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The Beauty of Tomia Island Southeast Sulawesi, The Travelers, you must Visit here!

Tomia Island Southeast Sulawesi
Tomia is the Wakatobi’s third island that can be reach on 3-4 hours by boat from Wangi-wangi Island. Tomia Island is being the famous diving tour more than 10 years with one resort and it opens the route from Bali to Tomia Island directly. The boats usually anchor at Waha or Jabal port.

Beside the beauty beneath the sea, Tomia Island also be explored using motorcycle or car. Visit some beaches on the seashore, sites, cave or just doing sail around the islands.

Some Reasons why You Must Visit Tomis Island

Runduma Island
Runduma Island is the name of an island that located on Wakatobi and it is a part of Tomia sub district. Geographycally, Runduma island is located far a part fro the other island at Wakatobi.

Runduma Island located next to Anano Island, the island with the white sand and there is no population. Rundua Island is a location for the green turtles (Chelonia Mydas) to spawn. Generally, Runduma Island stands on sand, rock on the land. Runduma Island is like an island that fly if we see it from far.

Because of surrounding by the sea, it is difficult for us to look for the clean water at this island. The people there usually harvests rainwater to fulfill their daily needs like cooking, taking a bath etc. Runduma comes from the word Rondomo that means stay at night. A word that taken from the fishermen who usually stop and ancor their boat at Runduma. There are 1.300 people who life at this island and some of them as farmers or fishermen.

Anano Island
Anano Island is a unpopulated small island as stated above. Anano also to be a part of Wakatobi archipelago. This island is located at the end of east of Wakatobi Regency. This island faces to Buru Sea and Banda Sea.

This island has the beauty beach with smooth white sand and also to be a favourite place for turtle coloni to spawn, so that is why this island also called as Pulau Seribu Penyu. There are two kinds of turtles that often find at Anano island ie. Green Turtle that known with Honu and hawksbill or more knwon with Koila.

Some students from the university or some researchers visit this island to do research and see the turtle life at this place although the frequency of the turtles coming is small every months.

For Green Turtles, they usually spawn routine at night on big moon. This Green Turtle usually come at seashore at predawn to spawn. They try to avoid all human activities.

This island is not only famous as a place for the turtle to spawn, but also promises the exotics side. At this island, the tourists can do diving to see the beauty on the beneath of the sea. Beside this, the situation at this beach that offered is very amazing. The sunset nuance that is so interesting and the tourists also can be enjoyed at this island.

Hu'untete Beach
Hu’untete is located on Kulati Village, Tomia Island. This beach has white sand and cliff and row of coconut trees that can be seen along te beach. The longest beach at Tomia Island is a place for turtles to spawn. There are also some spot diving spread at this beach and it is a target location for diving. For the people at Kulati Village, this beach also famous as hiding beach. It can be said like that because at the past time the people of Kulati hide themselves from Purtuguese at the cave near the beach.

Pantai Hondue
Hondue Beach has white sand and the water is so clear. The location is very suitable to see the sunsets. In the front of the beach there is a coral like a table that be a favourite place to enjoy diving and snorkling.

This beach is located on Kollo Soho Village and it can be reached by motorcycle or car. It needs about 15 km from Waha, Tomia Sub District.

Mari Mabuk is one of the location to do diving at Tomia Island. There are some coral reef that can be seen here especially soft coral and table coral that decorated by many kind of species, bumphead, lion fish, clown fish, parrot fish, turtle and also sea snake.

For other interesting thing, you can visit Wakatobi Dive Resort, or interesting village at Abi Jaya Waha Village and some other interesting villages.

Delicious Culinary at Tomia Island

Kasuami is main local food for the people from Wakatobi. Kasuami is cassava porridge which is shredded and squeezed repeatedly. This food is made with triangle or like “tumpeng”. Kasuami generally dusted for flavoring likes onion that will make this food more delicious if it consumes with Parende or it can be combine with grilled fish and colo-colo chili. Kasuami is special food that can be found at Tomia Island.

Parende is fresh fish soup that made from fresh reef fishes that is cooked combining with onion and than boiled with lemongrass leaves and turmeric. Fresh fish Parende soup is very delicious if consume when it is hot.

Karasi is traditional cake that made of cassava flour. This cake is shaped and fried. This cake is really delicious and suitable if it serves witha cup of hot coffee or hot tea. Karasi cake is popular gift that made by the local women at Tomia Island.

Lulata is traditional food from Binongko Island. Lulata is a baked rice with onion, coconut milk as the ingredients. This food is made of rice and brown rice. Before entered it to the bamboo that wrapped it using banana leaves. The taste of this food is very delicious.


To reach Tomia Island, it needs 2 hours by speedboat. Beside this the tourists also can go there by regular ship from Bau-Bau 2-3 times in a week. This sub district also has Maranggo airport so the tourists can go Tomia Island by air.

Departure : Jabal Port
Time : 8 a.m. o’clock (Harian), 3 p.m. o’clock (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
Duration : 3 hours
Destination : Onemai
Port Price : Rp. 150.000

Slow Boat 
From Wangi-Wangi to Tomia
Departure : Mola Port
Time : 9 a.m. o’clock (daily)
Duration : 4-5 hours
Destination : Onemai
Port Price : Rp. 120.000


When you do vacation at Tomia Island, make sure that you bring lotion to keep your skin from the sun shine. Because, you will get sun shine directly there. Try to always bring towel to scrub your perspiration. The weather will be hotter on the dry season. For you who have sinusitis, please avoid to do diving because it is dangerous for you.

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