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The Beauty of Taman Safari Bogor that Must You Visit.

The Beauty of Taman Safari Bogor
If you want to see many kinds of wild animal like lion, tiger and crocodile directly like at their natural habitat so the answer is Taman Safari Indonesia at Bogor. Beside as modern zoo and the central conservation from many kinds of flora and fauna, Taman Safari Bogor is also as buffer zone for Gede Pangrango Mountain National Park that located at 900-1800 meters above sea levels.

You can do interaction with them from other contries in the world complete with their real habitat at Taman Safari Bogor. When you visit this place at the first time, you will see some shady trees and you can feel how cold the weather greet your skin from Gede Pangrango Mountain. This experience will be amazing and interesting with you to interact with the wild animals outdoors.

Activities at Taman Safari Bogor

On regular day, you can ride your own car. If you are more interesting to do at night so #masifan suggests you to ride shuttle. It is provided a guide in each shuttles that will explain to you the wild animals there.

After look aroud at Taman Safari you will be on free zone. At this zone you can park your car and continue the trip on food. At free zone, it offers you some entertainments and scheduled like seagull acrobat, hunting eagle etc.

Delicious Culinary at Taman Safari Bogor

On free zone animal, you can see some stalls that sell the food. There are two restaurants that provide the western and eastern menu. Taman Safari also provide for you some places for you and your family to do family vacation.

Rain Forest Restaurant Rimba Food Court Caravan, Safari Kuring Restaurant, Bakmi Safari Restaurant, Safari Fried Chiken. Bombomcar, Canteen P., Dinosaur Canteen, Flume Ride Canteen, Bus Station Canteen, Pool Canteen, Macan Tutul Cafe Canteen.

Shopping Center

Do you like with something funny or unique? Animal toy is the sample souvernir that can you buy there. There are many kinds of animal dolls that suitable for children.

At Taman Safari Bogor, there are three formal outlets that sell souvernir, knick knacks, clothes and also funny things as souvernir from Taman Safari Bogor.

Transportation to Taman Safari Bogor

It is not difficult to go to Taman Safari Bogot. From Jakarta you go there by your own car, rent car and also you can take tour packet that offers by the travel agents. The location of this park is not too far. It is aproximately 80 km from Jakarta and it just needs 1-2 hours if the traffic is not jammed.

If you go Taman Safari from Bandung, you can go there by public transportation and stop at Cibeureum Cisaura. Then continue the trip by public transportation. It needs 15 minues to Taman Safari.

There are many signposts to go to Taman Safari. Beginning from the exit toll gate that ease the tourists who want go to Taman Safari Bogor. Cisarua is on the place before the top of Pangrango Mountain. From toll to top, you will find the direction to entrance gate of Taman Safari on the right side.


The ticket entrance is only 75.000 rupiahs for adult. 15.000 rupiahs for car parking fee. This price is for regular day without distinguish the workday or weekend.

After buy the entrance ticket, you will accpet the map about the location and the places at this park. The scheduled of animal attractions performances, route that will you pass and also the animals that will you seel It is better for you to save the map which will make you easier to know about Taman Safari Bogor.

Taman Safari Indonesia open at 9 o’clock a.m and closed at 5 o’clock p.m. For the visitors who want to visit at night, it will be opened at 7 o’clock p.m until 9 o’clock p.m.

So, what will you wait? Make Taman Safari Bogor to be a place for you to visit on your weekend.

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