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Guci Hot Water Bathing Place at Tegal Central Java, The Beauty on Slope of Mount Slamet

Guci Hot Water Bathing Place  at Tegal Central Java, The Beauty on Slope of Mount Slamet
Bogor has Puncak, Purwokerto has Baturaden, Yogyakarta has Kaliurang so Tegal besides known as the producer of tea and known with satay, Tegal also has known tourist area. It is Guci. Guci is a hot water bath. This place is very beautiful with cool weather.

Hot water attraction at Tegal regency is very beautiful. The most beautiful tourist attraction – hot water attraction Guci is a mainstray attraction at Central Java. This place has beautiful natural scenery i.e. hot springs that located at the slope of Mount Slamet. At this location- hot water attraction- Guci, there are some taps of hot water that flows naturally from the earth. This hot water is believed to cure some diseases especially skin disease.

The Legend and Myth of Guci Bathing Place

The hot water tourist attraction Guci usually crowded at Thursday night especially on Kliwon. It is because the myth there that if we take a bath there on 12 o’clock a.m. and asking for something here, so anything you want will be granted. There people here called it with Ngalap Berkah.

Based on the legend for hundred year there, hot water Guci is a water that was given by Walisongo to the people who spread Islam at Western of Central Java around Tegal. Because this water was put in a pot (guci) and had many advantages the people called this place with Guci. Because the water that was given by Wali limited, so at Kliwon Friday Night one of the Sunan stuck his magic wand to the ground. By God permission, flowed the hot water without sulphur.

The Location of Guci Hot Water Tegal

As stated above that the hot bathing place Guci is located in the slope of Mount Slamet on Guci village, Bumijawa, Tegal, Central Java.

If we go from Slawi Municipality, this beautiful tourist attraction at Tegal is only 30 km, but if we go from Tegal Municipality it is almost 40 km.

The Distinction of Guci Hot Water Tegal

Along the trip to the tourist attraction Hot Water Bathing Place Guci, the tourists will serve by the beauty scenery. The field, vegetable garden, and onion dominate on the left and right side if the road. Approximately 5 km before location, there are some villas and guest houses lined up neatly on the side of the road. All villas and guest house are rent for the tourist who want stay at night.

The distinction of Hot water Bathing Place Guci is on the water. The water of Guci is hot and clear, odorless and colorless. Guci has 25 hot taps with different temperature. The tourists sure that hot water taps can cure all diseases. On public bath there are 13 taps, 1 km above it there is a water fall with cold water. The water fall named Jedor water fall. The water fall is named like this because at that time around the water fall with 15 m height there was a village chief name Jedor.


Tourist Attraction of Guci is completed by the pool or water park with complete facilities. The tourists can be round the location of Guci Wana Wisata by riding horse with the cheap price.

For the tourists who come this place in group there are two guess house near the pool that can be rent. Each guess houses consists 3-4 rooms with queen bed, bath up, shower and hot water facility.

How to Go to Guci Hot Water

The tourists can go to Guci Hot Water by car or public transportation. If you go there by car from Tegal Municipality the car must take the direction to Purwokerto. After passed Slawi Municipality you will going up at Lebaksiu. On Yomani junction there are direction sign to Guci. It is around 25 km.

If you want to go Guci from Slawi, you can go there by mini bus with Bumi Jawa direction. After 30 minute you can stop on Tuwel village. You can continue the trip by pickup vehicle to Guci.

If you go from Pemalang Municipality, you must go there by own car because there is no public transportation to Gui. Take the route to Ourbalingga. After at Moga junction turn right to Guci.

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