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Nongsa Beach – Batam, God’s Perfect Sculpture

Nongsa Beach – Batam, God’s Perfect Sculpture
Batam city is a city that located at Riau Island Province, Indonesia. The region of Batam city is located at Batam Island and all the regions surround by Singapore  Strait and Malaka Strait. Batam is the biggest city on Riau Island and the fourth biggest city at Sumatera after Medan, Palembang and Pekanbaru. Based on the data of the Department of Population and Civil Registration Batam city on 2015, the population on Batam until 1.164.352 people.

The Batam Metropolitan consists of three island, i.e. Batam, Rempang and Galang that is connected by a famous bridge. It is Barelang bridge. This bridge is the icon of Batam.

Batam is also be one of the city that located in the strategic location. Beside it is on the international shipping lanes, this city is also has the close distance and immediately adjacent with Singapore and Malay.

Batam is one of the city with the fastest growth in Indonesia. When it was built on 1970 by Batam Otorita (Now named BP Batam), this city was only inhabited by 6.000 people and in 40 years the people there growth up to 158 times.

The History of Batam

The first time, Batam island was inhabited by the Malay that called as strait people since 231 Masehi. The island that had be a battleground of Admiral Hang Nadim to struggle  the colonialism, used by the government on 1960 as crude oil  logistic base at Sambu Island.On 1970, with the first aim would make Batam to be  the Singapore of Indonesia, so based on the Presidential Decree number 41 on 1973, Batam Island stated as work environment industrial area and supported “Otorita Pengembangan Daerah Industri Pulau Batam” or known with “Badan Otorita Batam (BOB)” as Batam development activator

Nongsa Beach

As  an archipelago state, the people of Indonesia are not exactly if the go abroad to enjoy the beach there, because at Indonesia itself, it is the heaven of beautiful beach. One of them is Batam Island on Riau Island.

Nongsa is the name of sub district at Batam. This sub district is known with the beach that is named Nongsa beach. It is located on the northeast of Batam. To reach Nongsa beach, the visitors only need 10 minute from Hang Nadim Batam Airport.

The History of Nongsa Beach

Nongsa is the name of sub district at Batam. This sub district is known with the beach that is named Nongsa beach. It is located on the northeast of Batam. The name of the beach is same with the name of its sub district while the name of Nongsa was taken from the Malay figure  who developed the coastal areas at the first time.

Formerly, this coastal areas is an empty area and full of bush. But because of his hard work, this area changed to be the potential tourist attraction and able to make the investors to build many kind resorts around there.

What are the interesting things from Nongsa Beach?

Nongsa beach or more known as Nongsa Tua by the people there is a beautiful beach with the calm waves and its white sand. This beach is very traditional and so quiet. But, the interesting thing from Nongsa beach because this beach is near with the south part of Singapore beach. Even because of the close, it just needs thirty minutes to go south part of Singapore beach by motorboat.

This beach faces northwest, that is why you will serve by the beautiful sun sets in the evening. In the evening you will see the fading cloud on the western horizon accompanies the sun gone while on the north you will see the sparkling of the building lamps of Singapore begin turn on change the function of the sun. Singapore at night shows the sparkling of thousand lamps of megapolitan likes at the New York at South East Asia. There are some high building as their residentials and the scraper offices at this era. Don’t miss this moment if you visit Nongsa beach.

ongsa beach also has the beautiful panorama beneath the sea. You can do snorkeling to enjoy it. Around the beach, there is a traditional Malay village that can you visit too.

Beside serve you with the beauty of the beach and sea, you can be satisfy enjoy the the Singapore metropolis nuance. It is better for you to visit the local people at this location because they are the native Malay. Here, you can visit the settlements along the coast of Tering Strait. i.e. Batu Besar Village and Nongsa Village. Some of them are the fishermen and the others as a trader around the beach.

There is one interesting thing at Nongsa beach. There is an island that located accros from Nongsa beach. Puteri  Island is the name. It is one of the outest island of Batam that immediately adjacent with Singapore. The shape of this island is elongated oval with length 199 meters and the diameter is not more than 50 meters. It is not too difficult if you want to go to this island, you can go there by boat and only pay 10.000 rupiahs for round-trip.

Mystic Story of Puteri Nongsa Island

Beside as the tourist attraction, actually this island also closed with the mystics story. The name of Puteri island was taken because at that time there were three princess’ sit on the stone. The people there believed with this story.

Reputedly, from three princess’, the youngest princes had the bad habit. She was demonic and also she liked to rob the man who drown when he swam with his girlfriend.

The other stories said about the dragon which late woken up when he wanted to cross to Malay and fell asleep until he could not move and slowly he changed to be an island. That is why if we see this island on tidal it is like a dragon.

Behind all the frightening mystery that will make our nape hair stand, it does not make this island quiet from the visitors. There are some local and foreign tourist that always visit and enjoy the beauty of the beach until they wait the sun rises or the sun sets.

Access From and Towards Batam Island

Batam city can be reached by air and sea. If you want t go there by plane, Batam can be reached from Hang Nadim Internatonal Airport that serves the direct flight route from many cities on Indonesia like Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Pontianak, Bandung, Natuna, Matak, Tanjung Pinang, Dabo Singkep, Rengat, Medan, Pekanbaru, Palembang and Bandar Lampung. Beside this, it also provides the International route from Subang, Malay.s

If you want reach Batam by sea, Batam has five international harbours that connected with Singapore and Malay. They are Batam Centre, Batu Ampar (Bay Harbour), Nongsa, Waterfront City and Sekupang.

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