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Pentingsari Tourist Village – Enjoy the Beauty of Village Nuance full of Culture, Arts and Its Handicraft

Pentingsari Tourist Village

Sleman Regency is a heaven for Tourist Village. At Sleman the tourists will find some tourists village. There are some tourists village at Sleman Regency that must you visit.

In this case, #masifan.com will explore one by one the tourist village at Sleman Regency. Pentingsari village is one of some tourist village that will #masifan.com explored for the readers.

#masifan.com hopes, that this exploration will give some advantages for you who haven’t known about this village at Sleman Regency.

What are the interesting things at Pentingsari Tourist Village?

Pentingsari village offers some comfort, beauty, and special performing art. Also at this village, you can lay over for a while to free from city life by providing some home stay. Pentingsari village is suitable for family vacation, to increase the togetherness by doing some activities and some facilities at this village.

This village ever accepts the rewards from World Committee on Tourism Ethics-WCTE as tourist village that practice the principles of Ethics Code Tourism World on 2011. David de Villers from WCTE stated that Pentingsari based on the observation had fit with the the principles of Ethics Code Tourism World i.e. the application of community – based tourism.

Nowadays, Pentingsri to be one of mainstay of tourist village. Not only at Sleman but also Yogyakarta. Every years there are ten of thousands of tourists come to this village. Some of them are the students of university, senior high school and junior high school from many places in Indonesia. Once, some foreign tourists also come to this village and stay at night. Some of them want to enjoy and feel the situation of this village that still like origin village.

There are some 73 home stay now. At the first time there are only 15 people that permit their house for rent. And average they rent their 1 room each home. At the beginning when this village stated as tourist village, it was very difficult to convince the people to prepare their house to stay the tourists.

The History of Penting Sari Village

This village is located at Pentingsari, Umbulharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This tourist village was hold on 2008 and spearheaded by Mr. S. Wardisoekisma. At the first time, there were only 40 people who lived at this village. The people of this village were siblings. Only one person who came from other village. As time goes by, the people who lived at this village increased. The oldest person at this village is Mbah Suro. He planted mangosteen tree at that time and now this tree is 155 years old.

Based on Mr. S. Wardisoekisma’s explanation, the people at Pentingsari village were not sure that their village would be a tourist village. But slowly, the people allowed their village to be tourist village. The name of Pentingsari was given because based on the strategic location of this village. This village is beside Kaliurang and the eastern was a kitchen of Pangeran Diponegoro

This village is disaster prone, because the location of the village that near Mount Merapi. When Mount Merapi had eruption, this village was empty. All the people evacuated from this village. It was happened for 2-3 months.

The Description of Pentingsari Village

The location of this village is on the slope of Mount Merapi. It is 20 km from Yogyakarta down town. It just needs 45 minutes from Yogyakarta down town. The wide of the village is 103 hectare. Beside the beauty of the nature, the potential of this village because this village has 8 historical location. The nature that can be seen here likes rice field, forest, and river. Natural tourism that is provided at Pentingsari are outbound and camping ground. There is also fishing pool, reservoir that has function to hold the Mount Merapi cold lava. GPS coordinate of this village is -7° 36′ 45.26″, +110° 26′ 15.40″. The facilities on this tourist village are 73 home stay with 3-4 rooms each home stays, camping ground, trekking path, fishing pool, shower bath, some traditional art etc.

Tourist Attraction

1. Holy douche of Sendangsari
The douche is believed by the people at Pentingsari as a place where Nawang Wulan dan Jaka Tarub met. The water here also believed can cure some dishes and make staying young by drinking and washing the face with this water. This tourist attraction very closes with mystic nuance and the beauty nuance of Sungai Kuning Valley.

2. Luweng
It is a proof that how wide the Pangeran Diponegoro struggle to repel Dutch colonization at Yogyakarta. Luweng at that time used as cooking utensils for the people of Pentingsari to provide the food for Pangeran Diponegoro's  troop beside as a place to hideout when he was recessive.

3. Joglo House
This house is traditional house from Yogyakarta and Central Java. The house is on the axis of Pentingsari tourist village. The beauty characteristics and cultural at Joglo house can be used as meeting room, performing art and culture.

4. Natural Tourism
The condition at Dewi Peri is still natural. The wind blows very cool, the shade of some kinds of plants, the sound of birds that free flies, the kindness of the people can be seen along the street at Pentingsari village. While at the other side he rice field, some kinds of vegetables that cultivated with good system by the people gave the own beauty for Pentingsari Tourist Village.

5. Dakon stone
Dakon stone on Dewi is different with the other dakon stone as usual used by the children. This stone has mystic value and there is relation with Luweng, this stone was believed as a place to arrange the war strategy and predicted fate at that time.

6. Offering Stone
Offering stone is believed to use as a offering place for the big snake that laid over at Ponteng that believed as a son of Baru Klinthing that visited Mount Merapi. The monkey was believed as the incarnation who came to Mount Merapi every Suro mounth (Javanese month)

7. Ponteng
This place that believed as the meeting of Kuning river and Pawon river (Tempuran) at south end of Pentingsari village has a caves to laid over the big snake the son of Baru Klinthing.

8. Trekking Path
The natural condition of Pentingsari Tourist Village that between two rivers (Pawon river an Kuning river) is very suitable for adult trekking, the children, adults and the parents with walk along the river, field and up down cliff with the unique and beautiful tunnel, through the middle shade of some kinds of forestry plants.

Finally, #masifan.com suggests you to go Pentingsari village by you car. From Yogyakarta go north through Kaliurang. After on Palem crossroad, turn right (at east) to Morolejar restaurant. Then you must use the bus almost 2 km at the right side and there some user signposts

With the money 55.000 rupiahs each people each day. The people will have some facilities likes home stay and 3 times for eating.

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