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Surodipo Waterfall, The Hidden Beauty from Temanggung

Surodipo Waterfall
Temanggung Cetral Java has a lot of beautiful tourism sites. One of them is Surodipo watefall. This waterfall is so high and beautiful. The height is more than 100 meters.

Not only Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing that are beautiful site on Temanggung but also there are still many new tourist attractions that begin to develop and to be the popular sites for local tourists or foreign tourists. The weather at Temanggung which is located on the high land makes this city so fresh and cold. SO, it is not strange that there are many big tourism potentials

For the fan of #MasIfan.com, at Temanggung there are many popping viewing post like Posong, Sindumoy, Alam Sewu and not less interesting is River Tubbing at Progo river that so challenge your adrenaline

More,  now at Temanggung there are some waterfalls that are be trend at Temanggung because of their beauties. Surodipo is the example. At this place the tourists  will be impressed with the beauty there after they visited Surodipo waterfall. This waterfall that has height 120 meters will serve you the very beautiful scenery.

Surodipo Waterfall to be connector between Temanggung and Wonosobo

Surodipo waterfall also known with Curug Trocoh that located on the plateau that connected Temanggung and Wonosobo/Kejajar. It is on Tawangsari village, Wonoboyo, Temanggung Regency. This place can be said as sequestered spot but now this place is easy to be looked for because the facility of the way to reach that place is good and also this place begins know by the people.

If sometimes you look for Surodipo waterfall and lost or still confused you can ask the way there by asking the way to Cemoro village because this waterfall is on the right side of the way to Cemoro village.
This waterfall can be enjoyed from above orbelow

This waterfall is so unique and different with the other. To enjoy its beauty you can see as like as you want. You can see this waterfall from above or below. When you are there you will get two choice ways to enjoy the beauty of Surodipo waterfall i.e from above or below. Surodipo waterfall is so strong with the water falls on the sidelines of the high and green hill. This tourist spot hasn’t managed well. It can be seen from the facilities there that is not too complete like the parking lot, toilet and the dustbin .

It is not strange when you visit there, there are some trash around the waterfall. It is disturb the scenery there. And for the fans of #MasIfan.com who want to visit this hidden tourist attraction at Temanggung we suggest you to keep the cleanliness of this place. By keeping this place clean, we have expectation this tourist attraction will be special place in the future.  This place is an interesting asset  for Temanggung and Indonesia.

From Trocoh to Surodipo

As #MasIfan.com stated above that at the beginning Surodipo waterfall was named Trocoh waterfall. Trocoh is Javanese that means leak.

Then as a form of the villagers’ respect to Ki Surodipo who had “petilasan” near the entrance to the trocoh waterfall, so the name was changed to be Surodipo waterfall.

Ki Surodipo was loved and respected by the villagers because he was a Moslem Theologian. The uniqueness, when he wanted to do “syiar” the people there didn’t khow where Ki Surodipo came. The people didn’t know that Ki Surodipo had high authority at Yogyakarta Kingdom.

The name of Ki Surodipo actually was not his real name. Based on the records that was found on “petilasan” of Ki Surodipo. He recorded always changed his name. He did it because he officiated the important place or got hnrary degree. The real name of Surodipo still to be a mystery until now.

Raden Joyosentiko was the first name of Ki Surodipo. He used this name when he was be a man of confidence of Adipati Anom (Pangeran Diponegoro’s father that would be HB III on the future).

The most recognizable name from Ki Surodipo that stated by Pangeran Diponegoro on his deportation was Raden Adipati Danurejo IV (Patih Danurejo IV). This name also to be a state title of Yogyakarta Kingdom. He officiated for 30 years from 1813 until 1847. It was the best achievement for him although he was not from noble family.

The Tips traveled to Surodipo waterfall.

Make sure you are really on the best condition before decided to do traveled to Surodipo waterfall because you will find long climb there. Don’t forget to bring some food and drink. To get safety and amenities on Surodipo waterfall so you must do some below:
  • Check your vehicle condition especially the machine, tire and fuel. 
  • When you walk there, you must be careful and choose the strong foothold, always keep closed with your friends. 
  • #MasIfan.com suggests you not to come this place alone. It is dangeraous.
Ticket Entrance

The price of ticket entrance to Surodipo waterfall is very chea. You just pay 4.000 rupiahs for parking fee. But the price can be changed anytime depend on the condition and the people who managed this place.


If you come from Kendal/ Semarang you can take the alternative road to Muntung, Temanggung then choose the alternative road again to Tambi, Wonosobo. If you have there turn to the Wonoboyo sub district, Temanggung Tawangsari Village, Surodipo “petilasan” then you will find Surodipo waterfall.

If you still confused, you can check this place on Google Map below and yu can determine which way that will you pass.

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