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Lava Tour, Enjoy Mount Merapi without Obstacle - Kaliadem

Lava Tour, Enjoy Mount Merapi without Obstacle - Kaliadem
Mount Merapi is one of the most active mountain in Indonesia. The geologists Merapi as their objects to do reseach because this place has many stories and information. Some of them has theory about the marvel of Merapi. One of the geologists is Reinot Willem from Netherlands. He has assumption that Merapi ever had great eruption on 1006. This great eruption was predicted to be a caused regression of Mataram Kuno Kingdo and then moved from Central Java to East Java.

If you want to look for another sensation to enyoy tinhe beauty of Top Merapi so Kaliadem is the solution. Here, you can see directly without obstacle as if your hand can hug this active mountain.

Kaliadem is a tourist area on the slope of Mount Merapi. It is located on the south of Mount Merapi and on 2.965 meters above sea levels. At that time, there was a house belonged to Mbah Marijan the fenomenal “guard” of Mount Merapi. He was ordered by the Yogyakarta Kingdom to “guard” Mount Merapi

To get the amazing view, the tourists can come to this place in the morning before the thick fog coveres the mountain. Merapi always pulls out the thin smoke from its crater. The big body and valiant adjoining with the beauty of Merbabu likes two couple in love.

What kinds of tour will you get at Kaliadem?

After the eruption on 2006 and 2010, it changed the face of Kaliadem. Before eruption this area was so beautiful. It was a wide green campsite area. Now after two eruptions, this area buried by the former of Merapi volcanic mudflow and this area now to be the area of Lava Tour Kaliadem. The tourist can see closely the material and they can see the bunker where two volunteers passed away at this place caused by the eruption.

Actually, the bunker was built as shelter if anytime Mount Merapi spews its hot clouds. But on 2006 Mount Merapi was not only spewed hot clouds but also the materials like sand and hot stone that able to broke Geger Boyo (hill located on the south of Mount Merapi so piled up Kaliadem.

The effect of hot material, it pilled up the bunker 3 meters with temperature 10000C. Although this bunker was made of concrete 25 cm with the iron door but the thermal was very high so the thermal could enter the bunker and made two volunteers passed away. One of them passed away on the tub and the other passed away in front of the door.

Beside can make the people know how awful of Mount Merapi, the tourists can see the topof Mount Merapi around 2 km.

Now, the bunkers had been cleaned and painted. In front of the bunker there is an inscription tells about the story of the bunker.

Historical Records Merapi Eruption

Mount Merapi had been eruption for several time. The biggest eruption was on 1872. It was on April 15-20, 1872. It happened 120 hours without juncture and destroyed all settlements around Mount Merapi. Then on 1882 – 1823 Mount Merapi made crater with diameter 600 meters and spewed hot cloud direct to Kali Apu, Blongkeng and Woro and buried 8 villages. Between 1832 and 1836 Mount Merapi had big eruption on midnight of December 1832, 25. Then on 1930 the hot clouds crashing 20 km and it called Wedhus Gembel  to the west and burried 13 villages killed 1.369 people. On the south area to be the victim of eruption on 1994, Turgo area and Kaliurang to be the victim area. It killed 64 people.

The history of Kaliadem written to be a proof thehack of Merapi eruption on 2006. As stated above that two volunteers to be a victim on the bunker. On 2010 the hack of hot clouds Wedhus Gembel happened and spruced this place at 5 o’clock p.m. on October 26, 2010. One of the victim was Mbah Marijan the “guard” of Mount Merapi. He found passed away on prostration position

Route to Kaliadem

There is no public transportation to take the tourists to Kaliadem. If you want to go there by public transportataion, it just stopped on Kaliurang.
  1. From Adisucipto airport using Trans Jogja stop on Jl. Kaliurang then take the public transportation Yogya-Kaliurang (Rp. 3.000) stop on the Pakem Junction then go Kaliadem by taxibike. It is around 20.000 rupiahs.
  2. From Giwangan bus station take the public transportation Yogya – Kaliurang (Rp. 5.000) stop at Pakem Junction then take taxi bike around 20.000 rupiahs.
  3. From Jombor bus station take the bus Yogya – Prambanan (Yellow one) stop at the Mirota UGM University cross road then take the public transportation Yogya – Kaliurang (Rp. 5.000) and stop at Pakem junction. The go Kaliadem by taxibike 20.000 rupiahs.
  4. From Tugu railway station walk to the west (100 m) on the traffic light take Kobutri no. 17 and stop at Terban station. Take the public trasnportation Yigya – Kaliurang (Rp. 3000) and stop at Pakem Junction then go by taxibike Rp. 20.000
  5. From Lempuyangan railway station go to Terban station by pedicap (around Rp. 10.000) then take the public transportation Yogya – Kaliurang (Rp. 3.000) and stop at Pakem junction. Take taxibike Rp. 20.000

Accomodation and Facilities

At Kaliadem there are some stall that sell food and drink. To stay at night the tourists can check in on the hotels there.The stalls sell special food from Kaliurang like tempe jadah and tempe bacem and rabbit satay. The other tourists resort here are Tlogo Putri, Kaliurang Park and Merapi Point View.

Ticket and Touring Packet.

When on vacation the ticket to entrance Kaliadem does not increase. It is Rp. 3.000,-. It is same with the parking fee. For motorcycle Rp. 2.000, car Rp. 5.000 and bus Rp. 10.000.

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