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KOTA GEDE – The Assimilation between Atmosphere of the past with the Beauty of Silver Art

Kota Gede, Yogyakarta
Kotagede or Kutagede is a sub district at Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia. The borders of Kotagede sub district are :
  • north     : Umbulharjo sub district and Banguntapan sub district, Bantul 
  • east     : Banguntapansub district, Bantul 
  • south    : Banguntapan sub district , Bantul 
  • west     : Banguntapan sub district, Bantul dan Umbulharjo sub district
The name of “Kotagede” is taken from Kotagede old city region that located at the border of this sub district with Bantul Regency on south side.

Kotagede Yogyakarta Historical heritage

Kotagede that located at Yogyakarta Province to be a place that must be entered on the tourists’ schedule beside Parangtritis beach, Ngobaran beach, Siung beach, Malioboro, Pindul Cave, Kaliurang, Borobudur tempe and other destinations when you waste your vacation at Yogyakarta. It is caused Kotagede is closed with the history and memories of the past. The tourists will see the special cultural wealth of Yogyakarta.

When you foothold your foot on the street to Kotagede, you will feel as if you are at the time machine that bring you to the 1700 years ago. You will see some beautiful old building that suitable to capture with your camera. Can you imagine how great its experience?

At Kotagede, the tourists will see directly more than 170 old buildings with unique architecture that was build at span of hundreds of years. It is between 1700 until 1930. The historical values can we seen on that buildings.

At that time, Kotagede Yogyakarta was the capital of Islam kingdom that overcame half of Java island i.e. Mataram Kingdom. When Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusuma as a king of Mataram the growth of Mataram is so fast. But at the end this prosperous kingdom had internal problem and made this kingdom got disunity.

On progress, although there was not as a capital of the kingdom Kotagede still crowded with the total population growing. At the modern era now, the historical heritage the kingdom still remains intact. Some of them are Kotagede mosque, traditional house with special Javanese architecture , the founder of the Royal Tomb complex, ruins of the castle until toponym township that still uses urban design elements like a relic.

Ten Hidden Destinations at Kotagede Yogyakarta

Karang court
The name of Karang court but it means that this place are full of a rocky outcrop likes  cliff. This court is a center of the  people activities in the evening. The students, clubs etc often do the football tournaments.

When the night comes, the sport activity will be changed with the culinary mainstay. Beef satay Kotagede with savory sauce and delicious provides there.

Masjid Agung Kotagede
Each region that the majority people are moslem, certaintly have a great mosque. Beside used as a play for praying, mosque also used to discuss the community interests. That is why Masjid .Agung Kotagede very closed with the heart of Kotagede people. This mosque is valuable historical heritage

Pesik House
Pesik house is a building with the thin concrete and has Islam Mataram ornaments. This building is the combination of Netherland, Javanese and Islam architecture. Reputedly, pesik house is the heritage of Kalang people. Kalang people is descent Bali who has important role at Mataram Islam Kingdom. They are success trader, rich and has high of art sense.

Langgar Dhuwur
Langgar Dhuwur has function  like a mosque. It is called Langgar Dhuwur because the position of this building is on high land. At that time there were many Langgar Dhuwur at Yogyakarta. Now, almost of them gone and there is the one only t Kotagede.

Sendang Kakung Lan Putri
Sedang Kakung lan Putri has one name. It is Sendang Seliran. This place is on Mataram Mosque complex. There are two springs here. They are Sendang Kakung and Sendang Putri. Make sure yourself to visit this place.

Mataram Palace
Mataram Palace was the central government of Islam Mataram Kingdom since Sultan Agung Prabu Hanyokrokusumo as the king. Mataram palace is very different with the palace where the family of Sultan Hamengku Buwono live.

Legi traditional market of Kotagede
The center of trading activities on Kotagede and surrouding is located on Legi traditional market. There are many people on this market especially on “Legi”. The tourists get trouble to mave at the market because there are many people there on “Legi”.

Kanthil House Kotagede
Kanthil house is a Kanthil foundation headquarters. The foundation that declared by Mr. Natsir is a discussion forum for Kotagede native youth. They come together to discuss how to make something good for Kotagede includingcollect the data about Java tribe on Mataram Islam.

Narrow alleys at Kotagede housing complex
The space between the house at Kotagede housing complex can be said that it is narrow because there is only two people who can through this space. But, based on this condition make the nuance so romantic and different.

The Central of “Monggo” Chocolate
After the tourists feel tired after walk around Kotagede, you can take a rest and buy “Monggo” chocolate. The central of special chocolate that made by the foreigner who fall in love with the Jogjakarta culture that are seen at Kotagede. Beside showroom, the tourists can see how the production process there.

Kotagede Silverware

Kotagede is a central of silverware at Yogyakarta. It can happen because beside has the best quality , this region has known everywhere. Kotagede is one of the regio that located on the border of Yogyakarta, the people also as silver craftmen

What is the reason that make this region known with its silver? As we know that there are not silver mine. More over, at Koagede there are no sign that the profession of the people at Kotagede are panning for silver and also there is not factory of smelting silver. But, why does the silver known at Kotadgede. It is cause by the art qualty of the silver. Although each grams of silver is not too expensive but after the silver craftmen change  the silver to be high quality of silver so you can see that the price there is very expensive expensice.

Why does the Silver price is too expensive?
First, the price of silver ore is very expensive. The base material of silver art come from Cikotok West Java.

Second, the process timing from silver ore is too complicated and it need along time. For example, to make one pendant with simple design needs some hours until a day. For one bracelet with the middle size it needs 4-5 days. The Andong ornament need 1 month in making process.

How do you go to Kotagede?
The way to Kotagede is very simple. If yoy come from airport direction, you just turn left at Janti junction then you will come on Ring road. Then, when you are on the crossroad you must turn right then come out from Ring road. Follow this way, through JEC and the you will on the junction that if you turn reight you will on Gembiraloka Zoo. You might not to turn right but straight on and you will find Kotagede.

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