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Kanawa Island – The Complement Adventure at Flores Island

Kanawa Island – The Complement Adventure at Flores Island
The length of the track at Flores Island is more than 300 kilometers. It is feasible to be memorable place to unforgetable. It can be said as a pile of jewelry from Maumere to Labuan Bajo that is saved in the valuabe bracket. Visiting Kanawa Island as if save valuable bracket that will make all adventures at Flores Island to be perfection thing.

It is located 15 kilmeters from abuan Bajo, Kanawa Island stand alone among the ocean and surrounded  with Komono National Park so although the width of this island is 32 hectare like no meaning. Although the rock hill is full of bushes and dry grass on the dry season, this place is like on Italy. The blue sea that restricted by the bluish green on the sea shore will make us curious of the gravitation.

Tracing the history and the beauty of Kanawa Island

At the beginning, Kanawa Island was managed by a people of Labuan Bajo. The management of this island was given to the Italian then developed 14 bungalows on the stone foothills.

A wooden pier is enough to anchor some small boat until the edge of the reef and the cliff under the water. The blue mixing with the green  on the foot of the gazebo on the edge of the pier. The coral reefs also growth flourishes around the island will make the tourist to move closer.

After visited Rinca and Comodo Island that will open the mind about Indonesia fauna, the tourists don’t need much time to finished walk aroud the island until the sun sets at Labuan Bajo.

Kanawa Island with the luxry sky, beach and the coral reef are the jewelries before you go home back. You can do one more experience with the clear water and the colourful fishes that play between sea flower, coral reef and dune beneath the sea.

If you fallin love in the first sight when you visit Kanawa Island, asked the possibility to stay at night in the one of bungalows there. Because it is the best idea.

The bungalows built among the clear sea shore and the soar hill. All the bungalows there completely with the comfort bed, white valance and hammock that flanked by two shady trees. All of them will make you satisfy staying there.


Kanawa Island can be reached by boat from Labuan Bajo. It needs 40 minutes to go there.

The tourists usually go by boat from Labuan Baju. You must been there before 12.00 because the boat will start on that time.

The other alternative to go to Kanawa Island from Labuan Bajo is by speed boat. You just pay 60.000 rupiahs to go there by speed boat.

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