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The Unique of Tuktuk Siadong Tourist Village, Samosir North Sumatera

Tuk Tuk Siadong Village
Make sure that when you visit Toba lake, don’t miss to stay at night at Tuktuk Siadong tourist village. It is a beautiful place at a small foreland at Samosir Island.

Here, #masifan can enjoy the beautiful situation on the lake side. On this place, there are many tourists who captivate with the scenery there.

Tuktuk Siadong village is located at Simanindo Sub District, Samosir Regency, North Sumatera Province. This small foreland is between Tomok Village and Ambarita Village.

Tuktuk Siadong Village is very famous as one of the best location to enjoy the beauty of Toba Lake. The verdant scenery will be fondled our eyes combine with the special buildings with Batak style.

At this place, the tourists can enjoy the situation like in a beach but the whether here is not as hot as on the beach.  The weather here is so cool as same as on the mountain.

Something that Make the Tourists want to Visit Tuktuk Siadong Tourist Village.

The fans of #masifan.com can enjoy the beauty of Toba Lake panorama by canoe, jetski, water bike or they can just waste their time by swimming as long as they want.

Fishing also can be the other alternative for the tourists. Beside this you can do trekking on the certain hills and try to hunt the best location to look at the Toba Lake.

Enjoying the sun sets and sun rises from the lake side. The best location is on the Karo plateau. It is on the north side. The beauty of the lake seems lengthwise from Sikodonkodon.

If you are visiting Tuktuk Siadong village, don’t be asthonised if you find the region that full of foreign tourists with their activities along 24 hours.

On the midnight, if you feel so hungry so you can take a walk and you will find there are some cafes or stalls open to serve you provide some food there. Although some people at Tuktuk Siadong and Tano Batak are Catholic but for the Moslem don’t worry because at both of the places there are some moslem restaurants.

Saksang, Panggan, Arsik and Padar Chicken are some Batak culinary that usuall serve at some restaurants here. Enjoying a cup of coffee at the one of favourite cafe on the lake side will make your vacation be perfect. You can do this when you are relax in the evening while enjoying the sun sets.

The Facilities at Tuktk Siadong Tourist Village

Beside  provides many kinds of natural beauty from Tuktuk Siadong Village, there are 30 lodging houses with various type. The lodging house likes a star hotel at Tuktuk usually on the lake side.

But don’t worry, on the lake side there is not only a star hotel but also a lodging house like home stay also provides there. And the travelers love the lodging house like home stay. The reason beside the price is not too expensive the nuance at home stay is like at home. And it makes them like to stay until two months or more.


Traveling by land transportation to Parapat needs 4-5 hours from Medan. There is a train from Medan to Pematang Siantar. Then you can continue the traveling by bus to Parapat. It needs aproximately 1 hour.

Beside by train, the travelers can go there by bus to Samosir directly especially the route that passes Lubuk Pekam, Tebing Tingga and to Pematang Siantar. Along the trip, you can enjoy the scenery of oil palm and rubber plantation.

If you go there by your own car and want to pass, you can pass the lake by motor ship or Ferry from Ajibata. It is almost 2 km from the port at Parapat. The ferry from Ajibata is not directly to Tuktuk but it will go to Tomok first then the journey will be continued to Tuktuk with the distance around 5 km.

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