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The Beautiful Fishing Village at West Waigeo Bay

The Beautiful Fishing Village at West Waigeo Bay
The beautiful fishing village at a bay of West Waigeo has the warm life and it will greet you with their smiles.

At this village consists of 97families. With the condition likes this, it can be said that this village is quite enough. Although this village is quite enough but the condition of this village is very clean and tidy. It is very amazing.

Their daily activities are not only as fisherment but also they also make boat from Nato wood, knitting nets and also repairing their boats. But some of their professions are fishermen.

Each families at West Waigeo can enjoy the natural beauty under the coconut tress  on the seashore everyday. Two groups children swim at the beach and there is no prohibition to do that.

Here is the end of the journey. You can enjoy the beauty of sun sets here while you lay down your body under the coconut trees.

There is no funny and satisfy activities, more rewarding when every that we want to be a nice surprice. Find the change!.

Routines Activities of the People 

If you want to go Waigeo, you must through the long and hard way. For you who like hiking, this trip is suitable for you. You will be not dissapointed when you see the beauty there.

Culinary at Waigeo

You will not find cafes or special restaurants at this village. The stalls there only provide some snacks and instant mie that can be asked and cooked directly by the women on the stalls.

The visitors can eat at the big bed that made under the coconut tress, face the sea directly. You can imagine that you are on the cafe.


Everywhere you go at Raja Ampat archipelago, longboat or speed boat is be a dominant vehicle there.

At Waisai, the taxibike is most comfortable public transportation because you are free to go everywhere you like as like as you say. You are not to pay the high fuel.

If you want to stay at night there, asked to the people there to get the homestay from the people there.

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