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(RUJAK) - Its Spiciness Must be Famous All Over The World

RUJAK – Its Spiciness Must be Famous All Over The World
#RUJAK, #Masifan.com sure that everybody absolutely know this food which makes our eyes blinking. Everybody ever taste the food that known with the spiciness and sweet. As we know that Rujak usually contains from some kind of fruits and sweet – spiciness peanut sauce is very popular and almost timeless. There are also many kinds of Rujak depends on the region.

Rujak is traditional food consists of many kinds of fruit as stated above. This kinds of food is very easy find in Indonesia. In Malay and Philippines it called “rojak”

The #Masifan.com friends may believe or not, the key of the delicious taste of rujak is on the souce that mixing with the fruits. Talking about souce, it is also talking about taste that cannot be debated. Every person at each region has own way to mix the seasoning of Rujak. For example at East Java, commonly the seasoning of rujak contain shrimp paste so it called Rujak Petis.

Below are some kinds of Rujak :

  • Rujak cingur 
  • Rujak gobet 
  • Rujak manis 
  • Rujak petis 
  • Rujak soto 
  • Rujak tahu

The Histpry of Sweet Rujak

#Masifan.com has tried to look for about the history of this food. There is no certain history about rujak. This traditional food has been known since our ancestors especially at Java tradition. There are a traditional ceremony at Java named “tujuh bulanan” for the pregnant. At this ceremony, rujak always provided. The people believe that the taste of rujak is fresh and sweet so it means that the baby that will be borned is female. But if the taste of rujak is spicy so the baby that will be born is male.

The Advantages of Sweet Rujak

Sweet rujak usually consists of fresh fruit and not too ripe.
So, what are the advantages of the fruits at sweet rujak menu?

The advantages of dondong
As cheap and effective cough medicine, cures diarrhea, prevents sleepy eyes, prevents cancer, heart attack and cholesterol

Content of fruit
Calcium, iron, phosphor, Vitamin A, and B1.

The Advantages
Decreases of gastric acid production, saves to consume for diabetics, cures sprue and as antioxidant, improving digestion, healthy bones and teeth, decreases menopause, cure beri-beri, black stain disappears and spots on face, ASI launched.

Content of fruit
Low calorie, rich fiber, rich vitamin C, contain important vitamins i.e B-Complex likes folate, riboflavin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, and vitamin.

Resolves indigestion, prevent flu, keeps Kidney Health, prevent heart attack and stroke, sharpen the vision, prevent premature aging, maintain healthy skin, male vitality, anti-inflammatory, prevent hypertension, help heal wounds, respiratory disorders, caring hair

Contents of fruit
Potassium and vitamin C is high enough. As antioxidants likes carotenoids, flavonoids, folate and pantothenic acid. The content of other nutrients contained in fruits are papaya enzyme papain.

Water Apple 
The Advantages
Controlling Diabetes, healthy Digestion, cancer prevention, detoxification, healthy heart, boost immune system, brighten skin tone, prevent wrinkles or wrinkles.

Contents of fruit
Contains vitamin C and vitamin A high enough, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper and manganese.

The Advantages
Reduce Diabetes, Macular Degeneration Prevention, Prevent Heart Disease, Cancer Prevention, Healthy Bones, Help Digestion, Ferrum High For Women, Keeping cholesterol levels, increase libido, Healthy Eyes, Prevention of Asthma, reduce skin spots, Treating Acne, Moisturizing Hair

Contents of fruit
Mangoes are rich in vitamins E, C, E, B6, fiber, copper, potassium and magnesium

Pine apple 
The Advantages
nourish your eyes, Boost Immune System Body, Strong Bones Body, Improve Heart Health Organ, Prevent Cancer Naturally, Pencernaantetap Keeping healthy, Healthy Gums

Contents of fruit
Rich in vitamin C and manganese, beside this it also contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, iron, thiamin, sodium, potassium, fruit sugar (sucrose), and the enzyme bromelain, an enzyme that works as a breaker prosthesis protein. Pineapples also contain quite a lot of fiber

The Advantages
Tighten facial skin, whiten skin, reduce swelling of the eyelids, heals burns, Brighten the face and improve the skin, Shrink pores, As an antioxidant, constipation, can nourish the kidney, prevent diabetes, reduce the risk of cancer, cure headaches, removes toxins, strengthens bones with vitamin K which is owned and also inhibit Alzheimer's disease, helps the growth of the brain of the fetus because the cucumber contains Omega 3.

