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Pancake Durian From Medan that So Tempt Our Tangue

Pancake Durian From Medan that So Tempt Our Tangue
Medan is the capital of North Sumartra, Indonesia. This city is the biggest city outside the island of Java and Medan is also the third biggest metropolis at Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. Medan is the gate of Indonesian Western part and also a a gate for the tourists who want to visit Brastagidi on Karo Plateau. It is a sights captivity of orang utan at Bukit Lawang and also the region of Toba lake. The word Medan comes from Tamil Maidhan or Maidhanam that means terrain or spacious place. It is adopted from Malay. Medan is located at 2.5 – 37.5 meters above sea levels.

The other side that interesting to be #explored by #masifan.com is about culinary tour. There are some special food from Medan that interesting to explore. One of the traditional food from Medan is pancake durian.

The History of Pancake Durian

In recent times, there was a processed food with durian as its staple that increasingly popular. The name of this food is pancake durian. It is like the cake in general, but of course this pancake contents of durian.

Medan and North Sumatra with durian is very closed. If you visit Medan at the left and right side of the road you can see there are many people who sell durian. One of the food that made from durian is pancake durian. It is made from real durian that treated with some ingredients.

Pancake durian comes as one of special traditional food from Medan. #masifan.com suggests you that don’t be in hurry if you want to buy it because pancake durian is not durable. It is better for you to buy it before you leave Medan.

Now, Pancake durian is not only provided with durian taste but also provided in some tastes like mocca, chocolate and pandan. The taste is as delicious as pancake durian.

Actually, at the beginning pancake durian was from Medan. More precisely it is the masterpiece of the chef who works at some Taipan restaurant, Nelayan restaurant, Tip Top restaurant  and others restaurants. Perhaps one of the imagination source of the chefs to make pancake durian because it is very easy to get durian at Medan. Medan especially at North Sumatra region is known with durian that always provides every years.

Some places that to be a source or the heaven of Durian Medan at South Sumatra are :
  • Sidikalang  
  • Nias 
  • Langkat 
  • Pematang Siantar 
  • Kabanjahe 
  • Sibolga
Some people said that one of the way to consume durian is by eating pancake durian. It is true because the content in it is real durian without mixture anything.

This food made from durian, custrad and whipped cream that wrap by “dadar gulung”. This traditional food from Medan is like a pillow with durian aroma that very tempt us.

When we bitten it, the soft of the skin combine with the durian as the smooth content suddenly melted at your mouth. The aroma still we can taste although is not as strong as when we eat durian. This food can make us hooked.

Nutrient Content of Pancake Durian

Beside the delicious taste of Durian from Medan, pancake durian also contain the substance that usefully for our body.  Below are some advantages of durian:
  1. You can believe or not that durian can help to decrease the cholesterol level in our blood;  
  2. The function of durian is as blood cleaner; 
  3. For insomniacs, durian contents of much the amino acid tryptophan that useful to decrease uneasiness, depression, and cure who has difficulty to sleep; 
  4. The effect when we consume durian is on our feeling. Because we consume durian so it can make us happy. It is because this food can increase the serotonin level in our brain so it can decrease stress and depression because of the content of pyridoxine (B6); 
  5. For you who like doing sport, durian contains of much soft protein that possible to be consumed by them who wants to build the muscle; 
  6. Durian is the best aphrodisiac and recommended as crude fat source; 
  7. For the people with less blood, durian is the solution because durian rich with folic acid and iron; 
  8. Good news for you who have constipation, durian is the solution. Durian contain some fiber; 
  9. Durian can prevent premature aging because contain of Vitamin C and antioxidant; 
  10. This fruit able to increase the low blood pressure because durian contains of zink and it is hot. 
  11. Durian is able to overcome swelling and also cure the skin rash; 
  12. Durian is better for the bone health and pivot. Durian contains of calcium, potassium and come kinds of vitamin B; 
  13. It is also as a medicine of jaundice; 
  14. Increase the appetite because it contains of niacin and thiamine; 
  15. Contain of Riboflavin (vitamin B2) that can help to resolve migraine; 
  16. Preserve the thyroid health because contains of its copper; 
  17. Durian is also good for teeth because it is also contain of Phosphor.

  1. Durian Medan is always provides along year. There are some locations that almost no place that has the same time every season. Although the fact is like that but the biggest producer of Durian Medan is from Sidikalang. 
  2. The price of Durian Medan is very cheap if it compares with durian imports like durian montong or something like it and the price is very expensive. 
  3. The taste is very great. It is the reason why durian Medan is very known with almost the people of Indonesia. 
  4. Durian is native crops. Durian Medan generally life and cares by the people at the village especially the durian on North Sumatra high plateau. The tress of durian there are cures naturally without scientific engineering.

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