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Amazing Traditional Village at Ngada Regency

Amazing Traditional Village at Ngada Regency
Far from the east edge of Flores Island, on the west of Maumere, Sikka Regency there is Ngada Regency that has some amazing traditional villages. Now, it is the time to feel the directly touching their cultural splendors that rare explores by the media and the adventurers.

A visit to the Traditional Village is the perfect complement when you visit Flores after visited the very famous Comodo National Park.

At Bena Village or Lupa Village, you will see some stones that shapes are like wild boar tusks or a giant who are looking up to heaven leaning neatly on the edge of the stone altar. Reputedly, it was an offering to the God.

The land arrangement and architecture landscape that full of stone signifies megalithic culture still remain and survive until now. Still at the same region, house on stilts with sago palm as their lined up roof facing each other will bring you to feel the real traditional nuance.

Focus your attention on the middle of the court at Bena, you will see some ancient confidence symbols included the piles of stones as the cemetry of their ancestors.

The place is considered a sacred place by the society is always in a state that is clean and tidy. It is worthy to participate you also respect and tolerance.

What are the limelights the tourists at Traditional Village at Ngada Regency?

There is no impress thing than feel directly the life of the traditional villages at Ngada. “Mama-mama” there have prepared the room at their house to the tourists who want to stay at night complete with delicious food, fresh coconut water until some glasses of special “tuak” from Flores.

Imagine that your days will be pampered with the fresh air on the slope of Inerie muntain. You can do playing with the funny children there, their pet and also you will entertain with the voice of the “mama-mama” singing in front of you.

Let your ears enjoying the villagers there speaking with Ngada language. They have unique accent. Bring you camera to capture the special moments of their smile.

Don’t forget, tracking is one of your chance to know more about the flora wealth at Ngada. Beginning from hazelnut, clove, ginger, balsam, and enau that to be the base ingredients to make mode or Flores “tuak”.

On the trip from Bena Village to Gurusina Village there is a steep slope that will bring you to walk along the giant bamboo forest. The bamboo has diameter 60 cm. At this place also the location of Mabuya lizard (Mabuya Multifasciata), the smallest lizard in the word that is looked for the scientists in the world because this lizard to be the sedative of HIV/AIDS.

Beside Beautiful Flora, There is a Shopping Center.

Beside flora that to be the amaing thing at the villages is how the “mama-mama” preserve the tradition to weave in front of their house. This traditional equipment produces some woven fabric with natural dyes. You can buy them directly begins 150.000 rupiahs until 250.000 rupiahs.

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