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The Beauty of Lhoknga Beach... Beautiful but Has a Story of a Mystery Death

Lhoknga Beach Aceh
Lhoknga beach is not far from Lampuuk beach. Lhoknga beach tourist attraction located at Lhoknga district only 20 km or 30 minutes from Banda Aceh by road trip.

This famous tourist attraction fromAceh is really the combination of the beauty of beach, sea and the beauty of green stretches limestone mountains. A combination that rare find at another places.

If we just has relaxing and doing sun bathing is not too pleasure for you, try to do surfing. Lhoknga has high wives. It is almost 1.5 – 2 meters. It is very suitable to do this sport.

For surfing lovers, #MasIfan.com reference you that this tourist area is very suitable for you. Or for you who just want to enjoy the situation? You can sit at the stalls that sell some food and drink under the shade of pine trees. At this place you also can enjoy the sun sets. The changing evening to night.

Lhoknga Beach has known among the International Surfing Community

If Lampuuk beach identical with Banana Boat recreation and its culinary- grilled fish, so Lhoknga beach more known with golf court, surfing activity and fishing. Special for surfing, the big wave on Lhoknga beach has known among International Surfing Community

The surfers usually know two types of different waves at certain month at Lampuuk. On June until November at the west wind season it is known with the surf beach (beach break), while on December until May when east wind blows it is known with surf reef (reef break).

The surfers know five point waves that can be ridden by the surfers at Lampuuk. The first is “left Hander Point”. It is left wave within 300 meters from shoreline. It is very suitable for the surfers beginner.

Second is “Cemara Right Point” Right wave within 300 meters from beach. Both points are the favorite points for the surfers from Japan.

The next is “Peal Point” e.i. the left and right waves within 300 meters from the beach. The strong wave makes the surfers must be careful here.

A local surfer passed away when Tsunami 2004. His name was Suri. And his name to be the fourth point e,i “Suri Point”. It is 200 meters from the beach. Along his life, Suri was specialist at this point.

The last point is “Out Side Right Hander”. It is right wave within 500 meters from the beach that has strong and dangerous flow.

The Secret Death that often happen at Lhoknga Beach

Are they sacrificed? Something mystic at Lhoknga beach? The tourist area of Lampuuk beach and Lhoknga is interesting tourist destination. Local tourists and foreign tourists take the time to go Banda Aceh. The beach is not to far, it is only 30 minutes from the capital of Aceh

Since 2010 until now, every year there is drowning victim there. Not only 1 person every year but also can be 2 or 4 person to be drowning victims. It is varies every years.

Some news that reported the drowning victim at Lampuuk beach and Lhoknga beach :

  1. ATJEHPOST.COM, LHOKNGA – Satria Aditya, the resident drowned at Lumpuuk beach, Lhoknga, Aceh Besar on Sunday, December 30, 2012. He was found at Tuesday on 13.30. The victim found floating on Batu Merah Momong Lampuk, 2 km from the location where he drowned. 
  2. SERAMBINEWS.COM, BANDA ACEH – Mirza Alfitri (15) the resident of Jl. M. Hasan Umum Leungbata. He was reported lost and drowned at Lampuun Lhoknga beach, Aceh Besar on Thursday evening (31/10/2013) 
  3. SERAMBI INDONESIA, BANDA ACEH – Two men fro Java. They are Ardi from Madiun East Java and Ahmad Saiful from Brebes Central Java drowned because swept when the took a bath at Lhoknga beach Aceh Besar on Tuesday (15/10/2013) evening. One of them can be saved.

Does haunted the region of Lhoknga beach and Lampuuk? On the wind season so the location of Lhoknga and Lampuuk will get hard wind and big wave. Suggested by the people there, the visitors at both beached not to swim to far from the beach.

Besides this, the region of Lhoknga and Lanpuuk beach have strong undercurrent wave. If someone buffeted the wave, then panics so he will be trailed strong undercurrent wave. More over at Lampuk cliff region (at Lampuuk beach there is one cliff that jutting into the sea and below it is the trough with strong undercurrent wave.

So that, it is better if we have vacation to the beach must be careful by seeing the beach condition. If there is strong wind and the wave is really out of suppose and it is not like usual, don’t swim to deep.

Although have mystery likes stated above, but the Lhoknga beach still to be one of the favourite beach for the local and foreign tourists.

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