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Karimunjawa National Park

Karimunjawa National Park
Karimunjawa is a sub disrict at Jepara, Central Java. Karimunjawa is an archipelago on Java sea. It is 83 km from Jepara. Karimunjawa consists of 27 islands but there are only 5 islands inhabited. The main potential tour  of Karimunjawa is the beauty of the sea. Because of the sea park tour, this archipelago be appointed as one of Indonesia National  Park on 2001.

The Origin Name of Karimunjawa

Sunan Nyamplungan is an interesting figure of folkore about the name of Karimunjawa. Sunan Nyamplungan had a real name Amir Hasan. He was Sunan Muria’s son. When he was child, his mother Nyai Sunan Muria spoiled him. It made Amir Hasan’s attitude tend to be naughty. Sunan Muria saw that there were something harmed his son – Amir Hsan. Sunan Muria tried to inculcate discipline and taught him the base of Islam but Amir Hasan proned to delinquency and spoiled. Because of this condition of their son, so Sunan Muria and Nyai Sunan Muria decided to board out Amir Hasan to his uncle Sunan Kudus. They hoped Amir Hasan could accept  what was taught by Sunan Kudus. And at the future, Amir Hasan will be a good person. Amir Hasan step by step showed the change. He was be a good person, and very obeyed doing the order of Sunan Kudus. Sunan Kudus was proud and Amir Hasan was returned to Sunan Muria because Sunan Kudus felt enough to lead and taught Amir Hasan.

After accepted the report of Sunan Kudus, Sunan Muria was so proud because his son obeyed what his parents ordered. Then to practice everything that he got for learned with Sunan Kudus, Sunan Muria ordered Amir Hasan to go to one of the islands that can be seen from the top of Mount Muria. This mount can be seen  from Muria likes “kremun-kremun”. Amir Hasan accompanied by two servants. He also brought 2 pieces of nyamplung to plant there. He also brought many things like mustaka of mousque. The Amir Hasan’s journey needed much time. He accrossed the sea and finally he coud reach the island that Sunan Muria wanted to. The Amir Hasan stayed there and in the future this island named KARIMUNJAWA.

Karimunjawa cames from Javanese that means “kremun-kremun” and because this island was on Java. The island where Amir Hasal stayed had many Nyamplung trees so until now, the people called Amir Hasan with “ Sunan Nyamplungan”.

Thirteen Interesting Spots at Karimunjawa

1. Ujung Gelam Beach
Tanjung Gelam beach is a beach at Karimunjawa that known as the best spot to enjoy the sunset. If the weather is clear, the scenery of the sunset is so beautiful. Actually, this beach is beautiful with the white sand and the very calm waves. To accompany you enjoying the sunset, you can buy the young coconut that sells around the beach.

2. Barakuda Beach
Barakuda beach is beach at Kemujan island. This beach also has the beautiful scenery with the islands can be seen from this island. The water is very clear and calm, this beach will tease you to intimate with the water. The unique of this beach is on the stone. The colour of the stones are black and the shapes are unique. If you want to stay at night at Kemujan island, there are some resort that will serve you. As information that the price to stay at night at resort there is expensive enough.

3. Nirwana Beach
Nirwana beach is the longest beach at Karimunjawa. The location of this beach is on the east side of Karimunjawa. The nuance of this beach is not too different with other beach at Karimunjawa with the white sand, clear water and calm waves. The characteristics of this beach is the existence of some coconut trees on the beach. The scenery at Nirwana beach is very beach.

4. Batu Topeng Beach
Batu Topeng beach is a beach that located inline with Tanjung Gelam beach. The location of this beach is on the north of Tanjung Gelam beach. The situation here is not too different with Tanjung Gelam beach when the dusk come, the panorama at this beach will change with orange glow on the western horizon. Around the beach there are some black stones that can be inspiration to give the name this beach.

5. Pantai Segon Lele
At Segon lele there are some gosong (sand dune in the sea) that to be one of belle at Karimun Jawa. The beach here is not different with other beach at Karimun Jawa.

6. Mangrove forest at Kemujan Island
Beside enjoy the beauty of the beach, when we visit Kemujan island we can enjoy the beauty of Mangrove forest. At this region there is 2 km of wood track that can be used by the tourists to enjoy the beauty of mangrove forest. If we are lucky we will meet with some species who lived at mangrove forest.

