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Body Warmers Beverage – WEDANG RONDE

Wedang Ronde
#masifan.com had several times explore about some tourist destinations, traditional games and #explored about culinary.

It is not complete  if #masifan.com doesn’t #explore about special beverage or traditional beverage from Indonesia.

It is done by #masifan.com to increase the knowledge, perception and to make deeper their knowledge about what Indonesia is. What beauty that Indonesia has and also anything that may be missed and make the people haven’t known about Indonesia.

At this chance #masifan.com tries to #explore about the traditional beverage from Indonesia. WEDANG RONDE, it is traditional beverage that will #masifan.co, explored.

#masifan.com hopes, this exploration can be useful and it can be shared to everybody or to  the readers so as stated above that the aim of #masifan.com exploration is to increase the knowledge and perception about Indonesia.

Whom doesn’t know Wedang Ronde? Wedang Ronde can be said as traditional beverage from Solo Central Java. Wedang Ronde consists of rounded rice flour with nut in it. The texture of ronde is like moci cake. To be more steady, it is added by sugar palm fruit, roasted peanuts and then flushing with the hot ginger water that mixing with sugar.

Wedang Ronde or usually called ronde is traditional beverage from Java beside Jamu and Dawet. “Wedang” in Javanese means beverage while ronde is special dough that consists of combination of rice flour and palm sugar and the shape of ronde is rounded with crushed peanuts in it. To shape #Wedangronde, the ronde dough dipped to the hot ginger water.

Wedang Ronde usually serves using small bowl more over 2500-500 ml. It is suitable to consume when the weather is cold or in the wet season. By consuming Wedang Ronde all body especially the throat, chest, adn stomach will feel so warm. Beside this, Wedang Ronde is good for health and increase the stamina.

History of Wedang Ronde

Who knows that Wedang Ronde actually from Tiongkok? The origin of Wedang Ronde was inspired from tangyuan dish. Tangyan was ronde without anything in it and it served with sweet ginger water. According to the historical records, since Sung Dynasty Tangyuan had a popular snack in Tiongkok.

Considered some lituratures, the hitory of Wedang Ronde began from Han Dynasty. It told that a royal lady named Yuanxiao. She was very missed her parents but she could not leave the palace. Finally, she cried and wanted to suicided. A minister knew about that and he promised to help her. He ordered Yuanxiao to make Tangyuan as much as she could as her dedication to the God on 15th first month Imlek. Yuanxiao succeeded to do it and the emperor was very satisfied. So Yuanxiao allowed to meet with her parents. Since that, every on 15th first month Imlex celebrated Yuanxiao Festival or more known with lanterns Festival.

Also based on some literatures, tangyuan had been the popuar snack at Tiongko since Sung Dynasty. Almost all the people fro Tiongkok in Indonesia distinguished tangyuan and yuanxiao. Tangyuen was ronde without nothing in it (serving with sweet ginger water) and consumed on December 22nd while Yuaxiao was ronde with sweet in it (serving with tasteless water) and consumed at first fullmoon Imlek new year. At Bangka Island, tangyuan named “siet yen” made from sticky rice or tuber and it serves with the sauce combining with palm sugar or ginger.

As time goes by, the influence of Tiongkok expanded until Indonesia. It was happened with Tangyuan also had modification in serving so suitable with the taste and tangue of Indonesian people.

On 1930, this beverage had popular at Central Java especially on Boyolali, Solo, Salatiga and Ambarawa. Reputedly, this beverage was favourite beverage for national fighter, Catholic leaders Mgr. Soegijapranata when he stayed at Ambarawa.

Some Advantages of Wedang Ronde 

Below some advantages of Wedang Ronde for our body.

- Warm the body
Wedang Ronde is designed to consume at night because the main function of Wedang Ronde is as body warmer beverage. The main composition is ginger that is believed able to increase the temperature of the body. It is very needed especially when the weather is cold.

- Cure the sore throat
Wedang Ronde able to work as sore throat remedy. The content of ginger on Wedang Ronde able to relieve the throat, also killed the bacterium that caused pain at our throat.

- Overcome travel sickness
It is effective when you have overcome travel sickness, wedang ronde able to relieve your stomach . When your stomach feels nausea, you stimulus to release everything on your stomach. After everything out, sugested for you to consume wedang ronde. The advantages of wedang ronde able to decrase the effect.

- Increase the body stamina
Body stamina can we get from wedang ronde. Your energy will be recharge after consume it. When your body feel warm there is psychological effect for us to stay motivated. So, our staminal that dropped at the beggining recharge and ready to do new activity.

- Prevent colds
Not only that, Ronde also used by the Indonesian people as an antidote to the disease. One of this is colds. This disease is marked by chills throughout the body, high temperature, fever, and headache.

- Increase the body immunity 
Someone who eften consume ronde more rarely affected by the disease. It is caused the sauce of wedang ronde has lemongrass. Lemonggrass has advantages to maintain endurance and also to increase it. So the disease that enter to our body can be handled.

- Decrease headache
The savor comes from the ginger taste that make warm. The kins of this spice is known as headache skilful healer. So, it is suggested to consume it. Beside this lemonggrass also able to increase our immune. So, when you are ill, soon treat and increase the immune system.

- Decrease cholesterol level
The composition of Wedang Ronde has amazing advantages. One of them can decrease the cholesterol level. It is good to consume for the old people. It can make neutral after consume fried tempe, fried banana etc.

- Decrease stroke risk
The other advantages from ginger is able to decrease the stroke risk. The ginger believe as a part of a living pharmacy.

- Prevent heart attact risk 

- Overcome flatulence

Basic Materials
  • glutinous rice flour 
  • Fur salt 
  • warm water 
  • pandan leaves
Material Contents 
  • Fried Peanuts
  • Sugar 
  • salt
Sauce Materials
  • Fresh water 
  • Sugar
  • burned and mashed ginger  
  • salt 
  • Pandan leaves 
  • Mashed lemonggrass
Supplementary Material
  • Boiled colourfull of palm fruits 
  • bread cut dice

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