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Kedungombo Massive Reservoir – Combination between Exuberancy and immensity

Kedungombo Massive Reservoir –  Combination between Exuberancy and immensity
Touring to Kedungombo reservoir is the Central Java tourism site that gives the beauty of the massive reservoir. This reservoir has width 6.576 hectare. The location of the reservoir is on three regencies. They are Grobogan Regency, Sragen Regency and Boyolali Regency. The advantage of this reservoir is as irigation means for the field. Beside this, this reservoir also to be a popular tourist object and many tourists visit this reservoir. The panorama at this reservoir is very beautiful and also the tourists can do adventure by boat at this location.

One of the tourist spot at Kedungombo reservoir that visited by many tourists is Kedungombo Village, Geyer Sub District, Grobogan Regency. The reservoir was began to build on 1980 and finished on 1991. Kedungombo Reservoir is one of the biggest reservoir at Indonesia.

The background reason why Kedungombo was built because on the dry season the people lack of water and on the wet season the flood would come. That is way the goverment at that time was built this reservoir by damming Suter River and Serang River.

The Functions of Kedungombo Reservoir

The reservoir that located on the Grobogan Regency, Sragen, Boyolali, Demak, Kudus and Pati Regency irigates 60.000 hectares field.  Below are the functions of Kedungombo Reservoir such as :
  • Irigation 
  • Water provider 
  • Water electricity source 
  • Flods drown 
  • Tourist object 
  • Fishery using keramba
The Beauty of Kedungombo Reservoir

It is no wonder that Kedungombo Reservoir has visited by many tourists because this reservoir offers the amazing natural beauty . You can see directly the massive reservoir that be the proud of the people from Central Java.  You can see how beauty of the forest around the reservoir.

The Facilities of Kedungombo Reservoir

As the tourist resort, Kedungombo reservoir is developed to make the tourist comfort when they visit there. You can find some fishing places that will serve the visitors and also they will serve te visitor with the freshwater fish menu. If you want to know about the reservoir more you can rent the boat and they will take you go around the reservoir. Along the reservoir, you can see many people do fishing especially on the vacation.

The Location and Access to the Kedungombo

To reach the location, it can be said that the way to o Kedungombo is good and easy. There are some route that can you pass, they are :

If you go from Solo, the route is Solo – Kalioso – Gemolong – Sumber Lawang – Geyer – Kedungombo Reservoir.

If you start from Yogyakarta youcan pass Yogyakarta – Solo – Kalioso – Sumberlawang – Geyer – Kedungombo Reservoir.

The other route is from Boyolali. Boyolali – Solo – Kalioso – Sumberlawang – Geyer – Kedungombo Reservoir.

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