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Kampung Air Kragilan Boyolali – Haunted Place that Changed to be the Family Tourism Destination

Kampung Air Kragilan Boyolali –  Haunted Place that Changed to be the Family Tourism Destination
If we hear the name of Boyolali, it has similarity with the name of a town on East Jawa – Surabaya. The similarities between them are on their name. Both of their names used the name of animal i.e crocodile.

Although they have the similarity on their name, but you must know that both of those places are located so far. Boyolali is on Central Java and Surabaya is on East Java.

The name of Boyolali Regency that was taken from the Javanese letter (hanacara) is a regency on Central Java. The the administrative center is located on Boyolali Sub District, 25 km on the west of Surakarta. Boyolali Regency is conterminous with Semarang Regency, Grobogan Regency on the north; Sragen Regency, Karanganyar Regency, Sukoharjo Regency and Surakarta on the east; Klaten Regency and Special District of Ygyakarta on the south and the last Magelang Regency and Semarang Regency on the west.

The History of Boyolali Regency

The history of Boyolali based on “Serat Babad Pengging Serat Mataram”, the name of Boyolali was not stated. It was also happened on the Demak Bintoro Kingdom era and Pengging Kingdom. Based on the legend, the name of Boyolali had relation with Ki Ageng Pandan Arang’s story (The regent of Semarang on XVI century). Ki Ageng Pandan Arang was more famous with Tumenggung Notoprojo predicted by Sunan Kalijaga would be the closer of Wali replaced Syeh Siti Jenar.

By Sunan Kalijaga, Ki Ageng Pandan Arang ordered to go to Jabalakat mountain at Tembayat Klaten to spread Islam. On his way from Semarang to Tembayat, Ki Ageng Pandan Arang had some obstacles as his exam. Ki Ageng went and left his wife and his children. When he was on the jungle, he was robbed by three person. They tought that Ki Ageng brought valuable things. All the robber mistaken with what they thought. Now, this place are famous with name “Salatiga”.

His journey continued until on the place where there are some yellow bambooes or more known as Ampel bamboo. And this place now is more known with name “Ampel” one of the sub district at Boyolali.

While he waited, Ki Ageng took a rest on a huge stone on the middle of the river. On his rest Ki Ageng said something “Baya wis lali wong iki”. It means “ Have they forgot?”. From the word Baya wis lali so this place named with Boyolali. The huge stone on the Pepe river which split Boyolali possibly as a place where KI Ageng Pandan Arang took a rest.

May be there is no people can answar and until now there are no people who do experiment to know the existance of this stone. It also happens with the big stone in front of Sungginggan market Boyolali.

Reputedly, based on the story there the stone was a place for KI Ageng Pandan Arang took a rest. When he was took a rest, he hit his stick t the stone and it made the stone noched likes dakon (traditional game on Javanese). The people here named this stone with Mbah Dakon,

After we talk about Boyolali Regency, there is an unique and interest #masifan.com to explore this place. This place is suitable to be a tourism detination especially with their family.

Kampoeng Air Kragilan is one of the alternative natural tourism that can be visited together with the family. The location of Kampoeng Air is on Watu Genuk Village, Kragilan, Mojosongo, Boyolali Regency Central Java Province. The natural tourism Kampoeng Air Kragilan opens from 8 o’clock a.m. until 5 o’clock p.m.. The location is not too far rom Boyolali. It just 5 km.

The History of Kampoeng Air - Kragilan

At the beginning, the reason to develop Kampoeng Air Kragilan Boyolali because Boyolali haven’t has a tourist destination that can be visited by the people. Commonly, the people of Boyolali must go to another place out from Boyolali.

The river that flows on Kampoeng Air Kragilan Boyolali, at the past was a river that usually be used by the people there to fulfill their basic needs like drink, wash the clothes and take a bath. The old bridge and big banyan tree to be own mistic story for the people there.

He is Arif Mulyadi who wants to have own park to release the tired and take a rest. At the first time, this park was utilized for disabilities. Becuase he didn’t find flat area, so he choosed the area on the Watu Genuk roadside slopes. Arif Mulyadi also wanted to open the land job for the people on his village.

The Feature of Kampoeng Air Kragilan

Family Garden Park Kampoeng Air Kragilan serves you the beautiful natural scenery, green and gurgling water from the hills around Kampoeng Air Kragilan. The cold nature without pollution very suitable to do relaxing with your family, moreover on this location there are a waterboom, music live, canteen, and Bamboo saung. With your family we can do swimming to gether whie enjoying the fresh air and the green of trees. We can take a photograph with the beautiful background. All facilities at this place will make your vacation fun.

Kampoeng Air Kragilan is a tourist resort that must you visit because the beauty there are no place that has beauty like Kampoeng Air Kragilan. The local people there is very friendly especially with the tourists both local or foreign tourists.

Route to Kampoeng Air Kragilan

To reach Kampoeng Air Kragilan Boyolali is very simple. It is on the strategic location Semarang – Solo. On this track Semarang – Solo the tourists can go on junction of Mojosongo market and through the Wika junction. Then go to the north to Tlatar direction. Go straight until SMP Kragilan. The trip can continue on the way beside SMP Kragilan then turn left to the west 1 km.

The tourist then will through Al Hidayah Hospital Boyolali. You must pay attention to the juction on the middle of plantation. Turn left 100 m and you will find the bridge. Your destination is under the bridge. Here you will find the entrance gate to Kampoeng Air Kragilan.

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