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Rawa Pening – The Clear Lake at Semarang Regency

Rawa Pening – The Clear Lake at Semarang Regency
At once Rawa Pening is a lake and also a water tour with 2,670 hectares width. The location of Rawa Pening is on Ambarawa, Bawen, Tuntang and Banyubiru Semarang Regency Central Java. Rawa Pening is located un the lowest basin on the slope of Mount Telomoyo. Mount Merbabu and Mount Ungara.

The word “Pening” comes from the word “bening”(clear water).  It is because the water of the lake is very clear.

There are some attractions of Rawa Pening such as traditional boat, the source of water hyacinth as handicraft material, natural fishing area, source of live hood for the fishermen and fish farmers,and very amazing photography object.

At night, the scenery of Rawa Pening is also interesting. There are some stalls of grilled fish with the special menu likes grilled crap that cannot be missed by the tourists.

At night, the scenery of Rawa Pening is also interesting. There are some stalls of grilled fish with the special menu likes grilled crap that cannot be missed by the tourists .

The Legend of Rawa Pening

Once upon a time, At Ngasem village there was a girl named Endang Sawitri. No body on the village knew who the husband of Endang Sawitri but Endang Sawitri was pregnant and gave birth. It made villagers shocked because her baby was a dragon. Strangely, the dragon could speak likes a human. The name of the dragon was Baru Klinthing.

When he was young, Baru Klinthing asked to his mother about who his father was. The mother answered that actually his father was a king. He was imprisoned at Mount Telomoyo. Baru Klinthing said that he wanted to look for his father. Her mother allowed him and gave him “klinthingan” the evidence of his father.

After he found mount Telomoyo, Baru Klinthing met Ki Hajar. He said to Ki Hajar that Baru Klinthing was his son. He showed “klintingan” from her mother to him. Ki Hajar recognized him as his son. But he had requirement. Baru Klinthing must encircle Mount Telomoyo. He could did Ki Hajar’s requirement. Finally, Ki Hajar recognized Baru Klinthing as his son. He ordered Baru Klinthing to be imprisoned himself at the slope of the mountain.

One day, the villagers of Pathok village held Sedekah Bumi party after they got harvest. They performed some dances. To enliven the party, the people looked for the animals but they didn’t find any animal there. Finally, they found the dragon that did imprisoned. Actually, the dragon was Baru Klinthing who did imprisoned. The villagers cut the dragon into pieces and the dragon meat brought by the villagers and they cooked it for party. When the party held, there was a boy the incarnation of Baru Klinthing came to the party and wanted to savor. The villagers was indifferent and scornful to him. They chased away the boy. They boy resented to the villagers and went away from the party. When he walked, he met the widow old woman. The woman asked him to come to her house. The woman respected the boy liked a guess. She served the boy well. The boy said to the old woman if she heard the bluster, the old woman must prepare mortar to save herself. The old woman obey what the boy said.

Then, the boy asked to the old women to went out. He went to the party again and tried to join in the party. But the villagers didn’t accept him. Even, he was kicked by the villager to leave the party. The boy angry and said to the villagers to pick the stick up. But no one of the villagers could do that. Finally, they boy picked the stick up by himself. The hole where the stick was picked up spread the water out heavily, bigger and bigger until the water drowned. The villagers changed to be swamp. Because the water is so clear so this placed named by #RawaPening.

The Mystery of Gamelan Voice at Rawa Pening

Behind the beauty of Rawa Pening, there is a tragic mystic story. The legend of Rawa Pening is still believed by the people around there until now. Big snake that is often seen by the people is believed as a incarnation of Baru Klinthing. To respect the legend, the people still celebrate the rituals “larung sesaji” once a year.

The mystery of Rawa Pening is not only about the invisible snake. Sometimes, at night there is gamelan voice around the swamp and river at Rawa Pening. The voice is like gamelan at shadow puppet. It is like a Javanese party even though there is no people hold the party.

The people there said that they look for the voice, it is like across the river or lake. But when they across the river or swamp the voice as if comes from the place where the people from. Strange but real.

The voice of gamelan is a sign for the people there even in the next morning there will a person pass away because of accident or drown. The myth said, the native inhabitants of Tuntang will not be a victim.

The Location of Rawa Pening

Tourist Village Rawa Pening is located at Ring Road Kilometers 3 Ambarawa, Semarang Regency Central Java. A road that is used as the path between Yogyakarta and Semarang.

Around 34 km from the down town of Semarang, the tourists just need 90 minutes from Semarang.

The Access to reach this place is very easy. The tourist can go there by private car or common transportation.

Ticket Entrance and the Schedule of Tourist Village of Rawa Pening

The tourist can visit to Rawa Pening from 8 o’clock a.m. until 9 o’clock p.m. The ticket entrance is only 2,500 rupiahs

At this tourist resort there is a restaurant named “Kampung Rawa” with the special menu likes gurame, nila etc.

Here, the tourists can enjoy the “bebek air”, small pedicab, ATV, inflatable boat and the boat tour around Rawa Pening.

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