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The Unique Batu Lubang Liliboi at Liliboi Beach Central Maluku.

The Unique Batu Lubang Liliboi at Liliboi Beach Central Maluku.
Overview of Liliboi - Lilinoi is a village on West Leihitu, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku Province of Idonesia. The tourist can reach this village through Ambon to the airport then walk along the way on the clear and cold seashore. The tourist can hear the voice of the wave and it will accompany them along the street. The smooth road will make the trip fast to the destination.

Liliboi beach is not to wide. The length of this beach is no more 150 meters. Although the beach is only 150 meters but this place has special characteristc. This beach has a perforated

It is called Liliboi beach because this beach is on Liliboi Village West Leihitu Sub District, Central Maluku Regency.

 “Batu Kapal” or “Batu Lubang” that known with cliff jumping spot. For the tourist who love pumpe their adrenaline, this place is suitable for them. The height of the cliff jumping can make the heart beat fast.

Liliboi beach is located 50 km from Ambon down town. The tourists who don’t have private transportation they can go there by Alang – Liliboi public transportation.

The History of Liliboi and Their Vernacular at Liliboi

The term of Liliboi came the Lilipoya language. It meant crocodile. Based on the myth of the people there at the Sikabiri estuary stated that on Liliboi there was a sacred crocodile and the name was Kainaman. This crocodile was not the real animal. This crocodile sometime seems on the Sikabiri estuary.

It was still based on the story there, there was a big snake at Seram Island and killed all the crocodiles at this island. In the other hand, the big snake could not be murdered by the crocodiles at Seram Island.

To beat this big snake, the crocodile asked for help the crocodile from Kainaman, and finally the crocodile from Kainaman able to beat and killed the big snake.

Because of the famous of crocodile from Kainaman (Kainaman Lilipoya), the place around the Sukabiri river then inhabited by the founder of Liliboi who came from Seram Island (Nusa Ina).

As the time goes by, Lilipoya change the spelling. It caused by the West spelling and the changing from the generation to generation so the named of Lilipoya also changed to Liliboi.

The Sensation to Jump the Cliff on Batu Lubang

There are some men vied with each other to jump first from the cliff to the sea. Some of them dared dived headfirst, some show styles of nails, doing somersaults in the air before his body  enter into the water.

They who have already splashed, soon they swim to the seashore, climb to the cliff once again and prepared to jump. They rarely take a rest on the seashore.

End edge of the reef to their pedestal plunge on the height 5 meters from the sea surface. It is high enough but they don’t seem afraid. They take 3-4 meters from the end edge of the reef, then run fast and flied their body to the air. For the children, it is provided no more 3 metes

The Other Interesting Things at Batu Lubang Liliboi Beach.

The other interesting things that be the reasons why the tourists must visit Batu Lubang Liliboi beach because the calm situation, the fresh air and also the stone that can be used to do  theraphy. The other reason is the water on the beach is very clear so the coral reef beneath can be seen so clear.

The shape of the seashore there is like the letter “W”, where the Batu Lubang is on the edge left and on the edge right there is a big stone named Batu Kapal.


The route that can be reached from Ambon down town  to the beach is not too far, first the tourist must go to the direction to Pattimura airport, then from the airport go along the beach by motorcyle only need 15 minutes.

The tourists also can find this place on the map by the coordinat -3.761167, 128.018270. After you find the junction turn right and go ahead. There are only two junctions and you always turn right.

From the airport, the beach is on the left side, go along the beach until you find the “saung” written “Pantai Batu Kapal Lilibooi”.

The tourist just walk 20 meters down to reach the beah. After you reach the seashore, you will be served by the panoraman of Batu beach with the very clear water, and natural perforated coral reef. The ticket entrance to this place is very cheap. The tourists just pay 5000 rupiahs.

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