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Culture Tour Sade Village Central Lombak, NTB

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Culture Tour Sade Village Central Lombak, NTB
Sade Rembitan Village is located on Pujut region, Central Lombok. This village is one of three indigenous villages where Sasak tribe at Lombok. The width of this village is approximately five hectares and reputedly this village has existed since 600 years ago.

Beside as indigenous village, this village is also be a tourist village. The villagers at Sade Village keep the originality and the beauty of this village. So, it makes this village is really unique.

One of the uniqueness at Sade Village is the building there or traditional house that called Rumah Bale Tani. Rumah Bale Tani is a house for ancestors of Sasak Tribe.

The special shape of this house is on the roof. The roof of this house makes from ijuk, and also the wall that makes from woven bamboo.

The Habit Mop the Floor using buffalo dung

The uniquess of the villagers here is they have unique habit or tradition. They mop their floor using buffalo dung. They believe, that this tradition to mop the floor using buffalo dung will make their floor warm and spared from mosquitoes.

Although they mop their floor using buffalo dung, but there is no smell of the dung. Strange, isn’t it?

Other traditions at Sade Village beside mopping te floor using buffalo dung is the custom rules. The girls from Sasak Tribe maynot get merried if they are not able to weave. It is not amazed if the woven fabric of Sasak Tribe to be the flagship product of this village. Even, there is woven fabric with the spun gold or silver and woven together with the cotton yarn or silk.

The making process of Songket using the simple equipment. All process using hand, Beginning with cotton spinning, dyeing yarn until weaving process still using the wooden loom.

The motif is so specific. The more interesting, this clothes can be bought at Sade village and it will not be found at the other place. It is suitable to be a gift for the tourists who visit this village, one sheet songket begins from 100 thousand rupiahs until 350 thousand rupiahs depends on the material and the diffuculty levels.

Sasak Tribe is the origin people of Lombok. Lombok is also house for Hindu Balinese and some Chinese, Javanese, Bugis, and Arab. The Sasak culture is the culture that important to the power and skill. There  are also some local cultures that reflect this culture. Peresehan, it is one of the local tradition that combines between two men using small shields and the shape is square, made from neat’s leather and long rattan.

Music and also the dance is very important for Sasak culture. This traditional dance is performed on important ceremonies. Actually, it is from war dance like Cupak Gerantang until Gendang Beleq (big drum) that very popular and tells about love and romance.

Route to Sade Village

The access to Sade Village is very simple. From Mataram you can go Sade Village by public transportation.

You just need 30 minutes to reach Sade Village if you are on Mataram. While if you go Sade Village from Lombok International Airport, so you can go there by taxi or private transportation. You just need 20 minutes.

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