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The exoticism Tourism of Mount Bromo

The exoticism Tourism of Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo comes from Sanskrit Brahma one of main God for Hindu. Mount Bromo is the most active mountain at East Java Indonesia. This mountain is 2.329 meters above sea levels and located at four regencies i.e. Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Malang. Mount Bromo is known as main tourist attraction at East Java. As a tourist attraction, Bromo to be interesting because the status of Mount Bromo as an active mountain. Because of this condition, so Mount Bromo is including as National Park Region Bromo Tengger Semeru.

The shape of Mount Bromo is linke between valley and canyon with caldera or 10 km square sea of sand.

Mount Bromo has a creater with diameter is + 800 meters from north to south and + 600 meters from east to west. And the dangeraous zone is a circle with diameters 8 km from the central creater of Mount Bromo.

The History of Mount Bromo

The history of Mount Bromo can be separated with the legend of Joko Seger and Roro Anteng. This story was hereditary until now. Reputedly, this legend was the legend of the form of Mount Bromo’s crater, Mount Batok and sea of sand around the Bromo’s caldera.

Once upon a time, when Majapahit kingdom had turmoil because there were many attacks that threatened the kingdom. The people on Majapahit felt so confuse to look for save place. In the minddle they disperse themselves into two groups. The first they went to the highlands around Bromo with King and the queen as their leader and the other one went to Bali.

After some decades, the people who lived around Bromo able to adapt themselves with their surrounding and finally there was borned a baby from the King and Queen that named Roro Anteng. Not far from the king and the queen lived there was also bored a baby boy the heredity of Brahmana and named by Joko Seger.

After they were be adult, bothe of them felt in love but at their love story there was a giant that triet to separated them by proposed her by forcing but Roro Anteng refused him delicated. She said to the giant to make a lake on the top of Mount Bromo in one night. He giant accepted and when the process of the making the lake almost finished done, Roro Anteng successed to mess up it. The giant was angry and threw away the coconut shell that was used to make the lake. And reputedly this coconut shell became bigger so changed to be Mount Batok, while the lake changed to be a crater.

Tour in Bromo

To reach the location on the tourist resort of Bromo, from the parking area there are some cars “jeep” will take the tourists up to the Bromo. You can also rent the horse or go there on foot. There are 1.5 km to reach the 250 steps of stair. The way you will pass is having sand and you will also the holy temple of Tengger tribe that be functionalized to celebrate Yadya Kasada or usually called Kasodo Ceremony. Based on the legend, the Bromo crater came from the eruption of Mount Tengger.

Below some tourist resorts that will the tourists get when yhet visit Bromo

Mount Bromo Crater
The crater of Mount Bromo is the second destination when the tourists visit Mount Bromo. This crates is very unique. As stated above that there are some cars “jeep” will take the tourists up to the Bromo. You can also rent the horse or go there on foot. There are 1.5 km to reach the 250 steps of stair. The scenery on the top of Bromo is very beautiful, and decorated with the Mount Tengger and Mount Batok that make the steep line beside the Bromo’s crater.

Teletubies hill 
It is a savana that usually called as Teletubies hill Mount Bromo and surrounding by the hills. It is very perfect panaorama. It can be said that Mount Bromo has complete natural charm from the beautiful sun rise, Bromo crater tour, caldera or sea of sand and the green grass on this savanah.

Pasir Berbisik Mount Bromo
It is a sea of black sand that very large and beautiful. The location is around the Mount Bromo’s caldera on the east of the tourist resort of Mount Bromo. This place is very popular since this place to be a shooting location of “Pasir Berbisik” film with Dian Sastro Wardoyo as the star. On the middle of the sea of black sand there is a holy temple that usually used by the people of Tengger tribe to pray.

Penanjakan Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo is the best location in Indonesia to see the beautiful sun rise. To reach the Penanjakan of Mount Bromo the tourist can rent the jeep at Bromo to the interesting location on Mount Bromo. You can go to the top of Pananjakan at 03.00 a.m. and the trip can be started from the hotels you stay.

Strawberry Garden 
The tour at Mount Bromo does not offer you the natural beauty and culture but also the agrotourism can you find there with the different nuance. The tourists be able to enjoy the strawberry by picking it directly from the tree.

The strawberry from Mount Bromo is different with the other place. The taste of the strawberry here is very red and the taste is very sweet. You can try and prove it.