7. Green Captivity at Menjangan Besar Island
One of interesting activity that can we done at Karimunjawa is swimming with sharks. Shark that known as water wild predator evidently has melancholy side. At Menjangan Besar island there is a green captivity and we are allowed to swim together with sharks. The sharts at this captivity are tame sharks although the size of their body are relatively large. Swimming at the sharks captivity will be amazing experience.

8. Menjangan Kecil Island
Menjangan Kecil island is one of interesting spot at Karimunjawa to do snorkeling because the beach at this island has very beautiful scenery. The existence of small fishes will be main attraction the scenery beneath the sea. To reach this island you need 30 minutes by boat from Karimunjawa Island. The people at Karimunjawa Island often called this island with Maer. At this island also provides some resort for the tourists if they want to stay at night.

9. Geleang Island
Geleang Island is one od beautiful island that can we visit at Karimunjawa. This uninhabited island offers you the beauty that will make us lazy to back home. From this island, we can see the scenery of Karimunjawa Island from different side. This place also as ideal place to do snorkling. This beach is as so beautiful as the other island around Karimunjawa that so beautiful and attractive.

10. Cilik Island
Cilik island is an island that may not we miss. This beach is surrounding with special white sand of Karimunjawa. Cilik Island also has the calm waves. The coral reef with many kind of shapes and also so colourful makes this island to be one of the favourite place to do snorkeling. There is a wooden pier that can be a place to make photograph.

11. Cemara Besar Island
Cemara Besar Island is also uninhabited island that always visited by the tourists who want to do travelling to Karimunjawa. The location of this island is on the east side of Karimunjawa Island. It needs 30 minutes to cross by boat from Karimunjawa Island. The water around the island is so shallow so the boat cannot recline to the beach. The boat usually reclines on the coral reef that located tens of meters from the beach. On the north of this island there is a beautiful island named Cemara Kecil Island. Playing at this beach is pleasure activity.

12. Love Hill
The beauty of scenery and tropic nuance at Karimunjawa making it to be favourite place for young couple to honey moon. If you go to Karimunjawa with your partner, #masifan.com suggests you must visit Love hill. It is on Jatikerep, Karimunjawa village. On the top of this hill there is a monument with the letter “LOVE”. Photograped with the monument as the background is done by all the tourists who visit Love hill.

13. Karimunjawa Town Square
If you have planning to waste your time for several days at Karimunjawa don’t miss to visit Karimunjawa Town Square. At this place known as the centre of seafood culinary. At this place the tourists can diffuse with the villagers of Karimunjawa Island.

The Nickname for Karimunjawa Island
  • Vacation Island 
  • Paradise of Java 
  • Caribbean van Java

Some Activities at Karimunjawa Archipelago :
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Swimming 
  • Fishing 
  • around the island
  • Shark Captivity
  • Visiting other islands
  • Playing sand 
  • Sunset 
  • See fishermen’s life 
  • Photographing 
  • Bonfire 
  • Barbeque 
  • Trekking at mangrove forest 
  • Sun bathing

How to go to Karimunjawa Archipelago
  1. The transportation that usually used if you want to go to Karimunjawa Island is by sea. The ships usually on Tanjung Emas harbour Semarang and Kartini Harbour at Jepara. From Tanjung Mas there are KMC Kartini I that do the opertion every Saturday and back from Karimunjawa on Sunday. It needs 3 hours. If you want go from Kartini harbour Jepara there are 3 ships. They are Bahari Cantika, 2C and KMP Muria. It need almost 2 hours while KMP Muria needs 6 hours. For additional informatio that  KMP Muria is ready every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday while for fast ships ready on Monday, Tuesday Friday and Saturday. 
  2. If you want go there by plane you can go from Dewandaru Airport at Kemujan Island. You can go to this island. If you want go there by Merpati Airlines, Sky Aviation or Wings Air you must go from Ahmad Yani Airport. 

The Best Time to Visit Karimunjawa

There are some tourists feel affraid and think twice if they want to go to Karimunjawa. Their reason is the erratic weather at  Karimunjawa makes the ship delay their departure. The bad weather also makes the tourists unwilling to Karimunjawa because they had ever trapped at Karimunjawa Island because of the bad weather. It is a big problem for the local government there. The best time to visit Karimunjawa is on March untl the middle on August, Middle of September untuk end of December.

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