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The Beauty of Bidadari Island and Tidung Island that must be Known

Bidadari Isand ( Foto @masifan.com )
Bidadari Island is one of the islands on Seribu Island that surrounded by some big trees. At the past, this island was named Sakit Island and Pumered Island. Bidadari Island inspired by the other name of the islands. Geographically, this island is located among Onfurst island groups, Khayangan island, Kelor island and Anyer island, Untung Java village, South Seribu Sub district and Seribu Archipelago regency.

Tidung island is an island on Seribu Archipelago. This island had name Maladewa of Indonesia. Tidung island is divided by two islands. They are small Tidung island and big Tidung island. Both of the islands are connected by a bridge with length 2 km. Until now, small Tidung island is still not inhabited, while Big Tidung island is habitted by 4.000 people and to be the only island that has population among the islands of Seribu Archipelago.

Beautiful Of Bidadari Island

Something Interesting that to be the Reason Why the Traveler must Visit Bidadari Island and Tidung Island

Enjoying the beauty that serves both islands is the reason why the travelers like to stay for a while at those both islands. The travelers can see the beautiful coral reefs group by do snorkeling, swimming and diving. Enjoying the nuance when the sun sets, cycling along the beach and exchange smile with the villagers there or just stopped on bridge between both island by seeing the children threw their bodies to the water beautifully.

Bidadari Island has some cottages above the water like fishing village. There are two kinds of the cottages i.e. Minahasa architecture and cottage as usual. The cottage at this island completed by interesting modern facilities like karaoke room, restaurant, meeting room, water sports equipment and also souvenir.

Tidung Island

The traveler can find the hotels with many kinds facilities at Tidung island that offers some interesting things like two beds with television, bath room, rerigerator and free drink.

When stay at Bidadari island, the travelers can buy souvenir of Tidung island and Bidadari island that provided by the cottages.

Culinary at Tidung and Bidadari island

Bidadari island also provided the restaurant. The menu there will coddle the travelers’ tongue. The special menu there is seafood that can they get directly from the fishermen. So, the guaratee is 100% fresh. The faourite menus there are like  rajungan soup, green mussels cooked butter, fish head soup, baby stingray etc. Sometimes, there is also barbeque party at night.

The Route to Bidadari and Tidung Island

The traveler can go to Bidadari island from Marina Taman Impian Jaya Ancol dock by boat. The travelers just need 30 minutes to reach this island. The distance of the location isonly 15 km from Jakarta. Some of the travelers go there by jet ski.

Tips for the Travelers from Masifan When Visit Bidadari and Tidung Islands.

Do you have schedule to waste your vacation by visiting Bidadari and Tidung islands?Try some tips here possibly useful for you. Try to bring some own packed meal. Masifan has reason because the foodstall at this island is quite limited. Don’t be happened when you are on vacation you have trouble with your stomach because of hunger.

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