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That are Some Reasons Why You Must Climb Mount Merapi

That are Some Reasons Why You Must Climb Mount Merapi
Mount Merapi is a mountain that located at Sleman Regency, Magelang Regency, Boyolali Regency and Klaten Regency. This mountain is located on 2.968 meters above sea levels. Since 2004, the forest region around the top of Mount Merapi to be a Mount Merapi National Park.

Do you know that Mount Merapi is the most active mountain in the world? It is recorded that this mountain had eruption for 168 times since 1548. According to the research, Mount Merapi can .erupt or had eruption twice until five times in a year.

Although Mount Merapi  is a volcano but Mount Merapi is a favorite tourist attraction and also very popular for the community who likes climbing mountain

The History of Mount Merapi 

Regardless of the mystical stories and the high activity levels , the Kejawen people commonly sure that Mount Merapi that stand and towered is formed through the very mysterious story. The history of Mount Merapi was happened where the Java island was a jungle and there were no people lived there. Below #MasIfan.Com tries to explore about the history of Mount Merapi for you.

Once upon a time, where Java island was still the jungle there were some wild animals and the demon there. The God at Kahayangan was confused thinking how to make this island balanced. This island was skewer to the west because at Java island there were some mountains that added the load of this island.

After had long discussion, finally the God at the seventh sky agreed to put the counterweight at the middle of this island so the Java island was not skewer continuously. Why didn’t the counterweight located on the east of the island? The reason was there was no counterweight that could be move to this region. It was too far and needed much time to move it.

The only counterweight that possible to move was located at South ocean. It was a beautiful high mountain. The name of this mountain was Jamurdwipa.

Mount Jamurdwipa is a beautiful mountain that was guarded by the brethren. Both of them are were Mpu. Mpu is a person who makes traditional weapon called “keris”. They are Mpu Permadi and Mpu Rama. Both of them are very powerful. Every day the make keris without aids. When they made keris, they just needed fireplace and steel. To hit and made the steel to be keris they used their hand.

The Gods who visited them felt very amazed when saw their supernatural power. The Gods greeted them and said what they wanted to. The Gods wanted both of Mpu to move where their lived because the mountain where they lived will be moved soon. The mountain where they lived will be a counterweight so the Java island will be balanced.

Mpu Permadi and Mpu Rama agreed with the Gods’ suggestion. But they would move after they finished their job. At that time, the making keris process was half finished. The Gods disagreed with what they said. The Gods wanten them to move soon because  the Java island will be drowned if they didn’t move soon. Both of Mpu said if they moved while the making of keris haven’t finished yet so across generations people would get misfortune

After they discussed both of them – the gods and both Mpu would not change their view. The God took own decision. The Jamurdwipa was moved while Both Mpu were still on the mountain.

Pleekk...The mountain felt down on the place where the mount Merapi now located. The mountain was in the middle of the Java island. Reputedly, because of this some the land on the eastern went down and the base of the sea on the western to be a land. For example Bali island at that time merged with Java island but after this case bothe islands were separated.

Both of Mpu could not be found at the mountain. Based on the story both of Mpu and the utensils to make keris included the fireplace stucked on the mountain. A half finished keris also stucked in the middle of the fireplace. This fireplace was believed to be a hot lava on the center of the mountain. If the keris move little so there will be a volcanic earthquake, while the hot lava that at the time was a fireplace will go out because of the great pressure of the keris’ power.

Because this mountain often spouts the lava, the people who came hundred year after that named this mountain with Merapi mountain. It means the fiery mount.

The haunted place at Mount Merapi which to be a tourist attraction for the tourists and climbers

In the mystic world, Mount Merapi is considered as one of the center of demon kingdom in Indonesia. This mountain also has strong relation  with south ocean. There are some haunted places at Mount Merapi begins from the slope until crater on the top of Mount Merapi.

As stated above, Mount Merapi has some haunted places. In the jungle, slope and on the top of Mount Merapi. The people there very respect those places and we are not allow to cut the tree, take the grass, move until destroy the things at that mountain.

Besides we are not allowed to do some activities, we are not allow to speak impolite or do the bad thing at that places. If we disobey, usually it will be something happen that we don’t want. Below some haunted places at Mount Merapi  that to be a tourist attraction for the tourists.

- Pasar Bubrah
The haunted place that is very known at Mount Merapi is Pasar Bubrah. Pasar Bubrah is a ridge that located under the crater of Mount Merapi. The condition of this location is flat enough and dominated by the stone remains of the eruption before. At this location also no high and big trees.

The distance of Pasar Bubrah is only 1 kilometers before the crater on the top of Mount Merapi makes Pasar Bubrah to be the favorite place for the tourist or climber to take a rest. Some climbers set up the tents to keep overnight and wait the sun rises in the next morning. Reputedly, at night the

The noise sound is like sell and buy activities in the market. Not only that voice, sometimes the climbers hear the voice of gamelan and Java gamelan that often heard faintly among the noise. The people very believed that the stone at that location is a stall and their dining table for the demon the visitors of the market.

Some climbers who keep overnight at Pasar Bubrah ever seen the sightings of the demon. Some of the sightings is the woman sightings who has long hair that hanging on the hill or the demon who masquerade as other climber with complete attribute but it doesn’t walk but fly.

The figure of the typical Javanese palace often appear at this location. This figure usually the guard of the palace and the Nyai Sinden who wears  the special traditional dress. Even, some of the climber have seen the traditional soldiers with the complete weapon.

- Gunung Watoh and The Creater of Merapi
Gunung Wato is also be considered as a haunted place at Mount Merapi. This location is believed as a main gate to the palace of Merapi that located at the top of the crater. The people believed that Gunung Watoh is guarded bt the demon named “Nyai Gadung Melati

Nyai Gadung is the leader of the troop of Merapi Palace who has duty to protect the surroundings and also the animal at this region. Nyai Gadung Melati often appears in the dream of the people around Mount Merapi wears the green clothe of Melati leaf. The dream usually considers a a sign that Mount Merapi will erupt soon.

Besides Pasar Bubrah, Gunung Wutuh and the crater of Merapi there are still some places more at Mount Merapi that to be a haunted place and it spreads in some regions. Those places are Turgo hill, Telaga Putri, Muncar, Jepang cave, Ringin putih, Plawangan, Umbul Temanten and Watu Gajah. Although all of them are haunted places, those places are very beautiful and to be the best tourist attraction at Mount Merapi.

Some jungles also be considered have strong mystic aura likes Hutan Gamelan and Bingungan, Hutan Pijen and Blumbang, Hutan Patuk Alap-alap is believed as a place to shepherd the cattle belonging to Merapi Palace.

All stated above to be reason why Mount Merapi is one of the favorite tourist attraction  for the climbers. Besides there are some mystery places at Mount Merapi and also presents the scenery and beautiful places that some of them rare to visit the people.

In Islam, demon is one of the Allah creatures that live at the jungle and mountains. And our responsibility is just believed their existence and we are not allowed to ask for help or adore them.

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