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Banyuwangi Natural Charm at Kemiren Village

Banyuwangi Natural Charm at Kemiren Village
When you walk down on Banyuwangi so complete it by visiting the origin tribe. A village that is now be a concern by the visitors. This village name Kemiren. At this place you can get some daily interesting activities of Using tribe that simple, complete with their custom attributes and their origin culture.

The traditional ceremony at Kemiren village is very great. It relates with agriculture. It caused because almost the people there are farmers. When the harvest come, the people will honk angklung and drum at the farm. When they pound the rice, the women honk lesung and alu so it will produce harmony sound.

Using Tribe is a people of Blambangan from Blambangan Hindu royal descendants kingdom that was in command for two years that on 1743 was conquered by Mataram Islam Kingdom. Using Tribe is different with the people from Java tribe, Madura or Bali, Especially if it seen from the cuture and the language that they used to communicate.

The Unique and The Beauty of Kemiren Village

Below are some traditional activities done by Using Tribe at Kemiren Village

Selamatan Kampung Sewu Tumpeng” is traditional ceremony that you must see directly. It usually does on the last September. This activity is a form of gratitude expression that given by God before, At this ceremony you can see many “tumpeng” that bring by each families.

 “Barong Ider Bumi” is traditional ceremony to reject ugliness from their village. It usually does on Lebaran Day. This activity is signed by Barong Kemiren Carnival from east end to west end of the village.

 “Kemiret Art Performance” is a new event and it plans to do every June. At this event will be performed treatical drama that tells the history of Banyuwangi. The other unique from this event is the performing art that shown not at the middle of the event. But it done on the forest and on the water.

Ngopi Sepuluh Ewu” is drinking coffee event with all people at Kemiren village. It usually does on the last September and to be a routine activity at Banyuwangi Festival. You can imagine if each houses bring out and arrange their chairs and tables to the road. This village suddenly likes a cafe with table and chair along the street. You can see the people pass over brewing coffee from each table free and they used old cup to serve the coffee.

The other ceremony that usually done by Using Tribe is “Ngaturi Dhahar” ceremony. This ceremony is done to clean itself and the member of the family. Generally, this ceremony is done each failies of Using Tribe once a year on Friday night or Monday night.

Culinary at Kemiren Village

Taste the food and also the “Lucu” chili that be a special culinary menu of Using Village. It is an ancient grain of Banyuwangi that has special taste. It likes sayur asem. The name of “Lucu” is a plant like laos and the stem and flower part is taken.

From this part, cooked to be food or chili. The taste of this food is spicy and you can taste the mint there. Usually, Lucu food cooked with meat and the bone of chicken and sauced. The ingredients of this food is Lucu chili (slice of long beans and scour chili) combine with fried chicken and salty fish. You can find this on wedding ceremony or “killing” ritual.


You will not find the place like hotel at Kemiren Village. If you want to stay at night you can stay on the house of the people there. Discuss with the chairman and asked to help you to get a place for stay at night. Banyuwangi can be a choice place  because the location is not too far from Kemiren Village.


To go to Kemiren Village from Banyuwangi, you can through te way to Glagah sub district and it is the same direction to Ijen crater. From the adverse five on the down town turn west on Jl. Jaksa Agung Suprapto until Cungking traffic light. Direct your vehicle to Jl. HOS Cokroaminotor or pass Jl. Brawijaya until Bangkungan junction then take to west enter Jl. Barong.

The width of Kemiren Village is 117.052 m2 that has 3 km lengthwise and the bothside there are Gulung river and Sobo river that flow from west to east. Kemiren Village has been declered as Using Tourist Village since  1995.


The time schedule to perform the culture activities is not certain. It depends with time with traditional wedding party, circumcision, “selamatan sawah” “Mepe Kasur Bareng” and other traditional ceremonies. That is why #masifan.com suggests you to contact “Dinas Kebudayaan & Pariwisata of Banyuwangi Regency” on Jl. A. Yani No. 78 Penganjuran, Banyuwangi 68416, East Java.

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