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The Charm of Muara Takus Temple, Kempar Riau

Muara Takus Temple
Muara Takus Temple is located on 122 km from Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau Province. Muara Takus temple block is built near Kampar Kanan river. Muara Takus has the biggest brick building at Sumatra and found on the secluded forest.

The main palls temple is the highest stupa that flanked by others holy brick ruins.

The height of this temple is different with Buddha stupa that shape is like bell on Java. This templeis made from stone creek, brick, sand, soil and restored on 1980.

Muara Takus block is a temple block that is found at Riau. It is be a proof that Buddhism had spread here for first century.

It is known that Muara Takus temple is one of the temple of Sriwijaya Kingdom heritage.

Provide the Loyal Faithful Companion

You can go around to see the beauty of Muara Takus temple that very amazing, and you will get the guide that will explain abut Muara Takus temple.

Although you will be guided by guide that will explain about the history of Muara Takus temple. The minus value on Muara Takus temple is the homestay. There is no homestay or hotels to stay around Muara Takus temple even though there is possibility that some tourists will stay there for few days.

It is not only about the homestay at the location of culture tour at Riau, the tourists must bring much food because there is no much food stall around Muara Takus temple.

But, it is possible that in the future the homestay or hotels and food stall until big restaurant will be provided soon because the prospect of this tour. The future, it is expected that many tourists will visit Muara Takus temple.


Muara Takus temple can be reach by land transportation from Padang, West Sumatera or from Pekanbaru, Riau.

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