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Geplak – Special food from Bantul - Yogyakarta

Geplak – Special food fro Bantul - Yogyakarta
Every place always have special food. Sometimes the people called one region with the nickname of its special food.

Kota Geplak, it is the name for Bantul regency because the special food from Bantul is geplak. The taste of geplak is sweet. Bantul is known with geplak because at this regency there are some sugar cane plantations, and the factories that produce sugar. Beside this at this regency also has some palm plantation. Because of this, the people from Bantul process this kind of food.

This food is made from grated coconut and brown sugar or granulated sugar. The unique shape and the special taste makes this food makes the people like this food, even the tourists domistics and foreign tourists.

Geplak has special charateristic that is the sphere and its colourful. The taste of grated coconut ad the sweet taste will give own special taste to this food. In making processing, to make geplak first,  coconut meat soaked into coconut water until the oil is gone. Second, wash the coconut meat clean and then be shredded. Cook the grater together with brown sugar and also food coloring. Next, Chilled and shaped to be sphere and packed.

Geplak usually packaging using besek. Besek makes from woven bamboo. In one package usually some colourful geplak. At the beginning, there were only two colours of geplak that is white and chocolate. The white one usually uses cane sugar and the brown usually uses brown sugar.

The History of Geplak

Long time ago, geplak often used for the people there as staple food to change rice. It happened because there are some material to make geplak for example coconut meat and some canes lane that cultivated to be sugar at the sugar cane processing plant liked Madukismo that its operation until now. There were some material to make geplak especial;y on bad season where staple food is very difficult to be found. That is why the people make some food to change rice.

The origin of geplak can not be separated from the participation of Bantul at that time. At colonilzation there are some sugar cane plantations. The field many planted with sugar cane. There were some sugar factories. There were 6 factories at Bantul at that time. The position of Bantul near the beach so there were some coconut trees.

Finally, geplak with the main material young coconut combine with sugar was appear. At the beginning geplak only consists of two kinds. As stated above that white geplak uses granulated sugar and brown if uses brown sugar.

But now, there are some variation color of geplak. They are red, yellow, brown, green, pink, and white. About the taste is not only tasteful and sweet but also have variation likes durian, strowberry, chocolate etc. The tourist are able to get geplak easily.

The Distinction of Geplak

The excess that can be felt from Geplak Bantul is the taste the very sweet and too salty grated coconut. This food can interesting if it serves with some colours and tastes.

For example yellow geplak. It is very sweet but the aroma of it is jackfruit. When we consume itu we can feel how delicious this kind of food-geplak.

How to make Geplak

To make geplak is very simple and easy to be done. All ingredients that needed to make geplak  must be roasted and be formed like a ball. The oval of geplak can be done using hand. As information, although they make geplak using their hands. It is to be identity of geplak beside the taste – sweet.


The price of geplak is very variative. There is packanging or not. On weekday 1 kg of geplak can be sold 16.000 rupiahs, while on weekand or vacation you can buy geplak 18.000 rupiah each kg.

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