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Anambas - Beautiful Tropical Islands in Asia

Riau is a province of Indonesia, located in the central part of the island of Sumatra. The province is located in the central part of the east coast of the island of Sumatra, which is along the coast of the Straits of Melaka. Until 2004, the province also includes the Riau Islands, a large group of small islands (islands primarily include islands of Batam and Bintan) located in the east of Sumatra and south of Singapore. The islands are divided into the separate province in July 2004. The capital and largest city are Pekanbaru Riau. Other major cities include Dumai, Selatpanjang, Bagansiapiapi, Bengkalis, Bangkinang, Tembilahan, and Rengat.

Riau is currently one of the richest provinces in Indonesia, and its resources are dominated by natural resources, particularly oil, natural gas, rubber, palm oil and plantation fiber. But rampant deforestation has reduced the forest area significantly, from 78% in 1982 to only 33% in 2005. The average of 160,000 hectares of forest been cleared every year, leaving 22%, or 2.45 million hectares in 2009. deforestation purpose of opening the gardens of palm oil and paper production have caused the smog that is very disturbing in the province for many years and spread to neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Riau Islands or we know as the Riau Islands are one Province division of the province of Riau, the province of Riau Island is one of the provinces that have a land area that is very small, think of the total area of Riau Island only 5% of the land and 95% water/ocean.

With an area of great waters in Riau Islands awarded the wonderful tourist attractions that you can visit someday

The Beauty of Anambas

Anambas - Beautiful Tropical Islands in Asia

His name may not have been as famous as Raja Ampat, but it has charm Anambas tropical beauty that is not inferior to the paradise in Papua. Yes, Anambas has a lot of natural charm that is still virgin and largely untapped: sea so blue, and coral reefs so pretty and rich.

Many say that Raja Ampat is the belle of marine tourism in eastern Indonesia, Anambas are rivals from the western part of Indonesia.

The beauty of the island Anambas may already be familiar among lovers of snorkeling. Marine biota is around Anambas is very famous for its beauty even to the corners of the foreign countries.

In addition, the charm of the beaches on the island chain is also famous for its exoticism Anambas. A stretch of fine white sand gently sloping and clear blue sea water would be very tempting the visitors who come to swim immediately.

Tourism in Anambas

Anambas - Beautiful Tropical Islands in Asia

There are some Famous Attractions’ Anambas

1. Lower Island 
This is the prima donna of the Anambas. Lower Island is an island that makes Anambas awarded as one of the most beautiful tropical islands of Asia.

Lower Island is located in the district of South Siantan, takes 3 hours drive from Tarempa to get to this island. The lagoon was formed by a group of Lower Island landscape is the most beautiful view presented by the island. Much has already admitted that the Lower Island is an island deserving the title of the most beautiful tropical island in Asia.

2. Durai Island 
Durai island beach scenery filled with turtles Durai island located in District Palmatak, Anambas Island. Durai island is also known by the locals as Turtle Island. This is because the island is a natural habitat for some species Leatherback and Hawksbill.

We can witness the turtles play Durai island along the coast which has fine white sand. It is one of the attractions of this island owned mainstay.

3. Temburun Waterfall 
In Anambas there are several attractions waterfalls are also the target of the tourists. One popular waterfall is a waterfall of seven levels in Sub Siantan East.

The trip to Temburun waterfall can be achieved from using pompong Tarempa City. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

Having pulled up at the dock Temburun village, proceed on foot about 5 minutes to the location of the waterfall. To arrive at the location we also have to climb 50 stairs on the road retracing steep enough.

After arriving at the location, we will be presented with a view of a waterfall with seven tiers. The ripples of water that falls from the cliff bring out the white foam of the vast, snaking between the rocks colored brown.

When looking towards the fall of the water, we will find a blue ocean view with a cluster of islands visible from a distance.

4. Penjalin Island 
Penjalin island located in District Palmatak. To get to this island we have to hire a speed boat from the City Tarempa. Penjalin journey to the island takes about 1-2 hours.

Island stranding presenting incredible exotic scenery. White sand beaches with huge rocks lining the shore.

In the middle of the island lie lush trees and green. Seven small adjacent Penjalin island surrounding the island make local people named this island as Pulau Tujuh.

Because of its exotism, Penjalin Island had been one shooting location film The Beach, starring Leonardo Di Caprio. This island is one of the most attractive islands in Anambas.

For lovers of snorkeling, island Penjalin also saves the underwater beauty mandatory to dive. Coral reef ecosystems unspoiled saves the variety of marine life and colorful fish will spoil the eye of the beholder, seemed to want to linger diving and reluctant to go up again.

