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Gili Labak Island A Piece of Hidden Heaven from Sumenep - Madura

Gili Labak Island  A Piece of Hidden Heaven from Sumenep - Madura
Sumenep Regency came from Madura : Songènèb, a regency at East Java Province, Indonesia. This regency has area 2.095, 45 km2 and the population there is 1.041.915 people. Sumenep is the capital of the regency.

The name of Songènèb etymologically is Kawi language. If it is translated, the meaning i.e :

The word “sung” has meaning a valley

The word “sung” has meaning a The word “ènèb” has meaning quiet sediment

So if it can be intepreted deeply that Songènèb / Songennep means the quiet sediment.

The word Songènèb / Songennep had been popular since Singasari Kingdom was ruling of Java, Madura and around them. It is also stated on Pararaton book about appllation of “Sumenep” when Kertanegara King ditched Arya Wiraraja - the king’s privy on politics and government to Sumenep East Java on 1269 M.

'“Hanata Wongira, babatangira buyuting Nangka, Aran Banyak Wide, Sinungan Pasenggahan Arya Wiraraja, Arupa tan kandel denira, dinohaksen, kinun adipati ring Sungeneb, anger ing Madura wetan”.'

Meaning :
“I am a slave, and I am the ancestry of the leader from Nangka named Banyak Wide. It is named Arya Wiraraja, he was untrusted more, and he must go far to be leader at Sumenep, Madura, East Java “.

That’s Sumenep at glance, now if we will talk about Sumenep beside talking about the history wecan also explore another side of this regency especially about the tourist destination of this place. As we know that tourism sector is the important potential at Sumenep Regency. There are some kinds of tourism potentials and it can be classified to be :

  1. Historical, cultural and architectural tourism 
  2. Religious tourism 
  3. Natural tourism 
  4. Sea tourism 
  5. Conservation and 
  6. Special interest

Gili Labak is the example. It is one of the tour destination from Sumenep.

The region of Sumenep serves the amazing natural beauty as the tour destination and it is no less interesting to another tour destinations in Indonesia. Gili Labak Island administratively is located at Sumenep, Madura. Gili Labak is a beautiful small island with whte sand and the calm sea wave. The island is on the east end of Madura Island.

At past, Gili Labak island was known as Rat island. It can be said like this because this island was rat’s nest. The width of this island is almost 5 hectares and it can be surrounded on food and just need 30 minutes to do that. There are only 35 family at Gili Labak island. Gili Labak island is located at Lombang Village, Talango Sub District and Sumenep Regency.

What will the Tourists Get at Gili Labak Island?

The answer of the question above is only one i.e. the beauty. The beauty of its sea park. The sea park of Gili Labak can dazzle the eyes. 50 meters from the sea shore we can see the coral reefs lined up along with their anemons.

Beside this, Gili Labak Island also serves the very beautiful panorama. The white sand and the blue sea with the calm sea wave make this place very reasonable to be tourist destination.

The important and interesting activity that cannot be passed when the tourist visit this island is snorkling and diving. This island has the very beautiful panorama beneath the sea. Beside that, the tourist can do swimming, sun bathing, relaxing on the sea shore while enjoying the scenery there or you just do walking on sea sore. For the tourists who want to do snorkling and diving, you must bring your own utensils because at Gili Labak island, there haven’t place that rent all the utensils yet.

Some Routes and Transportations to Gili Labak Island :

1. Kalianget port
This route is one of the routes that most widely used. The location is very strategic and facilitate the tourist who pass this route. The tourists go from the Sumenep down town 10 km to the east. After on Kalianget port, the tourists can rent the boat to go to Gili Labak Island. But know there are many travel agents that prepare their boat to take the tourist to the destination.

2. Lobuk Village
Lobuk Village is one of the village that there is an small port. From this village, the tourist can be reach Gili Island e.i. Gili Genting and Gili Raja. Now, this port begins crowded. Many tourists choose this route because the tourists who don’t come from Sumenep closer through this route than the other route.

The tourists who come from out of Sumenep can turn right at the Bluto junction. From this junction continue the trip to east until the port there. The tourists can order the boat or they can choose the shipping services to Gili Labak.

3. Tanjung Saronggi
The other places that can be a route to Gili Labak is Saronggi. From the Saronggi junction, the tourists just go to the east until the beach. There is also a port and some of the people there rent their small boat to take the tourists go to Gili Labak Island.

4. Kombang Village
This viillage is located on Talango Sub District. There is similarity route from the down town that through Kalianget. The differences from Kalianget the tourists must go to Talango first until Kombang. Then the tourists can order the boat with the cheaper price and the shorter time.

From all the routes, the time that they need is almost same. It is approximately 2 hours. It is also depend on the climate and the wind that usually obstacle the trip to Gili Labak Island. Until now, there haven’t big ship that will take the tourist to this heaven island.

Information and Tips do Touring at Gili Labak Island.

  1. Choose a place to stay at night at Gili Labak Island on the people house. The tourists sleep with carpet or mats as a pedestal. Another idea, the tourists can choose to sleep at gazebo around the beach that made of the wood and bamboo. Don’t forget to bring blanket and mats to make you comfort when te tourists decided to stay at night at this island. 
  2. The water at this island is salty so don’t be amazed for the tourists when they take a bath you can taste salty on the water. You can buy fresh water there. The price is 10.000 rupiah each gallon. 
  3. The tourists only get the electricity only at night. And it is also helped by diesel machine. #Masifan suggested the tourists to bring flashlight, head lamp or another lighting utensils. 
  4. For the tourists who won’t lost the connectivity with social media and internet when you stay at Gili Labak Island, suggeted for you to bring full power bank. 
  5. Important note, when you do snorkeling or diving don’t too closed with the coral reefs. There are many young coral reefs so it is feared they will step and broke the young coral reefs. Please keep the balance of the body in order to NOT PANIC, because when you are panic your foot can be injured by the reef or punctured by skin hedgehog. If when you are on the water and you want to stand please look for the empty place that there are no coral reefs growth. 
  6. For th tourists who want go Gili Labak Island by the travel agent, you can register the fund by yourself. 
  7. At Gili Labak Island, there are some stalls that sell some kinds of drink and food. Although there are only three stals but it is enough to fullfill what the tourists want to buy when they visit this island. But, the better thing, you can bring something that you want to preparation that the thing you need is not sell there.


If you want to go there by bus or public transportation you can stop at Kalianget bus station. If you stop on down town you can rent the public transportation or taxibike to Kalianget port. You must pay 20.000-30.000 rupiahs and 50.000 rupian to rent the public transportation

When you reach Kalianget port, to go to the location you must go there by boat. You must pay 350 thousand until 400 thousand rupiah for round ticket. The boat can take 15 people. So, masifan.com suggets you if you want to go Gili Labak Island ask your friends to go together with you.

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