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Wooden Batik at Tourist Village Krebet - Bantul

Wooden Batik at Tourist Village Krebet - Bantul
Now, the tour of #masifan.com still at Central Java and Yogyakarta. Actually at Central Java and Yogyakarta there are many places that must be explored. There are some articles on #masifan.com that explored the tourist attraction at Central Java and Yogyakarta but it feels there is nothing finished to explore.

After #masifan.com explores detail about tourist village at Sleman Regency, so at this chance the trip of #masifan.com will direct to Bantul Regency. This regency is known with the some beauty beaches like Parangtritis beach, Parangkusuma beach, Goa Cemara beach, Kuwaru beach, Pantai Baru beach etc.

But, don’t think that #masifan.com will explore about the exoticism beaches at Bantul Regency. #masifan.com will explore a tourist village at Bantul Regency.

This place is Krebet Village. Krebet Village is located at Sendangsari, Pajangan almost 12 km south west of Yogyakarta beside Selarong cave, the cave that has own history of Pangeran Dipoengoro struggle.

Geographically, Krebet village is located at Selarong hill on the north end side of Pajangan and conterminous with Guwosari village, Tridadi and Bangunjiwo. There are 800 person who lives at this village with has width 104 hectare .


At that time, Krebet village is a jungle on the Slarong hill and it was impossible to be a shelter. But as time goes by, the people across east and west tried to open the jungle for agricultural land. One of their ancestors named Kasem who tried to open the jungle on Slarong hill.

To say the place where he usually visited everyday if there was any questions from the neighbour where he cultivated the land and easy to see so he called this place with Krebet. Krebet was a name of tree that on the cross road near Punokawan studio and Sendang Tirto Waluyo.

The agriculture was the mainstay at that time. But, because the agriculture was seasonal and only depended on the water from the rain so almost the people made some craft like siwur, irus, beruk and cawik. This skill was done until now.

The villages name near Krebet village is also unique. They named they village with the name of plant. For example Pringgading Village (Yellow bamboo), Dadapbog, Serut, Kalinongko, Kalibagir etc. At this place also closes with the culture like traditional rituals from their ancestors i.e. Ruwahan, Suran and Selikuran.

What are the interesting things with Krebet Tourist Village?

If you know batik with clothes as its media, the people from Krebet has artistic creation i.e. wooden batik.The craft here involves wooden batik, bamboo furniture and wood, tatah sungging, wooden roof and some handicraft that made from wood. There are more that fourty studio at Krebet Tourist Village. The people there will serve you friendly.

The people from Krebet utilize wood as the media to make batik so they are able to produces some beautiful creation that has high value and enthused by the foreign and domestic tourists. Krebet Tourist village also produces dried flowers art.

The process of wooden batik certaintly needs own skill. It is different with making batik with clothes as the media. The pola of wooden batik must be create manually not printed so make wooden batik need high accuracy level. The motif of wooden batik that make by the peope on Krebet village is parangrusak, parangbarong, kawung, garuda, sido rahayu, sido mukti etc.

Some products of crafts that produce by the Krebet people are mask, shadow puppet, cupboard, household accessories, wooden statue, jewelry box, and the wooden batik decoration with the price until million rupiahs. For marketing, it is not only in the country but also chop to foreign market.

Art and Culture

Below some performing of art and culture from Krebet tourist village are :

  • Jatilan, on the previous article #masifan.com had explore about this culture. 
  • Karawitan, musical art high flavor on the world. The tourist can learn directly. 
  • Sekar Mocopat, Javanese traditional song that played on Majapahit era and Demak.

Culinary from Krebet Village :

  1. Gudeg manggar 
  2. Tempe bacem 
  3. Gula jawa 
  4. Tape singkong 
  5. Umbi umbian (uwi, gembili, suweng, singkong, gadung, modro) 
  6. Trancam 
  7. Some traditional drink (legen, wedang asem)

Tour Packages

There are some tour packages that is packed as tour packages. They are :

  1. The package learning to make batik mask. It depends on the size of the mask. S 50.000 rupiahs, M 60.000 rupiahs and L 75.000 rupiahs each people. To join this package at least 5 people with facilities like snack, souvenirs, and the product of batik you made. 
  2. Learning to make anyam tikar plismet size 40.000 rupiahs each person at least 4 person. 
  3. Learning to make knife : 35.000/ each person at least 4 person. 
  4. Learning carving : 50.000/each person at least 4 person. 
  5. Learning art : 50.000/each person at least 5 people with duration 1-2 hours. 
  6. Learning Karawitan : 50.000/each person at least 25 person. 
  7. Watching dance together, sholawat, gendhing, and jatilan. Each arts 30.000/each person and at least 25 person. 
  8. Learning Mocopat : 20.000 rupiahs/each person at least 25 person. 
  9. Ketoprak package : 100.000 rupiahs/each person for at least 25 person. 
  10. Roaming the village package : 15.000 rupiahs. 
  11. Out bond : 65.000 rupiahs/each person. 
  12. Tradition tour and culture i.e. among-among : 50.000/ each persons and at least 10 people. 
  13. Learning nitis package : 50.000 rupiahs each person at least 4 people.

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