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Gedong Village, Some Beauties From A Simple Village

Gedong Village, Some Beauties From A Simple Village
A philosophy of ancient Greece states that “Simplicity is the shortest way to beauty” . #masifan.com thinks that this philosophy is suitable given to a simple village that has own beauty. This is Gedong Village. This village is really beautiful. For you who like simplicity this place is special for you. This village is far from sparkling city, mall and skyscrapers. Travelling at Gedong Village can be interesting amusement for you traveled lovers.

This simple and old village is located at Kuto Panji, Belinyu, Bangka regency, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung Province. Actually, this village is the oldest Chinese village from 18th century.

The people said that the pople who lived there from Mainland of Chinese (Hakka Chinese) that imported to Bangka by the Dutch colonialist and employed as tin minners. Guangdong Province as a place where they came from. Reputedly, the people from Guangdong were the best minners

The impression of this old village can be seen from the buildings there. The architecture of the buildings are closed with Chinese style. The tourists can be seen all when they come to Gedong Village.

When the tourists enter this village, they will greet the simple monument that is made from iron frame. Some antique houses that are habited stand strongly and almost their house made fro wood and tile roof.

The other uniques, some of those houses haven’t changed yet. They haven’t done renovation for their houses. The construction of them still uses wedge not nail like a house nowadays.

There are about seven houses that still survive with their originalilty. They commit with the orignallity from the first time their buildings hold up. It is almost 100 years old. The tourists need 2 hours from Pangkalpinang, the capital of Kepulauan Bangka Belitung. Gedong village is a village with no electricity. The pople there usually uses generator sets to get their electricity.

Many Things that can make you admire from Gedong Village

At Gedong Village beside you can find ancient houses, you can also find something that can make you admire with this village. You can take a picture with your cameras. Chinese ornaments, Han Zi calligraphy, and worship place in front of their houses, there pagodas as their guards to be the special characteristic at this beauty old village.

Some houses decorated the special Chinese ornaments . It is also on the Pagodas. Those pagodas full with Chinese ornaments.

It is really interesting scenery at the tropical nature of Bangka Island as the producer of pepper and tin. The tourists also can watch closely how the living of the people there. It is also very interesting thing that must you see.

The people from Gedong village consistant with their Chinese manners. Everyday, the people there speak using Chinese. It makes, some of the people there cannot speak Bangka or Indonesian fluently.

Since the collapse of the heyday tin at Bangka, the people at Gedong village change their profession as fishermen, farmers, bargainers, and Kemplang crackers  businessmen.

The Culinary from Gedong Village.

When you visit Gedong Village, you can see a row of flour dough mixed with fish and the ingredients likes a cylinder dried at their yard.

This dough actually is the dough of Kemplang crackers. Kemplang is special fish crackers from Bangka, Palembang and Lampung. It slices thin then fried with two steps. First fried on the not too oil and the second fried with hot oil.

It is done because to make Kemplang Fish Crackers speclia from Bangka can swell perfect. The other way, you can cook Kemplang Fish Crackers by entering to the oven. Kemplang usually consume combine with Bangka Chili shrimp paste or tamarind sauce at Lampung.

This snack is very suitable as a gift. The most delicious Kemplang Fish Crackers if from Gedong Village, Belinyu Sub Distrcit. Don’t missed it when you visit this village.

The other gift from this village that can you find are pempek, getas, otak-otak and special condiment from Bangka.


To reach Gedong village, the tourists can go there by their private car, bus or public transportaion. It is almost 90 km from Pangkalpinang. The time to reach this village is almost two hours.

The codition of the road to Gedong village is not in asphalt. The road along the village is also dirt road.

For additional information, you will not find a place for staying at night. The tourists who visit this village will not stay at night at this place. Usually they do tour in one day with other places. So they stay at night at other places.

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