Contents of fruit
Cucumber contains potassium which helps heart health, the seeds have a cooling effect and a diuretic as relieve headaches, contain fisetin, anti-inflammatory substance. Fisetin have an important role in brain health. Because it has the ability to reduce the symptoms of nervous system degeneration diseases associated with aging and cognitive function could help Alzheimer's patients, can increase the production of saliva, which can help clear the bacteria that cause bad breath, contains polyphenols called lignans. This substance has the potential to reduce the risk of certain cancers. Cucumbers also contain the active ingredient kukurbitasin plants that have anti-cancer properties, a source of vitamin K. One cup contains 22 percent of vitamin K daily servings recommended. This vitamin is essential for bone health. Vitamin K deficiency can increase the risk of fractures. Vitamin K is also important to increase the absorption of calcium in the bones.

Below some kinds of Rujak in Indonesia. Here is the exploration from Masifan.com

1. Rujak Cingur
Rujak cingur is a traditional food frm East Java especially from Surabaya. In Javanese “Cingur” means “mouth”. It refers to the slice of cow’s mouth. It is boiled and mixing in the rujak. Usually, rujak cingur consists of some kinds of fruits likes cucumber, krai (special cucumber from East Java), bengkoang, young mango, pineapple, kedondong and added by rice cake,tofu, tempe, cingur and some vegetables like sprouts, kale and beans. All the ingredients mixing with sauce/seasoning that made of processed shrimp paste, fresh water to dilute, sugar/ brown sugar, chili, fried peanut, fried onion, salt and slice of “pisang kluthuk”. All seasoning mixing and pulverized, that is why rujak cingur is also called as rujak uleg.

2. Rujak Gobet/ Beubeuk
Rujak Bobet is one of traditional food from Malang East Java. This rujak usually served at Telonan ceremony (ceremony for pregnant). This rujak contains of some kinds of fruits like bengkoang, pineapple, starfruit, rose apple, pencit, young jackfruit, and asem.

3. Sweet Rujak
Sweet rujak is like salad. It made from fresh fruit with sweet and spicy sauce. The fruits are : young mango, bengkuang, thorny palm, papaya, dondong, rose apple, cucumber and star fruit.
The sauce is made from brown sugar, peanuts, asam, salt, lime and chili.

4. Rujak Petis
Rujak petis is one of traditional food that easy to be found at the east of Java. It usually contains of sliced cucumber, bengkuang, young mango, dondong, tahu, bean sprout and kale. All ingredients are served with splash of sauce or seasoning that made from shrimps pasta, chili, fried peanut, fried onion, salt, brown sugar, young banana and water. At East Java, beside petis for rujak’s seasoning, there is also using Madura’s pasta. It served with crackers using banana leaves or plate.

5. Rujak Soto
It is special food from Banyuwangi, East Java. It is an unique combining between rujak cingur and soto babat.

6. Rujak Kuah Pindang Bali
This rujak is served with sliced of fruits like young mango, young papaya, Bali Orange and dondong. In serving, the fruits must be sliced thin so the souce can sink in. The souce of this rujak made from boiling of fish head.

7. Rujak Terasi Lombok
If we see the perfoming of this rujak, it is not too different with rujak commonly. There are some shredded fruits and on the top it is flushed by brown sugar and the last flushed by red souce that made from chili and shrimp paste.

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