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The Beauty of Cunca Rami Waterfall - Manggarai

The Beauty of Cunca Rami Waterfall - Manggarai
The waterfall that located the region Mbeliling forest is main eco-tourism attraction for the forest that has function as water source for surrounding include Labuan Bajo.

The distance is 30 km from Labuan Bajo the capital of West Manggarai that also as the entrance gate to enjoy the natural beauty there. The tourists only need 1 hours by land to entere Cunca Lolos Village. From this village, the journey will be continued on foot more over 1 hour.

Cunca Rami waterfall is more famous for the tourists because this waterfall has big discharge water. Beside this, Cunca Rami Waterfall also has three steps that height 100 meters and it also has big natural pond so it can accomodate the water that fall from the upper one. Of course, it makes the pond suitable for swimming.

As a region that haven’t much visited by the tourists and also modern touchin, Cunca Rami Waterfall has clean and clear water. The mountain background, the tropic forest and also the cool mountain air make the beauy of Cunca Rami Waterfall at Manggarai – East Nusa Tenggara.

What are the Interesting Thing at Cunca Rami Waterfall?

Trekking at this forest is the first activity that you will do before you reach Cunca Rami Waterfall. It will be done once again when you want to go back to the first place. Something interesting from this activity at Mbeliling forest to the location of waterfall is on the track. There are various tracks that will you pass. The unique one when you go to the waterfall which is on 1.200 meters above sea levels is the track. Commonly, if you want to go to the waterfall the track is rising. At Cunca Rami has opposite track. The track is downhill. The travelers just need 45 minutes until 1 hours until the location. The rising track will you pass when you want to go back to Cunca Lolos Village after you feel satisfy enjoying the beauty of the waterfall and do swimming on the pond under the waterfall. The time you need when you go back to Cunca Lolos Village is 1 until 2 hours.

The Beauty Track to Cunca Rami Waterfall

Variety track to reach the location is passing the pecan tree forest and other agricultural cmodity along the way to the waterfall likes pineapple, vanila, cacao etc.

Almost some of the people of Florest have profession as farmers who often pass the trekking path to the waterfall at Beliling forest. That’s why the path that used by the farmers can be accessed by the tourists although it is not easy track when they want to go home (rising track).

After that, you will through the rice paddies while you see the buffaloes harrowing the land and some goats roam. Across the small river with the clear water also will you find before you plunge yourself the the pond on the bottom of Cunca Rami Waterfall.

When you visit high waterfall ecotourism with clean water, there is no funnier activity that can e done there beside swimming. Natural pond that made on the bottom of the waterfall is the funny pond. Clean water, clear and free from chlorine, cold water and so fresh will make everybody tempt to swim and do diving.

Try to stand under the flow of the waterfall directly. You will feel the sensation massage when touch your head. Make sure that you have already prepared yourself with other clothes and towel when you visit Cunca Rami waterfall in the middle of tropic forest.

Mbeliling forest is tropic forest that has a wealth of flora and fauna. Some of them is typical of Flores (Endemics), Serindit Flores, Kehicap Flores and Sagak Flores. They are some bird Flores endemics and makes this forest as their natural live.

If you are lucky, you can see the endimics animals there directly. Climbing Mbeliling moutain that has height 1.239 meters above sea levels will be the interesting activity too. The tourists can take many picture to take by camera. It is absolutely different with the scenery at the high top at west side of Flores.

Less Facilities

When you visit Cunca Rami Waterfall at Manggarai- East Nusa Tenggara, don’t be surprised because there is no much accomodation at the village near the Cunca Rami Waterfall for the tourists or travelers who want to stay at night and doing trekking to Cunca Rami and any regions around the waterfall. Although there is no star hotels but it is provided a simple homestay at Cunca Lolos Village. At this village you can get some informations from Roe Village, Cunca Lolos that will be accompanied by the Swiss Contact LSM. The local guide and also the equiptment to do camping can you get here.

If you are interesting to visit Sano Nggoang Lake as your next destination so you can find the simple homestay at Nunang Village. Nunang Village is the entrance gate to the biggest volcanic lake at East Nusa Tenggara. It is almost 513 hectare.

If you don’t want to stay at night at both villages, the homestay at Labuan Bajo- 1 hour from Cunca Lolos Village can be an alternative. At Labuan Bajo, there are some hotels for the backpackers. There is also some star hotels. Hotel Bintang Flores that is located at Pede Beach is the best and luxurius hotels there.


With the distance about 30 km from Labuan Bajo, the journey to Cunca Lolos Village as the entrance to Mbeliling forest can be done at1 hour. You can rent a car at Labuan Bajo airport to visit every places at Flores. The price depends the negotiation that you done with the owner of the rent car. It is calculated daily. The hotels staff can help you to get rent car.

To reach Cuanca Lolos Village, the road is relative good. But you must prepare ourself to pass curvaceous road. The scenery along the trip shows the beauty and will spoil your eyes. This beauty is dominated by pecan trees and others big trees.

Some Tips When You Visit Cuanca Rami Waterfall.

Don’t forget to bring other clothes because you will swim there. Towel, medicine, food and snack, sunlock and diary book that also must you prepared.

When you do trekking, manage your breath, speed and width your steps. It will make you feel tired fast.

Try to less to drink water when you do trekking. Because it can me overload liquid and it will be effected you to be weaker. Wear the shirt and also the comfort shoes that will you wear on trekking at the forest.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Sano Nggoang Lake and also climbing the Mbeliling, tries to stay at night for 2 days one night near village and #masifan thinks that it is the wise choose.

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