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Tempe Mendoan – Special Traditional Food from Banyumas Central Java

Tempe Mendoan – Special Snack from Banyumas Central Java
Almost the people from Indonesia from low until high class had tasted the delicious of tempe. Tempe is the popular food from Indonesia. Beside it contains high vegetable protein, the price of this food is also relative cheap and can be bought by the people. Tempe can be cook with some variants. One of them is tempe mendoan.

Tempe mendoan is a kind of Indonesian traditional  food. Tempe mendoan is a kind of the tempe processed food. It is special food from Central Java especially Banyumas.

Many people has known what #tempemendoan is. They usually called Mendoan Banyumas or Mendoan Purwokerto suitable with the name where it is come.

Tempe mendoan is made from tempe that have been made wide and thick. It usually wraps using leaves, then entered to the liquid starch with seasoning in it and fried it with hot and much oil.

Tempe mendoan usually consume directly as afternoon tea together with the family. Tempe mendoan also can be consumed for side dishes when eating. It is very suitable to be enjoyed when mendoan still hot, fitted with soy sauce or cayenne pepper. At Central Java usually called Cengis chili.

The History of Tempe Mendoan

Tempe mendoan is from the Banyumas word. “Mendoan” comes from the word “Mendo” that means half-baked. So this kind of food is just fried half – baked.

Tempe is from Indonesia. It is not certain when the making of tempe began. However, this traditional food has been known since some centuries ago, especially in the Java community cultural order meal especially Yogyakarta and Surakarta.

On chapter 3 and 12 of Serat Centhini with Java setting on 16th century had found the word “tempe” for example with the name of the dish “Jae Santen Tempe”(tempe dishes with coconut milk) and “Kadhele Tempe Srundengan”.  Another historical record available stated that there was possibility that tempe was produced from black soybeans. It was from the Java villagers – Mataram Central Java and involved before 16th century.

The word “tempe”  was allegedly from the Ancient Javanese. On Ancient Javanese there was a white food that made of sago flour that was called tumpe. The colour of fresh tempe is white. It has the similarity with the food as stated above – tumpi.

The other reference talking about tempe  from 1875 was on the Java – Dutch Dictionary. Other source stated that the making of tempe was began on cultivation era at Java. At that time, the people of Java had to use their yard as source of food by planting cassava, tuber and soya. There was also an idea that tempe may be introduced by the people from Chinese. They called it with Koji. Koji was soya that be fermented using Aspergillus. Then, the technique to make temple spread to Indonesia. It is happened because the people of Java had to migrate all over the country.

When Japanese occupation in Indonesia, some prisoners of war who had given tempe be spared from dysentery and malnutrition. Some researches that published in 1940 – 1960 also concluded that there were some prisoner of second world war can be saved because of tempe. According to Onghokham, tempe that had rich protein had saved the Indonesian people health.

Contents of Mendoan

Mendoan contains 92 kilo calories energy, 4.89 gram protein, 16.19 gram carbohydrate, 1.04 gram fat, 26 milligrams calcium, 47 milligram phosphor and 2.01 milligrams sink. Beside this, on mendoan also contains 9 IU vitamin A, 0.05 milligrams Vitamin B1 and 0 milligrams Vitamin C.  This result can be found by doing reseach of 100 grams mendoan, and it can be consumed 100%

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