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Nglambor Beach Gunung Kidul

Nglambor Beach ( Gunung Kidul )
Gunung Kidul Regency is one of five regencies at Yogyakarta Province. It is located 40 km at the end southeast of Yogyakarta. It needs almost 45 minutes. Administratively, Gunung Kidul regency consists of 18 sub districs and 144 villages with area 1.485,36 km or 46.3% of the total area of Yogyakarta. Gunung Kidul regency is an plateau and mountainous.

Geographical Location:

–     1100 21’until  1100 50′ East longitude
–     70  46’until   09′ South Latitude

If we talk about Gunung Kidul, so our mid will fly to the region that full with beautiful beaches. One of the beaches that will #masifan.com explore is Nglambor Beach.

The beach that is located on the rather hidden place will present own beauty. Nglambor beach that known with the beauty of the panorama beneath the sea must be enjoyed and guarded by all parts especially with the tourists who come to this place.

The Location of Nglambor Beach

Nglambor beach is located at Purwodadi village, Tepus sub district Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogakarta. It 70 km from Yogyakarta down town. The beauty of Nglambor beach can not be doubt and the unique of Nglambor beach is there are two big corals that shapes are like turtles. This beach is between Jogan beach and Siung Beach.

Nglambor beach is one of the beach that used to be conservative place for beach flora and fauna . That is why at this beach there some beautiful coral reef and some funny fishes.

The bottom of Nglamor beach is like big aquarium that save milion beauties. Because of the kindness of the couple turtles that be able to conquer the wild of the Hindia ocean waves, the beauty of beneath can be dived its beauty.

The beauty panorama that covers by the wave is guarded by the people who lives around Nglambor beach. Traditional ceremony “Sedekah Laut Ngalangi” always be done at this beach. “Ngalangi” in Javanese means prevents or forbids.The people around Nglambor beach forbid everyone to catch the fish around the beach especially only once a year, out of the fish spawning season. The catching fish procession is only done using gawar. It is like a net from the wawar root that anchored and driven together to the sea by the people there.

The Unique of Nglambor Beach.

Guarded by two turtles
The first scenery that will attract the tourists when they are on Nglambor beach is two corals that are like two giant turtles. They are really like turtles begin from back until their head.

The myth there, Nglambor beach guarded by two giant turtles. They are Watu Kalong ad Watu Kuntul. The scientific facts, both of the corals that shapes are like turtles make Nglambor beach save from the hack of big waves.

Nglambor Beach is a Giant Aquarium
The nickcame for Nglambor Beach is Giant Aquarium because Nglambor beach has amazing beauty beneath the sea. The blue and clear sea that rich of marine life and coral reefs.

The tight security to the sea ecosystems have been done since some years by the people there and especially by the couple of giant turtles that also guarded Nglambor beach.

The coral reefs at Nglambor beach are still good until now caused by that defense.

Snorkeling Beneath the Sea.
Now, Snorkeling to the favourite destination for the tourists who visit the beach. They have found the new location that riveting them along the Yogyakarta coastline.

The special location is Nglambor beach. The tourists can do snorkeling at Ngalmbor beach zone.The shallow sea and supported by the calm sea wave makes Nglambor beach as the favorite place for snorkeling.

The tourists do not need to dive deep to sea the beauty of the castle beneath the sea. They just dive in 10 meters depth. They will see how thousands fishes, Marine biota and coral reefs.

For the tourist, #masifan.com suggests you don’t forget to bring yur camera to immortalize your snorkeling memories.

There is no matchless beauty of Nglambor beach
The scenery of Nglambor beach is no less beautiful with the other beaches at Yogyakarta. This beach is flanked by two hills and cliffs. The access way to the beach through the through a grove of pandanus plant sea.

#masifan.com gives you suggestion to stop for a minute in one of the hills of Nglambor beach. Capture the beauty of Nglambor beach from the top of the hill. You can find the beauty of Nglambor matchless. Peace increasingly penetrate to the heart wall when the wind breeze slowly sweeping lines of our face. Look at the wide sky and feel that Nglambor beach is really beautiful.

Sing of Nglambor Beach Waves
Waves are the most beautiful natural sing. When the waves swash, the peace sensation will come to our deepest soul .

The waves never want to stay at the beach. I always storm the beach then back roll to the sea.

Scientifically, the waves are waves generated by natural processes. The waves spread between the hot and cold air. Commonly, the waves hack hardly in the beach.

But, It doesn’t happen with the waves at Nglambor beach. The  cutting edge does not touch the shoreline. A couple of the turtles coral that dispels the onslaught of the waves

The Route to Nglambor Beach
  • Route from Solo : Praci – Rongkop/ Baran Sub district – Nglindur – Junction at Ngrancah Market (There is a monument in the center) turn right – Jepitu maret – Winangun junction – turn left the direction to Nglambor beach.
  • The route form Klaten : Semanu – Giripanggung – Sumberwungu, Klayu, Gude, Blekonang – Winangun- Siung beach. It can be from Giripangguung – Cuelo to the south – Winangin/nangun- Nglambor beach. 
  • The route from Yogyakarta : Yogyakarta – Piyungan – Wonosari – to the south (direction to Baron beach) almost 9 km – there is junction of Mulo village (50 km after swimming pool)-turn left direction to Mentel-Bintaos-Tepus-Winangun junction turn right and go straight – there is a junction turn right the way to Nglambor beach.
Ticket Entrance to Nglambor Beach
It just 10.000 rupiahs (including Jogan Beach and Siung Beach). If you want do snorkeling complete with the utensils you will be charge 35.000 – 50.000 rupiahs so we can do snorkeling save at this beach.

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