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Another Tourist Attraction at Magelang beside Borobudur Temple that You Must Visit.

Kyai Langgeng
Tourist Attraction “Kyai Langgeng Park “ that located 1 km from down town of Magelng is one of the family tourist attraction that promise a lot of natural beauty of artificial forest and has many kind of plants or trees that spread at 27,36 hectare

This tourist attraction that located at Magelang Municipality is on Jl. Cempaka No. 6 Central Magelang, Kemirirejo, Magelang Muicipality with postal code 56122 is the biggest tourist attraction that is had by Magelang beside Borobuder Temple.

Kyai Langgeng park is completed by some facilities like game spot, adventure spots, water spot, education spot, religious spot and also supported by rest area, wide parking area, food court, toilet, place for pray, souvernir stalls and also very fast wifi access.

Kyai Langgeng park is realized based on the idea of Drs. H.A. Bagus Panutun the former major on 1981. He realized the flora park and more known by the people of Magelang Municipality as “Taman Bunga” (Flowers Park)

This tourist attraction that popular at Magelang Municipality always develop itself to be realized Kyai Langgeng park as family garden tours that can be  lungs of the city with the artificial forest concept which has many facilities and will be gave amenities to the visitors.

Four Adventure Spots at Kyai Langgeng Park Magelang

Mini Train
Mini Train transportation will ready to take the visitors surround the area of Kyai Langgeng park. This Mini Train has big capacity. This facility is free for  tourists because including as season ticket.

Car Around
This vehicle is like mini train. The different is on the shape. Car around is a car as usual but it is modified to semi open car. It is also free for the tourists because including on season ticket.

6 Dimensional Cinema
If we usually hear about 3 dimentional cinema, at Kyai Langgeng the tourists will see 6 dimentional cinema. The multimedia and audio visual spot will serve some special effects that can be the interesting choices for the visitors who want to feel the adventure sensation of digital technology. Beside as adventure spot, this 6 dimentional cinema also as the educational media.

Flying Fox
As a game that can be played by the people who really has courage with altitude. And of course this game need skill. This game is alternative adventure game for you who want to feel more sensation.

Flying fox at Kyai Langgeng park is designed safe for the tourists who want to look for the challange. This facility can be enjoyed by the tourists by paying 10.000 rupiahs.

Four Education Spots at Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang

Rare Plants
The tourist attraction that called as Taman Bunga at past has hundreds kind of Indonesian native plants and almost half of plants there are rare plants. Many kinds of plants spread almost on the area of Kyai Langgeng park so it is suitable to do observation or education spot for the tourists who visit Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang.

Aerospace Platforms
The Local Company of Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang brought in FOKKER F-28 completed with the machine for educational spot and also can increase the knowledge of the visitors about world flight. The tourists can see clearly and directly the cockpit, cabin for passangers and also some plane main tools iclude black box. The sound effect of the plane can be heard by the visitors and don’t worry to be feel hot when the visitors enter the plane because this spot is completed with air conditioner.

The tourists can visit this spot by paying the entrance ticket 5.000 rupiahs for each person. This spot opens since 8 o’clock a.m. until 4 o’clock p.m.

Wildlife Park 
Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang also has some wildlife collections that can be used as education spot and also to increase the knowledge the tourists about the native animals from Indonesia. Beside this, the visitors can be interact directly with some animals or reptiles. They can take selfie picture. Also at this location, there is a fish therapy pool that can be used by the visitors to relaxation. The ticket entrance at this spot is very cheap. It is 5.000 rupiahs each person including fish therapy. 

Desa Buku (Book Village)
Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang can be used as a tourist attraction and also for recreation. Beside this, Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang also has fun educational place for book lovers. Desa Buku is the place. Desa Buku which located at the centre of the park to be the place for the tourists to learn many things. There are many books collection at Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang. Desa Buku only opens from 8 o’clock a.m. and closes at 3 o’clock p.m.

Five Water Spots at Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang

Swimming pool
This swimming pool is located on the area that has the exotic scenery. How could it happen? The tourists do not only swimming but also seeing the beauty of Mount Sumbing. The tourists can do swimming everytime. The pool opens at 8 o’clock a.m. until 4 o’clock p.m. with ticket entrance 5.000 rupiahs.

Water Tricycles 
The other interesting water spot is water tricycles that can be enjoyed by the tourists free. It caused this spot is also included at season ticket. Water tricycles can be ride by 1-2 persons. The scenery of the trees around the pond makes this spots suitable for young people with their couple or the family to waste at this spot.

Hand Boat
This game is like water tricycles. The shape is like speed boat but it is only for the children. The adult and the youth cannot enjoy this facility. Why? They can be drowned. The children can pay 10.000 rupiahs to ride hand boat.

Water Carriage
It is like Mini Train, this water carriage can bring some visitors to around Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang.

Water Ball
Water ball is water complement spot that can give the happiness for the children. They can feel how walk on the water. The ticket to play water ball is only 10.000 rupiahs.

7 Game Spots at Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang

There are some game spots at Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang. They are Mini Tricycles, Tandem Bicycle, Mini Train, Bom-bom car, Ferris wheel, Carousel, and Komedi Layang.

There is not only great tourist facilities but also great view, culinary and souvenir stall, at Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang must be visited by the tourists.

Religious Tourism at Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang

Kyai Ageng Suryokusumo or more known as Kyai Langgeng is an spiritual influential person of Pangeran Diponegoro when he struggled the colonialism. He was the ancestry of Mataram King i.e. Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono II and he was one of the confidant of Pangeran Diponegoro.

After the Dutch caught Pangeran Diponegoro, Kyai Langgeng and their partakers eschewed for a while and back to Magelang at the other time. When he visited Magelang, Kyai Langgeng did the struggle to the Dutch colonials.

As the leader of Moslem, Ki Ageng Suryokusumo or Kyai Langgeng had declared a small pondok pesantren at Magelang with some students in. He passed away on 1829 and buried at Magelang that now be Tourist Attraction Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang.

The cemetery of Kyai Langgeng often be visited by the people from Magelang and also the people out from Magelang. Even, some of them come from other islands. They go to pilgrimage at Kyai Langgeng cemetery. The visitors who wants to do pilgrimage at Kyai Langgeng cemetery can contact the Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang’s manager on Jl. Cempaka No. 6 Magelang Municipality, Central Java.

Enjoy million happiness, funnies and beauty moment that you will make at Mageang Municipality by visitig Tourist Attraction Kyai Langgeng Park of Magelang.

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