Penjalin Island has been designated as a marine park conservation area. Therefore all activities of exploitation in any form are prohibited to do on this island.

5. Chicken Island / Pulau Ayam 
Hearing his name, one would think that on this island inhabited by a lot of chicken. But it was not, this island called Pulau Ayam supposedly because of its looks from afar like a chicken.

The chicken island is located in the district of East Jemaja, Anambas Island. To reach this island we can use a speed boat or in the local language is called pompong. The fare ranges from 500-700 thousand rupiahs.

Chicken Island also has exotic beaches, white sand ramps with railings of palm trees that add to the perfect ambiance at Chicken Island Beach. Well suited for relaxing tanning. If you want to swim and snorkel, Chicken Island also has the underwater world that is still very natural and awake. Coral and small fish on this island has been a long wait to be accosted.

Old Graveyard Bang Tong Gan
In addition to nautical tourism with super duper beautiful scenery, turns in Anambas also stores historical places. One is the old cemetery in Tarempa. Ban Tong Gan is a merchant who sells produce from Tarempa like rubber and copra. In the Dutch colonial period, this is a commodity in Tarempa. Ban Tong Gan sell the commodity of this Tarempa to various regions including Singapore. In Tarempa there is also a monument to the Chinese writing. It is a historical monument to commemorate the destruction of the City Tarempa due to air attack Japan in Asia War in 1941.

The Location of Anambas Islands

Anambas - Beautiful Tropical Islands in Asia

Anambas island located in the South China Sea in the most western part of Indonesia. Anambas Island is a fraction of the current Natuna Islands District is administratively already become Kapubaten Anambas.

Anambas located on the northern tip of Sumatra Island and adjacent to some neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The capital city is located in the City Anambas Tarempa.

Route To Anambas

Go fly from Jakarta to Batam
The journey to Anambas begins by flying from Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta to Batam. The journey to Anambas does not cost too expensive. With spending of Rp 1,024,794, -, travelers can fly from Jakarta-Batam and Batam-Jakarta as well with the airline Lion Air. Ticket price is different to the price offered if tourists buy from the official website of Lion Air.

Promo tickets to Batam is approximately USD 520 200, -. Price does not include the cost of return from Batam to Jakarta. The trip from Jakarta to Batam only taken 1 hour 45 minutes.

Batam-Matak (Anambas)
Tourists can not go directly to Anambas because these islands do not have a large airport. After a stop in Batam, tourists are expected to take a flight to Anambas with Sky Aviation goal Matak (Anambas).

These flights are conducted every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday around 11:00 pm. Ticket price is affordable, at around Rp 1.000.000, -. So for the price-Batam-Matak Matak and Batam, travelers only need to spend Rp 2.000.000, -. From Matak, you will be picked up by mini bus to the port, and proceed with using the ferry boat towards Tarempa which takes approximately 30 minutes.

Fly from Jakarta to Tanjung Pinang
A wide variety of alternative flight to Anambas can facilitate the tourists. Another alternative to get Anambas is to fly from Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta to Tanjung Pinang. A traveler need only spend USD 1.10714 million, - with Lion Air on route from Jakarta to Tanjung Pinang and Tanjung Pinang to Jakarta. The price is different if travelers book tickets through the official website of Lion Air. So one way to promo ticket, you will be charged Rp 562,000, -.

Tanjung Pinang-Anambas with VOC Ferries
it is different with the first alternative that requires the traveler to climb Sky Aviation and mini bus to get to the port, the second alternative is the traveler can be immediately boarded ferries for the purpose Tarempa Batavia VOC (Anambas). Traveling by ferry is open every Monday and Friday at a price of about Rp 300.000, -.

So when calculated with the cost of return only Rp 600.000, -. Not only that, tourists can choose to depart from the port of Kijang. From this port to Anambas, the traveler can board the KM Bukit Raya with a ticket price of Rp 150,000, -, so that if the return fare travelers totaled only cost Rp 300.000, -. Even so, the trip to the KM Bukit Raya can take as long as 17 hours!

Tips When Visit Anambas

Anambas - Beautiful Tropical Islands in Asia

Is the best time to travel to the island in the summer Anambas is around April. Because if in the months of the rainy season will make it difficult to travel by boat because the sea conditions were uncertain.

Prepare a budget that is thick, due to explore the islands in Anambas should hire a speed boat with a hefty tariff drain bag Picture and leave nothing but footprints. Be a traveler sage always preserve nature.

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