The Route of the Journey to Mount Bromo

1. The Track fro  Lumajang Regency
If you through the track from Lumajang Regency you can begin from Lumajang to Senduro sub district. Then continue you trip to Ranu Pane village and than through the hills to Bromo Tourist Resport pass Jemplang. If you have on Jemplang you can see the scenery of Mount Bromo from distance.

2. The Track from Malang
You can thrugh from Malang to Tumpang Sub District – Malang regency. From here the trip will continued to Bulak Klakah village and will find the track through Lumajang, i.e. Jemplang and than continued through Savana at Mount Bromo.

3. The Track from Pasuruan
Pasuruan track is the third track that can be passed if you want ti visit Mount Bromo. You can begin your trip from Pasuruan the Wonorejo sub district and from here you can continue to Warung Dowo Sub District then Tosari Sub Disrict, Wonokitri village that to Penanjakan of Mount Bromo.

4. The Track from Probolinggo
Problinggo track is the main track to the tourist resort at East Java. This track to be the favourite track for the tourists. You can enjoy the natural beauty along the trip to Bromo. If you choose this track, from Surabaya your trip will be continued to Pasuruan Regency then continue along the pantura track and will  enter the Probolinggo Regency. Then you will find the junction at Tongas sub district and continue to Lumbang sub district. For the tourists who has much time and want to visit another place you can visit Madakaipura waterfall.

After you are on Lumbang sub district, your trip will e continued to Sukapura sub district the follow the way to Cemoro Lawang village and here is the main gate to the Mount Bromo region.

Some tips to do tour at Mount Bromo

1. Choose the right time
To visit this toruist resort at East Java, you need the right time and suitable with your plan. If you visit Bromo on the dry season, you can see the perfect sun rises but the condition of the savana there is not too beautiful. The grass on the savanah is dry. But if you visit Mount Bromo on wet season you will miss the beautiful sun rise but you will see the beautiful green savanah. So you must make priority which one do you want to see.

2. Take care your condition
You must prepare you physic before you decided to go to Mount Bromo. The weather there is very cold and #masifan.com suggests you when you enjoy your vacation there suddenly your condition dropped, it will make your vacation is not enjoy more.

3. Prepare you own equipment
Before you go touring to the tourist resort at East Java, it is better for you to prepare your own equipments like jacket, golves, sockes and mask. But if you forget to prepare them all don’t worry because at Mount Bromo there are many people who sells all the equipments you want. Once  again #masifan.com suggest you don’t forget to bring camera, or video shooting camera and tripod.

4. Message Accommodations Early
By Message accomodation early, you will not be confuse when the time you visit there come especially on the vacation season. Some accomodation and hotel that provide there has been booked and the price will more expensive if you find at that time.

Bromo Tour Packages

This packeges is vacation packages to Bromo start at the pickin area before 12 o’clock a.m. (Surabaya/Malang/ Batu) using the jeep/hartop you will be brought to Penanjakan to see the sun rise

2. Bromo Tour Packages  2 days 1 night
It is tour packages at Mount Bromo with stay one night with the picking from Surabaya/ Malang/ Batu. You can stay at night at the hotel around Bromo. The lodging is like homestay, small hotels or villa at Bromo.

3. Bromo Tour Packages Ijen Crater three days two nights
It is he combination of advanture package at Mount Bromo and the climbing of Ijen crater that located at the border of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso.

4. Bromo Tour Packages Batu Malang three days two nights
It is the most favourite packges tour Bromo – Malang- Batu and it is th combination packages between natural tour and artificial tour like Jatim Park 2, Picking apple tourm Selecta tour etc.

5. Bromo Tour Packages Malang  four days three nights
For you who has much time to do vacation, this pakcages is the most suitable packages because you can explore all the tourist attractions at Malang and stay at night at the hotel located near the Batu Malang. Then you will explore Mount Bromo with the Prigen Pasuruan Taman Safari

6. Bromo Tour Packages Ranu Kumbolo Tour
For you the climbing lovers, it is not complete if you have gone to Mount Bromo without doing tour to Ranu Kumbolo. Although it needs 4 hours but the tired will be paid after you see the beauty of Ranu Kumbolo lake.

7. Semeru Tour Packages (Trekking Pakcages to Mount Semeru) 
This packages is special for the toutists who love climbing. Mount Semeru is the highest mount at Java. So it needed power, physics, and high adventure mental.

If you have to combine the own tourists object at East Java, #masifan.com ready the arrange the best schedule for you and also provide the save, enjoyable transportation and helping you to do hotels reservation.

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