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PANUSUPAN TOURIST VILLAGE - The Unique and Creative Concept to Give Recreation Place for the Visitors

After a few moment #masifan.com takes a walk at Yogyakarta and explore some tourists destinations, and its culinary so this time #masifan.com will go to the village at end of northeast  Purbalingga although there are still many places that hasn’t #masifan.com explore fro Yogyakarta.

Purbalingga regency is a regency at Central Java porvince. Its capital is Purbalingga. This regency conterminals with Pemalang at north, Banjarnegara Regency at east and soutn and Banyumas Regency at west and south.


Located at 101° 11" BT - 109°35" East longitude and  7°10" South latitude - 7°29 South latitude, on  40 – 1.500 meters above sea levels. Generally,  the temperature at Purbalingga regency is between 23.300C – 32.880C with average 24.490C.

Purbalingga is on basin flanked by several highlands. On north there are Mount Slamet and Dieng Plateau. On south there is Serayu Depression that flowed by two big rivers i.e. Serayu river and its tributary, Pekacangan river. The other tributaries are Klawing river, Gintung rivers and others tributaries. The capital of the regency is o Purbalingga it is 21 km on north east of Purwokerto.

Nowadays, Purbalingga is intensively build the tourist village. Their hard work finally has a good result. There are some tourists village already be produced. One of them is Panusupan Tourist village.

Panusupan  presents the unique and creative concept to give recreation place for the visitors. From the tour of special interest until tour for the family is also provided here.

The natural situation and the rich of art that belongs to this tourist village makes Panusupan proper to be an alternative place for vacation.

The fresh air and the green of plants will greet the tourists who come to Panusupan Village, and also the warm greet from the village there will the tourists get when the walk along the street on Panusupan to be the special characteristics of Panusupan.

What kinds of tours at Panusupan Tourist Village?

1. Kenangan Tree House
This tree house is located at Batur top. To come to Kenangan tree house the tourists must climb the hill/ top of Batur first. Is it tired? Of course no because the top of Batur hill is not too steep. It is very suitable for beginner climber. After on the top, the tourists will see the beautiful scenery. For the travelers who will stay at night you can do there.

2. Walk along the Arus Watu Mujur river
It is very suitable for the travelers who love the challenge and adrenaline pumped. The location of the rivers is also located on Batur village, Panusupan. It is located on the bottom of Batur top. The swift flow of the river and its clear water will make the tourists want to walk along at this beautiful river.

3. Amazing Sunrise Igir Waringin
Panusupan village is known with the special interest i.e climbing. Although the climbing here just need the short distance and time but no less beautiful to enjoy the amazing sunrise. Although it is just a hill but the sunrise here will be looked perfect.

4. Selfie Bridge Sendaren
This selfie bridge is located at 682 meters above sea levels. Can you imagine how hard to go selfie bridge. All the fighting to go up will be paid with the beauty nature  there. From Selfie Bridge Sendaren the tourists will enjoy the rivers that flows above. It is like the land above the clouds.

5. The unique Susuh Manuk
Still on top of Sendaren, there is a big a big and unique of  “susuh manuk”. Susuh manuk is nest bird in English. The shape and the materials to make this nest is like a rel nest bird on the tree. Susuh manuk is very suitable for the tourists to make photograph. Do you want to feel how like Susuk Manuk? #masifan.com offers you to visit Top Sendaren

6. Srimbar Jaya Park
Panusupan tourist village doesn’t lack of concept to interest the tourists. Although there is as same as location on the top but Srimbar Jaya park gives other alternatives. A flower park on the top. The climbing doesn’t need the much time because the top of Srimbar Jaya is low enough.

7. Religious Tour Ardi Lawet
Before Panusupan opened as tourist village, evidently Ardi Lawet has opened as religious tour. Ardi Lawet has crowded by the visitors to visit Syekh Jambu Karang cemetery.     Do you want to have pilgrimage tomb? #masifan.com suggests you to visit Ardi Lawet.

8. Pesantren Waterfall
Purbalingga has known with the Thousand Waterfalls Regency. It is caused almost place at Purbalingga has some highlands and waterfall included Panusupan Village.There is a favourite waterfall for the tourists.

To go to this location, we must take a walk. After we are in the location, our fatigue will be paid by the beauty of the waterfall. The flow of the clear water  will make the tourists love to stay for a long time at Pesantren waterfall.

9. Phenomenal Love Bridge
This phenomenal bridge is make from some bamboos. Some electric media and printed tells about the bridge. It make from Wulung bamboo. Suitable with the name, this location is called Pring Wulung tours, Panusupan Tourists Village.

Beside this, the access to this location is easy. The tourists will not have troublesome climbing the hill first. From Parking lot, counter entrance and go to the location. At this location is very suitable for vacation with the family.

Besides phenomenal tourist destinations at Panusupan Tourist Village, there is another attraction that will you enjoy when visit Panusupan.

Panusupan Village Art Tour 

#Dayakan folk dance is the dance passed down from their ancestors. It is called Dayak because reputedly the people here came from the forest.

At glance, Dayakan  is like #TopengIreng from the villages on the slope of Mount Merapi and Merbabu. The differences are the dance perform by the children and there are natural accessories.

The face of them who will perform the Dayakan dance, will be drawn using charcoal. Their faces will like the people from the forest. They wear the leaves and yellow coconut leaves as their clothes. The grass they wear is Kapulata grass, while the instruments are kentongan, gong and pail.

The performing of Dayakan is completed by the weapon. Panusupan village in attracting the tourists also perform special performing of art likes kotekan lesung, Kuda Lumping dance and tektek.

Beside this, the tourists can also enjoy the traditional food there likes lemet, cimplung, ondol cassava. The culinary there likes corn rice, buntil of taro leaf, keji leave chips and cassava leaf kluban.

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