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Great Vacation at Bamboo Village Lembang Bandung

Great Vacation at Bamboo Village Lembang Bandung
#masifan.com friends bamboo village is new icon travel at Lembang Bandung. Why? Because this tourist resort is combined with a tourist location that really combines all primacies tourist site at Lembang Bandung.

After you feel tired with all your activities for a week of course #masifan.com friens need  a time to make your body refresh again.

And the solution to make you body fresh and spirited there are many ways. One of them is doing recreation. You can do massage or therapy. #masifan.com referenced you to visit Bamboo Village at Lembang Bandung. #masifan.com believed that Bamboo Village at Lembang Bandung is the best solution for you.

This Bamboo village is completed with the facilities that not only satisfied your eyes but also your stomaches. At Bamboo Village there are some complate culinary tours. One of them is Burangrang Cafe. It is an unique food court that located at Bandung with its Lutung Kasarungnya. It is one of romantic restaurant with Purbasari saung.

Beside solves your problem about stomach and eye, when you visit Bamboo Village you can do shopping at traditional market at Bamboo Village and also you can stay at night with village nuance and also forest nuance. You can feel by yourself the Villa at Lembang Bandung name Bamboo Village Villa “Kampung Layung”.

Bamboo Lembang Village is one of the list of tourist resort at Lembang Bandung on the north side. IT is located at the Burangrang foothill area. So it is certain that the beauty of the nature there is so beatiful and the weather there is very cool. It makes own attraction and sale value that offered by Bamboo Village Lembang Bandung to the tourists who visit to this location. The camping activity or some outdoors activities are suitable done here.

Although Bamboo Village Lembang is a  new tourist resort but this tourist resort have completed by some facilities and can be said that this new resort is the most complete. Beside as natural tourist resort at Lembang Bandung that known has beauty natural , Bamboo Village Lembang also known as family attraction, culinary and shopping at Bandung.

Address of Bamboo Village Lembang.

The address of tourist attraction at Bandung that popular with Bamboo Village Bandung is on Jl. Kol. Masturi KM. 11, Situ, Lembang, Cisarua, Bandung Barat Regency, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.


To get more inforation about the menu of food and beverage at Bamboo Village Lembang, you can ask or do reservation first. You can contact the phone number : 022 – 82782020 or you can visit the official website of Bamboo Village at dusunbambu.com

Ticket Entrance

The operational time at Bamboo Village Lembang Bandung is everyday since Monday until Sunday begins 8 o’clock a.m. until 9 o’clock p.m
  • Bamboo Village Leisure Park 15.000 rupiahs each person, free from the child under 3 years old. 
  • Car Parking fee         10.000 rupiahs 
  • Motorcycle parking fee    5.000 rupiahs     


Bamboo Village Lembang Bandung can be reached through waterway of Jl. Colonel Masturi KM. 11 with criterion as stated below :
  • Pasteur tol, take the direction to Ledeng, then to Lembang and enter Jl. Kol Masturi. 
  • Pasteur Tol, take the direction to Ledeng then take Jl. Sersan Sodik and then enter Jl. Kol Masturi. 
  • Padalarang Tol, take the direction to Cimahi and then take Jl. Kol. Masturi.
So, What will you wait #masifan.com friends? Have you ready to do camping with the natural nuance that really fresh?

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