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Sego Megono Spesial Culinary In Indonesia
Pekalongan – As a town that has many craftsmen, the name of this town is not as known as Yogyakarta or Solo.

Pekalongan is a town that located at the north of Java Island near the Pemalang, Tegal and Semarang. This town is not too big so some of the people find difficulty to know where this town is. As a town that located at Central Java, the people there use Javanese as their language to comunicate every day. The Javanese with Pekalongan dialect is less different with the other Javanese dialect like Jogjakarta and Solo. The dialect at both of the town are softer than Pekalongan.

Pekalongan is an unique name. How did the history of this name? The name of Pekalongan came from “Topo Ngalong  Joko Bau (Bau Rekso)” the  son of Kyai Cempaluk that known as the hero from Pekalongan. At the future, he was be a hero from Mataram. Once upon a time, he was ordered by his uncle Ki Cempaluk to subserve to Sultan Agung, King of Mataram. Joko Bau got a duty to bring Putri Ratansari fom Kalisalak, Batang to the palace. But, at the end Jaka Bau felt in love to Putri Ratansari.

Jaka Bau got a punishment. He must to save the seaboard that attacked by the pirates from China. Then, he isolated himslef at the Gambiran forest. After that Joko Bau changed his name to be Bau Rekso and got order from Sultan Agung to prepare the troop and made a ship then made armada to attack Dutch at Batavia (1628 and 1629). But, Bau Rekso failed and decided to go back and isolated himself by “Ngalong” (likes a bat) at Gambiran forest. When he did his isolated there was no body could disturb him included Raden Nganten Dewi Lanjar (Ratu Segoro Lor) and her stealth warrior. Finally, the power of Bau Rekso increased fast and it made Dewi Lanjar genuflected to Joko Bau and then Joko Bau married with Joko Bau.

There was a person who could disturb Joko Bau. He was Tan Kwie Djan who got order from Mataram. Then Tan Kwie Djan and Joko Bau went to Mataram to get more order. Became from the word “topo ngalong” appeared nae Pekalongan. The appearance of the word Pekalongan based on this  version on XVII century on the era of Sultan Agung and on the history of Bau Rekso that stated passed away on September 21st, 1628 at Batavia when against VOC. The place where Joko Bau “Ngalong” was believed at different location such as at Kesesi, Wiradesa, Ulujami, Comal, Pekalongan townsquare and Slamaran.

Discussing about Pekalongan cannot be separated with one of the Nusantara food fro Pekalongan. SEGO MEGONO. This food has the unique taste, delicious and the price is cheap. The base material of Sego Megono is as same when we want to make Gudheg. The differences between them is there is no souce on Megono. The material base of Megono is young jackfruit combine with grater coconut and special ingredients.

As time goes by, the people at Pekalongan often combine the vegetables, fish, and meat so Sego Megono looks more delicious and nutritious. SEGO MEGONO with young jackfruit as the base material always called as Megono Cecek while if Megono with vegetables as base materail so it called Megono Paris. Megono also can be made from young bamboo. It called Megono Bung.

Sego Megono is the menu that very  easy to find in everyplace. Because Megono is heritage menu that has been handed down and when the people come to Pekalongan they have taste it. Finally, step by step the people in Indonesia know about Megono. If you layover at this Batik town, you must taste the delicious of Nasi Megono. The taste of Nasi Megono is very delicious when it combine with the souce ofpindang, rawon, garang asem and soto.

The History of Megono

In term of language, the word Sego means rice while megono if be explored there is no root of original Javanese word about this word. It is possible that Megono comes from the word Mego (cloud) and gegono (sky). If it is assembled to be a sentence possible to be Megono = Mego ing Gegono (cloud at sky).

The colour of the cloud is white clean until dark that usually called cloudy. It is the sign that the rain will down. Sometimes, the colour of the cloud is red especially in the morning or evening. Based on that appearance  , Sego Megono be undifferentiated beginning with white clean, dark, orange and red.

At the first time, Sego Megono appeared when some insurgents entered Purworejo. They were Pangeran Diponegoro, Sentot Prawirodirjo, Independence War I and II.  You could imagine the condition at that time the region there was very fertile but because of war it made the crops decreased. The effect of this there were some retrenchments. This condition made if they wanted to cooked rice they must cook rice conventionally. If they cooked rice conventionally so it would appear rice crust (Javanese : intip) the rice crust would be dried and saved to be cooked again. It was the pioneer of Sego Megono.

When the insurgents entered the village, the villagers cooked their dried rice (Intip). One of the villagers had an idea to collect the vegetables but they could not found side dish except salted fish

After all material and ingredients collect, they need to cook fast and what they cooked must contain good nutrition that would make the stamina of them increase. So, they decided to cook all materials and ingredients at the same time so it would save the time, power and place. Finally, after through spontanously processes they said “megono”. The word megono desrcibed the depth of feel and the shape of this food.

When Independence war, there were some insurgents came and went. Segomegono be a name that dreams of hope and excitement that was very, very entertaining and gave some relief, happiness would continue to be remembered by insurgents.

Nutrient Content of Sego Megono.

Young jackfruit as the main mix of Sego Megono contains of Vitamin A, B and C, mineral that good for growth. 100 grams of young jack fruit has 106 calorie, 27.6 carbohydrate and 1.2 grams protein. Young jack fruit is also good for immunity because it contains of Vitamin C and the best anti-oxidants and also support the limfosit function. Young jack fruit is also contain of mineral potassium that good to control the blood presure so can decrease the heart attact risk anad stroke. It is also good to save the balance of liquid electrolyte on our body.

Young jack fruit also contains others nutrition like lignans, isoflavones and saponins that help the body againts the cancer cells. It also contains ofVitamin A and high anti-oxidants. It is good to keep out skin health. The natural sugar contents like fructose and sucrose as an energy source in doing some activities. Sego Megono is natural food that rich of nutrition and has high nutrition.

As one if “icon” for Pekalongan, Sego Megono is not very well known . One of the cause is the image of this town is Batik. Pekalongan is known with Batik City. The other  cause why Sego Megono is not to know because the appearance of Sego Megono is not interesting.

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