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TONGSENG – The Delicious Cuisine Processed Mutton

TONGSENG – The Delicious Cuisine Processed Mutton
Don’t you know tongseng? The name of tongseng is not strange for Indonesian culinary lovers. The mutton chop mixing with the delicious and fresh of sauce with spices that will give the taste for its lovers. Tongseng is combination of satay and curry.

In tongseng, the meat is cut likes dice or likes satay while the sauce is from gulai and cook once.

The sweet and tasteful combining with the soft mutton, cabbage and chili will make the people hooked to eat tongseng. Tongseng is special culinary from Nusantara that known from Central Java.

If you tongseng lovers, so you must be proud because this culinary is really from Indonesia.


Actually, tongseng was inspired from Middle – East Merchants some centuries ago. On 18th-19th century some mechants from Middle East came to Nusantara. They sproud the religion and also other avocation included culinary.

One that they loved was mutton. Their hobby to eat mutton finaly introduced to the local communities.

We loved to consume satay. Satay actually be inspired from kebab. Te diferences between them is kebab is dry but satay seasoned with soy sauce and nut. After the mutton be treated to be satay. The innards and the other parts of mutton be treated or cooked to be curry. The water of stew sauce then be pan-fried and here is tongseng. The word seng on tongseng is taken from the word “oseng-oseng” (pan-fried). It is believed that the first place as a producer of tongseng is Klego, Boyolali, Central Java.

At that time, the people of Klego were farmers. They felt that the harvest was less. The changed their profession by selling satay and tongseng until now.

Even, at Klego there is a monument the seller of satay and tongseng that shows the Klego’s people pride with this culinary.

From Klego, it is believed that tongseng culinary spread to Nusantara.

Two Methods to Cook Mutton

Until now, tongseng finally envolves at some places. Almost each district at Central Java and Yogyakarta has authentic variant tongseng itself. Until now there are 10-12 style of tongseng in Indonesia. All of them depend on who cooks tongseng.

Generally, there are two main method process to make tongseng i.e. boiled and pan fried.

Boiled method beginning with the making of curry. First, the seasoning is added to the coconut milk and cooked them. After stew curry sauce is ready then continue to pan fried method. The sliced seasoning is pan-fried in the hot oil. After for a while, enter the mutton with the curry sauce. Cooked them until cooked.

The Advantages of Mutton for Health

Sometimes, mutton has reputation because it can increase the cholesterol or high blood pressure. At that chance, #Masifan.com will explore some advantages of mutton. There are :

  • The mutton is claimed ca decrease the coronary heart risk. Although it cointains saturated fat, but actually the mutton can decrease the risk of inflammation and will make the heart beat stable. 
  • The mutton is good food source to get CLA i.e. fatty acid that can prevent cancer and other inflammation condition 
  • In mutton also contain of Vit B that can burn fat. Compare with the other meat, the mutton contain much protein and has lower saturated fat level. That is the reason why the mutton is good to control the weight and decrease the obesity risk 
  • The mutton contain good selenium and choline to prevent cancer. 
  • The pregnants are good to consume mutton the prevent anemia. The mutton will gives hemoglobin intake to mother and increase the blood supply to the fetus in the womb. 
  • Because the mutton rich of B12 in so it will be good food for skin. It also to relieve stress and depression 
  • The mutton contains effective much fatty acid omega 3 to cure autism

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