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Enjoying the Beautyof Lematang Indah Waterfall Palembang

Lematang Indah Waterfall
Palembang is not only known with the cultural wealth nad the tradition but also with the beauty of the nature. One of them is Lemantang Indah waterfall. This waterfall is located om Pagar Alam city, South Sumatera Province.

Lemantang Indah waterfall is not doubted more. Although the height of this waterfall is only 40 meters and nothing compared with Sipiso-piso waterfall but the green scenery around the waterfall is very amazing and makes our soul cool.

Under the Lemantang Indah waterfall there is a river flow that water is so clear and decorated with big stones. The trees around the waterfall are also completely with birds chirping. The sound of river flow will make you standing for a long time here to enjoy its beauty.

Something that Makes Lemantang Indah Waterfall more Interesting

Lemantang Indah waterfall is a tourist destination that never make the tourist disappointed, especially for the natural beauty lovers. The fresh air and clean, the sound of river flow and the sound of birds chirping really hypnotize you.

Sitting on the big stones and also immersing your feet to the water will give you own sensation. You can swim to feel how cold the water on your skin and your body.

Beside Lematang Indah waterfall that can be visited, there are Embun waterfall, Pancur waterfall, Tujuh Kenangan waterfall, Mangkok waterfall and Merak waterfall that also can you visit.

Lemantang Indah waterfall is located one region at South Pagar Alam Sub District. This tourist destination can be reach easily from Pagar Alam down town and the distance is only 8 km. The climb way to Lematang Indah waterfall is so beautiful with the beauty scenery around the way.

Becuase the location is not to far from Palembang, so you can choose the accomodation at Palembang.

Culinary that will you get when you visit Lematang Indah Waterfall.

There is no restaurant on Lematang Indah waterfall. Masifan suggests you to bring some food. But please pay attention with the junk food. Don’t throw garbage carelessly. At this location, there is one food stall-Ujuk food stall that sells star fruit ice. Ujuk is only the one stall that sells star fruit ice here.

Transportation to Lematang Indah Waterfall

Lematang Indah waterfall can be reached by car from Lahat or Pagar Alam. The way to the waterfall location is in good condition athough there are some hairpin bends.

The location of Lematang Indah waterfall is 10 km from Pagar Alam downtown. It needs        6 hours from Palembang and the distance is 298 km.

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