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Historic Beauty at Padang Mountain Cianjur

Historic Beauty at Padang Mountain Cianjur
There are some block stomes scattered everywhere. It is concern at the very old mountain. There are not only on the bottom part but also on the field, around the home residents. Moreover, it is predicted that there are still many uncountable stones embedded in the bottom of the hill and the fertile soil. This location is on 885 meters above sea levels at Padang Mountain, Karyamukti village, Campaka, Cianjur Regency.

On the top of its mountain, those stones are scattered and it is like a cone on five terraces. It predicted that the stones are 4000-9000 BC years old. This Megalithic site came from 2500-4000 bc period. It means that the constructions has had 2.800 years before Borobudur temple. The age of this megalithic site is older than Machu Picchu at Peru. The megalithic site at Padang Mountain is as same as the Pyramid from Egypt.

The sites at Padang Mountain are priceless large stone historical relics. The shapes are like pillars with length 1 meters and diameters 20 cm. The stone are manifold andesite, basaltic, and basal. The Geometry edge of the stone and carved thousands of large stone are made in such a way so their shape are pentagonal. The number five is like giving information that it is the identoty of a worship of number five with the Sundanese long time a go.

It is the distinguishes with Babylonia that consider sacred number 11, Roman with number 7. Symbol “5” is like musical scale Sundanese pentatonic i.e da mi na ti na. That is why, beside complex of ancient worship, some of the people said that Padang Mountain site as ancient musical theatre.

Activities at Padang Mountain Cianjur

Sure with your determination to visit this incredible site that be a heritage of civilization that full of questions there. Don’t be inferior with foreign tourists. They feel amazed look at this site. Even, some of them want to buy some boulders there.

Visit this place so you will see the beauty sky at night with thousands stars and Milky Way on the center that are guarded with Sepens and Aquila constellation which represent the under world and top world. The bright sky will be found on July. At this month, it is the perfect time. You can sit on the super moon with the ruins of 2500-4000 BC.

This prehistoric site is surround with some deep valleys. The complex is elongated, coveres the surface of hill that is restricted by big line rectangle andesite. On the top of the mountain you can see the beautiful scenery and some mountains there. They are Gede Mountain, Pangrango Mountain, Pogor sand mountan, Gombong sand mountain and Domas sand mountain.

Actually, Padang mountain site is not only the megalithic tradition at Cianjur. There are still more megatlithic tradition there around Cianjur Regency i.e. Ciranjang, Pacet, Cikaong Wetan and Cibeber.


The location of Padang mountain is at Karyamukti village, Cempaka Sub District, Cianjur Regency. This megalithic site can be reach 1.5 hours from Cianjur. It is 165 km from Jakart and 110 km from Bandung. The trip to ge there is very amazing. Some of the way there good but some of  them are bad. So, you must becarefull if you want to go there. The simplest way to reach the location is by renting car from Jakarta or Bandung

The closest guidance to the location is 26 km southwest to Lampegan railway station (1879-1882). You can look the tunnel that will be the interesting place that must you visit before or after from Padang Mountain site.

There are two simple routes by car or motorcyce i.e. Pal Dua and Tegal Sereh. Pal Dua tract can be passed from the highway of Cianjur-Sukabumi, from Warungkondang village turn right to Cipadang-Cibokor-Lampegan-:al Dua-Ciwangin-Cimanggu and Padang Mountan.

There are some variety way that can you passed and also you can through the beauty of Gunung Manik tea plantation. If you go there through Tegal Sereh so you will pass the highway route from Cianjur-Sukabumi, from Sukaraja yurn left Cireungas-Cibanteng-Rawabesar-Sukamukti-Cipanggulaan-Padang mountain.


Its steep hills locaation is provided by stairs to reach the 95 meters to the top. The stairs arranged with 468 stairs and made from reconstraction ofandesite stone. There are two part of stairs. It is the stairs with the natural stone and the other is made from cement and sand.

You must becarefull when you through the stairs with the natural stone. But as additional information that it is the origin tract with te beautiful scenery.

When you walk down through the stairs  that made from cement and sand, #masifan.com sugests to stop several times because it is to avoid sore feet and tremble after you are on the bottom.

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