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Bondan Traditional Dance – The Description of Mother’s Affection to Her Child

Bondang Traditional Dance
Bondan dance is traditional dance that descibe of mother’s affection to her child. Bondan dance is one of traditional dances from Surakarta, Central Java. The characteristic of Bondan dance is the property that uses i.e. paper umbrella,kendil and baby doll that is carried by the Bondan dancer.

Bondan dance is the dance that must be danced by the girl at the village to show her identity. With this dance so it will be showed how they when they will be a mother and cares their child. So as a woman, it is not only beautiful but also must be able to care, give her affection and protect her child.

The performing of Bondan dance usually accompanied by gamelan music. At the beginning of the dance, there is dolanan song is played but as time goes by this dance is accompanied with complete gending.

When performs this dance, the dances wear the clothing like wiron, jamang, camisole dress and bun on her head. But it is different with “Bondan Pegunungan” dance they wore the villagers girl clothes.

The History of Bondan Dance

Based on the history, Bondan dance must be perform at Mataram Lama kingdom. As stated above that Bondan dance was performed to show her identity although she was beautiful but she must have the motherly soul.

The unique of Bondan dance was on the storyline that played by the beautiful dancers and from the village. They showed their motherly soul with some properties.

As time goes by, then Bondan dance is divided by three variants based on the function. They are Bondan Cindogo dance, Bondan Mardisiwi dance and Bondan Tani dance.

The differences of three kinds of Bondan dance are not only the clothes that they wear, music and the motion but also on the theme.

Bondan Cindogo dance is the dance that describe about the mother’s affection to her child that finally passed away. The nuance of this dance is sad shades.

Bonda Mardisiwi dance is more tho show the mother’s happiness because she has a baby at the first time.

While Bondan Tani dance is talking about the mothers at the village that must be care their child and help her husband cultivate the rice field.

The Properties of Bondan Dance

For the tourists or audiences who haven’t seen this dance that is from Surakarta will be has a question about the properties of Bondan dance that used by the dancers. The properties make the kind of classic dance has own distinctions and uniqueness if compared with other dance like Jaipong and Perang dance. About Jaipong dance and Perang dance will be discuss deep at other sessions.

It is true that beside the uniqueness of the storyline, the other characteristics that showed the uniqueness are on the properties that they used when they perform the dance and show the storyline. Below some properties that usually use when they perform Bondan dance, such as :

Kendil (traditional jug)
Kendil is traditional jug that made from clay to save the fresh water. This property is used as a pad by the dancers. If you see the performing of this dance, you will be captivated how can the girls do some motion by resting on the smaller “kendi” than the dancer. This property will not be found on Bonda Mardisiwi dance.

Baby doll
The doll is one of Bondan dance property. This doll actually to support the storyline where the dancers show their motherhood which is bland, and full of affection with her child.

The goal of this dance is giving the lesson to the girls not to forget their identities as a women that the future they will be a mother. So, it is not surprised that this dance is loved by the girls at that era.

The role of umbrella is as important property that may not left when perform the Bondan Mardisiwi dance and Bondan Cindogo dance. This property is used as motion supporters and also to describe how a mother protects her child from the danger.

At Bondan dance, it is not only has some artistics value but also moral value that can we learn. So, #masifan.com suggests that this dance must be keep and preserved so Bondan dance will not disappeare. This dance begins rare to be performed, but on the cultural festival to introduce the Central Java traditional art this dance still performed especially at Surakarta as the origin place iof this dance.

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