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Before go to Yogyakarta, Let’s Read the Culinary Guide Here.

Malioboro Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta is an unique city. It leads by a king hereditary. This city offers many kinds of cultural heritage and history.

At this city you can enjoy your eating with “Lesehan” style. The taste of Yogyakarta’s food is sweater. It will make you so surprise when you consume it at the first time. Although the taste is like that but many people miss with this Javanese food from Yogyakarta. May be you also have the same experience.

At Yogyakarta, there are many kinds of delicious food. The examples are Bakpia, Yangko, Wingko Babat and Enting-Enting. The tourists will feel satisfy after they find many choices of those delicious food.

Enjoying the Culinary at Yogyakarta on Every Spots

Taking a walk at Malioboro Street the famous street in the world. This street is full of people who sell some interesting souvenirs.

Bringharjo Traditional Market at Malioboro street offers the tourists some cheaper products. So, don’t forget to bargain it when you buy something at Bringharjo Traditional Market.

Visit Kota Gede. This place is the center of the craft and jewelry of silver. The tourists can see how to make the craft directly. The silver that sell here are more expensive because at Kota Gede the material to make the craft is ver special. To get the jewerly from silver you can also find at Malioboro.

Visit Kasongan if you love pottery

Explore the city beginning from the Palace until Taman Sari, a place where the kings and his family wasted their time by swimming and enjoyed their life.

Travelling to Borobudur temple and Roro Jonggrang temple (Prambanan Temple) will make you feel fun and surprise when you see those amazing temples.

The Mainstay Culinaray from Yogyakarta

Gudeg is one of the mainstay food from Yogyakarta. Gudeg is made of the young jackfruit with the traditional ingredients and sometimes the sellers of Gudeg add the boiling egg or chicken, krecek that consume together with rice. Some restaurants atYogyakarta sell this kind of food-Gudheg.

Below some restaurants that #masifan.com referenced for you when you visit Yogyakarta :
  • Kesuma Restaurant, located at Gang Sartono - Jalan Parangtritis (across from Prawirotaman market ) MJ III - 827, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55143 
  • Djogja Kafe. Jl. Kyai Mojo 57 Gadjah Wong. Jl. Gejayan 79D  
  • Omah Dhuwur Jl. Mondorakan 252, Kota Gede 
  • Mbok Berek Restaurant Jl. Kaliurang Km. 16 
  • Pakem Restoran Moro Seneng Jalan Solo 55 
  • Gadjah Wong Garden Restaurant Jl. Gejayan Po BOX 111 YKBS Yogyakarta.
Gadjah Wong Garden Restaurant is one of the best and elegant restaurant at Yogyakarta.

It serves traditional music, jazz etc that placed at three different corners and it played together accompany the visitors until they finish to eat their delicious food. Gadjah Wong is the complete restaurant that serves many kinds of culinary from Europe until Asia.

Some food there are the best composition from the best chef from Yogyakarta. Make sure that you try Grilled Duck Nasi Kuning and Autralian Sirloin that to be the mainstay food. Before this, you tongue will feel how delicious of Gadjah Wong Salad.

Do Shopping at Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is very famous with art and craft. There are many choices that can you chooce. Beginning from Batik, silver craft and also its jevelry until pottery, shadow puppet that made from neat’s leather and wood.

For masifan’s fan you can take some boxes of Bakpia for your family and your friends as gifts. But, you can keep bakpia longer so you can asked when the expired date to the seller before you decided to buy it.

The comfort route when you enjoy the culinary at Yogyakarta

To make your vacation is easier and shorter, you can go from some big cities by plane like Jakarta or Bali. From Jakarta and Bandung you can also go to  Yogyakarta by train. It needs 8-12 hours.

Some travel agents and some leasings car also will offer the trip to Yogyakarta from some big cities with the affordable prices. The trip will need 12 hours from Jakarta or Bandung.


Because there are many places that must you visit while you just have limited time, it is better for you to use the travel agents when you visit Yogyakarta. #masifan.com thinks that it will save your time.

At some traditional markets and Malioboro, you can bargain the things that sell there. Don’t be doubt, ask the sellers whether the things that they sell bargain or not. You can bargain it half from the price that they said. If you are not sure you can ask to the other sellers for comparison.

Don’t pay the illegal guide or untrust. Don’t forget to bring thin clothes and also hat because the wether at Yogyakarta can be hot.

If you are offered the things that you don’t like, said that you don’t need this.

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