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Bledug Kuwu – Hereditary Legend at Grobogan Regency Central Java

Bledug Kuwu
At coordinat  7⁰ 05 ’ 26.00” South latitude and   110⁰ 28 ’ 22.00” East longitude, have you ever heard the name of Bledug Kuwu? Bledug Kuwu is like Sidoarjo mud. The differences between them is Sidoarjo mud is a disaster and Bledug Kuwu is a tourist resort that located at Kuwu village Keradenan sub district Grobogan regency, Central Java. It can be reached more that 30 km to the east from Purwodadi.

Bledug Kuwu is a mud volcano on Kuwu village, Kradenan sub district, Grobogan Regency Central Java province. Bledug Kuwu is one of the mainstay tourism at Grobogan beside Mrapen the source of eternal fire, and Kedungombo reservoir. The interesting object at Bledug Kuwu is burst sludge containing salt and ongoing periodically, between 2 and 3 minutes.

In geology, Kuwu mud crater is like other mud craters. The similarity is the escape of gas from within the core of the earth. This gas is methane. Kuwu is only the one that located at Central Java. Sidoarjo mud flood is also caused by high activity of mud crater

The Legend of Bledug Kuwu

Based on the history of the origin of Bledu Kuwu, mud crater at Kuwu. Periodically, this crater release minerals mud, in the form of a burst with 2 m height. By the people there, this mud be exploited minerals to make concentrates salt that called bleng and it is used to make Kuwu karak crackers.

The name of Bledug Kuwu is from the Javanese Bledug that means explotion and Kuwu taken from the word “kuwur” means escape. Bledug Kuwu has been there before Mataram Kuno Kingdom on 732-928 M so the people there still believe the legend of Bledug Kuwu that connected this place with South ocean hereditary.

The hereditary legend of Bledug Kuwu tells that there is a hole that connected this place with South Ocean. Reputedly, this hole was a way for Joko Linglung to go back to Medang Kamulan Kingdom after beat Dewata Cengkar King who changed himself to be white crocodile at South Ocean.

This legend began when Medang Kamulan kingdom overpowered by a king named Dewata Cengkar King. This king was very arrogant, greedy and greatly feared. This king also known because of his supernatural power. He could not killed or be killed.

Once upon a time, there was a man from Tibet named Aji Saka came to Medang Kamulan kingdom. Dewata Cengkar fought with Aji Saka. And Aji Saka could beat Dewata Cengkar King. Although Dewata Cengkar lost but he could not be killed by Aji Saka. He ran to South Ocean and changed himself to be a white crocodile. After knew about that, Aji Saka ordered his son Joko Linglung to chase Dewata Cengkar King. Actually, Joko Linglung was a man with great supernatural power but he had a bad face. Joko Linglung was described as an awful dragon. Before Joko Linglung went to South Ocean, Aji Saka said to him that after fought and beat Dewata Cengkar king he must back to Medang Kamulan beneath the earth. Aji Saka worried if the people at Medang Kamulan saw Joko Linglung they would be afraid. Joko Linglung understood with his father’s explanation. He went to South Ocean and able to killed the white crocodile. Joko Linglung obeyed what his father said. He went back to Medang Kamulan beneath the earth and appeared at Kuwu Village.

On the era of Sanjaya kingdom or Mataram Kuno (732-928), Kuwu Village was a small city the former capital of Kradenan. This place also the formel capital of Medang Kamulan.


The salt content in the water makes the people there used it to make salt traditionally by using dried bamboo. The result of Bledug Kuwu water treatment is more white, softer and more tasteful than the salt from the sea water. Reputedly, the salt from Bledug Kuwu is used for all the seasonings that serves for Kasunanan at Surakarta kingdom. And also it is believed that the md of Bledug Kuwu can be used as scrab. It can be as prevention of skin diseases and make the skin smooth. If you want bring it home, around the tourism site there are many sell mud and water from Bledug Kuwu are packed using mineral bottles.


Bledug Kuwu is located at Kuwu Village, Kradenan Sub District, Grobogan Regency, Central Java – Indonesia.


To do travelling  to Bledug Kuwu you can only use a landline. It would be more practical to use private vehicles, because not a lot of public transport to or from there. Starting from Semarang you must first pass through Purwodadi afterwards headed to Bledug Kuwu with directions Purwodadi-Blora.

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