls on Bengkulu Malay tribe on past by spinning using their hand on their spares time.

C. Buah Parah Gasing
It makes from the seed of parah fruit, bamboo, and string. The colour is dark brown and bright yellow. The technique to make this kind is by sorted and shuffled. By using the knife the seed of parah fruit is perforated. Stick is used to put out the seed and perforated using the bamboo and hot iron. It played also by the Bengkulu Malay tribe at past by rolled up.

D. Bamboo Gasing
It makes from bamboo and rope, the colour is pink, red, green, orange and red. To make it, it must used saw to cut the bamboo. Knife to whittle the bamboo and hot irong to make a hole.

Playing System

There are three kinds of playing gangsing, they are :

A. Angonan
In this game, each player whose gangsing is spin and stop in the circle or the nearest of the circle can be said that he is loose. The other children try to hit gangsing belongs to the child that gangsing is loose with their gangsing. And try to dissociate the loose gangsing from the circle in rotation. And the children who has that gangsing also must try to enter the gangsing to the circle. If the loose child succeed to enter the gangsing in the circle, so the game must be replied from begin. At this game, the children must bring more that one gangsing. The one put in the circle and the other one as “gacoan”. You must have the other gangsing as supply.

B. Cocokan
This game is different with gangsing angonan. Each players put their couple gangsing in the circle. Each players must be tried to put out their gangsing with their “gangsing gacoan”. Whose gangsing doesn’t put out from the circlr or put out from the circle in the last game, so this gangsing is loose. As punishment, the gangsing must be stabbed with nailed gangsing until split.

C. Ambilan
In this game, each players put their gangsing in the circle likes on angonan dan cocokan. After lottery is done, each players must show off its gangsingnya by hitting his gangsing to the stack of the gangsing in the circle. Each gangsing that put off from ther circle will be belonged to the player who hit his gangsing. Each players only has 1 chance in one rotation.

The game gangsing used as a means to instill certain values include the value of cooperation and solidarity, honesty, values of openness, fairness, the prestige value, economic value and to educate mental attitude holds promise (mandate, deliberation, a meticulous and training skills and a certain dexterity).

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