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On the previous exploration of #Masifan.com had explored about pottery tour at Magelang Regency. In that exploration, Masifan.com explored that Klipoh at Magelang Regency was different with pottery on Kasongan, Bantul Yogyakarta.

At this chance, Masifan.com will try to explore about pottery from Kasongan.

It is not complete if we have vacation without visit this tourist resort, Kasongan. Yes, the center of cratf and pottery that located on Jl. Bantul Km.6.5 is as icon for Bantul, Yogyakarta cannot be changed. The product of this craft center had been until international market. What does that makes this craft so interesting?

Kasongan is a tourist destination from Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. It is known with the ceramics pottery craft. Located at Kajen, Bangunjiwo village, Kasihan, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. It is very easy for tourists to visit Kasongan. They just through Jl.Bantul – Jogja and keep on eye the big gate on the right side written KASONGAN. It just 30-40 minutes from Yogyakarta down town.

Kasongan to be a favourite place for the hunter of pottery. One of known ceramics display there is a couple of bride sitting statue politely. It wass made first by Sanggar Loro Blonyo belongs to Mr. Walujo.

Beginning from this statue, so some countries in the world wanted to make the statues. The orders are from domestic and foreign tourists. Special orders are like dancers, models, guitarists etc. The clothes they wear is not only Javanese traditional clothes but also Bali and Thailand motif.

Product market of Kasongan 80% to abroad likes Malay, Singapore, Korean, Japan, America and Netherlands.

At Kasongan, the tourists can see directly the process to make pottery by craftsmen. For easier to see the making process#Masifan.com suggests for the tourists walk. They can watch directly the process and asking to the craftsmen. The coming of the tourists will be accepted well by the craftsmen.


On the Dutch colonialism, one region at Yogyakarta happened that made the people uproared. The horse belonged to Detective of Dutch was die on the one of the villagers. It made the villagers afraid because they would have a punishment. Finally, the owner of this field didn’t recognize the field. The others villagers followed what the owner did. All of them didn’t recognize ownership of the field.

The villagers were very afraid and they just stayed at home. They didn’t have field more. To waste the time they utilized everything around them. They utilized the soil and they finally knew that the thing that they made didn’t broke when they made it in to be something.Finally, they made kitchen supplies or toys from this soil. This habit was downgraded to the next generation until now.

On 1971 to be the sign of the craft business rises at Kasongan Bantul. An known artist from Yogyakarta named #SaptoHudoyo fosters the people at Kasongan to develop the art of pottery. At the first time their proudcts were underestimated by the people but now it is very different. The pottery that they made reincarnate to be a beautiful art that doesn’t make us bored, dynamic and has high economics value. Step by step the product of Kasongan began to be developed in big scale on 1980 by #SahidKeramik

The effect of the bridge development of the east side on 1972 made Kasongan

The development of the bridge on the east side on 1972 gave positive effect for Kasongan. This bridge connected Kasongan with the other places at Bantul. Before this, the Kasongan production only sold on the traditional market around Kasongan.

The Data about Kasongan Market

The market opens on 9 o’clock a.m until 9 o’clock p.m
There is no ticket entrance. The tourists just pay the parking lot
Many facilities there such as the pottery in many style and shape, hotels, banks, money changer and Tourists Central Information

The Transportation to Kasongan

From the Yogyakarta downtown, you can through Jl. Bantul. After on km 5.6 on Jl. Bantul on the west side there is a red gate corridor written “Desa Wisata Kasongan”

If you go there by public transportation you can go by bus with Bantul direction and stops at Kasongan. It just needs 30 minutes from Yogyakarta downtown using car or motorcycle.


The unique of the product from Kasongan is on the finalizing of the product. The paint that they used are natural material. It is the reason why the pottery of Kasongan are durable and to be the target for the tourists especially foreignt tourists. The choosing of the colour, the motif reflected that the pottery of Kasongan has high taste. The featured products of Kasongan are ceramic urn, water fountain, Loro Blonyo, Buddha statue, terra cotta etc.

The development demands the pottery from Kasongan to metamorf to do finishing with the modern and luxurious accent. Small mosaic adds the beautiful impression. Luxurious, contemporary and glamour touching also shown on classical urn. The interesting performing makes the price of the product on Kasongan high and appropriate to be decoration at your home.

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