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4 Riau Tour Destinations that Must be Worldwide

Riau is not only a region that has much natural resources but also actually Riau is an amazing region that is worldwide reasonabled. That is why H. Arsyad Juliandi Rachman, the governor of Riau at some events always states that now there are four tourist destinations at Negeri Lancang Kuning. Four tourist destinations must be known by the Indonesian even to the world. The central government should take attention to those destinations especially the tourism department.

Those four tourist destinations are :

Ombak Bono Tour

1. Ombak Bono Tour 

Ombak Bono tour or usually called Gelombang Bono (Bono’s wave) is on Kampar river, Pelalawan, Meranti Bay, Riau. Ombak Bono is formed by the natural phenomenon. Bono is the name that given to the people at Meranti Bay to the wave that comes to the Tidal Bore category. It is the wave that happens because of the meeting of river flow and sea wave to headwaters and downstream.

The meeting of both caused the big wave like the wave in the the middle of the ocean. The height of Bono wave  is until 6 meters and th speed is 40 km/hours.

Long time a go, Ombak Bono was feared by the villagers there because it often got sacrified. But now, Ombak Bono always be waitig by the people especially the foreign tourists to do surfing. The natural phenomenon like Ombak Bono is a rare natural phenomenon in the world. Some of the tourists stated that Ombak Bono is one of miracle in the world. Ombak Bono at Kampar river, Meranti Bay is called as the biggest and the best wave in the world.

2. Pacu Jalur

Pacu Jalur is usually done at Batang Kuantan River Kuantan Singingi Regency (Kuansing), Riang. It can not be separated with the history record where Batang Kuantan River that located on Hulu Kuantan Sub District at headwaters and Cerenti Sub District at downstream. This tract had be used since the beginning of 17th century by the sailors. And also at this river, the competition of Pacu Jalur was held in the first time. The cirque of Pacu Jalur follows the Batang Kuantan River’s flow with the length tract is 1 km and be marked by three plies.

Pacu Jalur is a traditional culture at Riau and rooted on the people at Kuansing Regency.  Moreover, the schedule at Pacu Jalur to be the National Calendar Tourism. Pacu Jalur is the same with the traditional rowboat competition and the length is 25-40 meters with the 40-60 people depends on the tract.

Kuansing is a regency that administratively is part of Riau Province. There are soe rivers on this region. The geography condition, makes almost the people there need tract or boat that be used as means transportation. Then, as the time goes by, there are some new boats with the beautiful carving like crocodile, tiger, snake head. The carving is on the body of the boat.

This changes to be the mark progress of the funtion of the boat that is not only as a conveyance but also to show the social identity. It caused the people who used this boat is not only the sovereigns, aristocratics and also the datu-datu who rides this titivate boats.

In its development (more than 100 year later), this tract is not only be function as mean transportation and as a symbol of social status but also to be raced its speed in a race. At this race the village by the people called Pacu Jalur.

At the first time, Pacu Jalur was held on the village along the Kuantan river to celebrate the Islam great days. When the Dutch entered Riau on 1905, precisely on Teluk Kuantan city, the capital of Kuansing Regency, they utulized Pacu Jalur to celebrate the Wilhelmina King’s birthday on August 31st. After Independence Day, Pacu Jalur was held to celebrate the Indonesia Independence Day on August 17th.

The most festive Pacu Jalur race is on Tepian Narosa, Teluk Kuantan city that holds every August to celebrate the Indonesia Independence Day. The Vice President Yusuf Kalla when the president was SBY had been opened directly the Pacu Jalur race.

If the fans of #masifan.com want to see or take part at this event, you can go from Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau Province to Teluk Kuantan city. The distance is 160 km by land transportation. The good road will take you there on 3.5 hours to the destination.

3. Burning Barge Ritual

The replica of barge with dimentin 8 x 2 meters is paraded from Ing Hok King temple, the oldest worship house  for Kong Hu Chu people on Bagan Siapi-api city, Rokan Hilir, Riau Province. Tens thousand people are cornucopia to the road. They are not only the local people but also the people from the other countries in the world.

When they have reached the designated place, the center of the yard on the seashore that directs to Malaka Strait, thousand people closed their eyes then chanted. They waited the answer where from the direction of the burned barges that have been burned.

The replica of barge is made form the wood and also the burned paper on the piles of paper prayer where there is replica of Ki Ong Ya in it. When this replica was burned, thousands of chinese people wait the direction where the mast fall. They believe that, the mast falls to the sea, so they believe that the fortune at the coming year will come from the sea or the fishermen. But if the mast falls on the land so the fortune will come from the land by farming.

As the years before, the burned barges ritual usually hold so rousing, The international event is interesting event for the local and foreign tourists. It is the biggest event in the world.

The city on the downstream of Rokan river seems too crowded by the visitors that dominated by chinese especially for the people from original descendants of Bagan Siapi-api who wander after fishery products from the coastal town that has been recorded as the highest producer in the world began to decline. The celebrtion of Burning Barge usually held on the middle of June or on the sixteenth of fifth month on lunar calendar. The celebration of Burning Barge will chane the face of Bagan Siapi-api to be red. Traditional chinese music, barongsai, and also operation group that is came to enliven the situation. It is one of the shape of local wisdom of Chinese people at Malay.

This is the awesome tradition and to be proofed the tolerance of Indonesia people to the vary religion, ethnics and also the tribe. Based on the record on Rokan Hilir Regency, there are 40 thousands of local and foreign tourists come to celebrate the Burning Barge ceremony.

If #masifan.com fans interesting to see this unique ceremony directly, from Pekanbaru you can go by land transporttion to Bagan Siapi-api and it need almost 5.5 hours.

4. Toour de Siak

There are many things that done by the local government to interact the tourists to visit the Riau. One of the program is done by the government of Siak Sri Indrapura Regency, Riau that celebrate Tour de Siak (TdS) event every years. After celebrating this event on 2013, TdS  becomes the one of mainstay tourism on Riau especially Siak Regency and to be International levels.

This event is succesfully to be the routine tourism calendar from Riau Province. TdS usually be participated by the profrsionals cyclist racers from the world. From TdS, the contestants can enjoy the natural beauty of Siak directly by cycling to the tract stage that prepared by the race committee.

Every stages have own characteristics. The contestants will through some bridges like Tengku Abdul Jalil Rakhmadsyah bridge, Tengku Agung Sultanah Latifah bridgr an Sultan Syatif Qasim bridge. The participants will be witched by the beauty and the fresh of the trees and Palm plantations on the left and right side of the tract.

Nowadays, Siak is not only known with Siak Palace but also with the natural and the beauty that can be enjoyed by the racers when TdS helds. If the fans of #masifan.com interestining to joint TdS or to do tour to Siak, you can go to Siak directly. If you  are from Pekanbaru, so you can go there by land transportation and it need 2.5 hours.

So, what will you wait the fan of #masifan.com? let’s go to do tour to Riau, Lancang Kuning Malay country.

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