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Batak Balige Museum - The Evidence of Cultural Property

Batak Balige Museum
The museum is located at Stone Fence Road No. 88 Balige, North Sumatra, or rather in the TB Silalahi Center Complex, Desa Sposurung, Balige.

Balige itself is a district once the capital city of Toba Samosir. TB Silalahi Center Complex is located on the outskirts of Lake Toba so enchanting panoramic views.

The museum became a vehicle of culture where you can enjoy a collection of about 1,000 artifacts Batak culture and historical heritage of the 6 tribes of Batak.

Batak Balige Museum was established on August 7th, 2006 and inaugurated on 17 April 2008 by Lt. Gen. (ret). Dr. TB Silalahi Performed the official opening on January 18th, 2011 by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Batak Balige Museum

Batak Balige Museum is the conservation and utilization of collections of ethnic culture and history of the archipelago. Many artifacts and manuscripts Batak stored in libraries and museums in Europe, especially the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Now, however, continue to be pursued in order to return to the land of Batak and enjoyed by generation.


In the museum, you can understand how the Batak tribe long ago became a symbol of resistance against feudalism. In this museum presents a historical relic of 6 families Batak, namely: Batak Toba, Simalungun, Karo, Mandailings, Pakpak, and Angkola. The Batak tribe sixth socio-cultural has an important role in solving various problems that occurred in the village.

Batak Balige Museum
On the inside of the Batak Balige Museum,  there are some various forms of Batak's culture  including different types of weapons, namely: hujur (spear), podang (sword), knives (piso), Sior (arrow and bow). There is also the traditional clothing of the six families Batak.

You can also see a miniature Huta Batak that contains traditional houses are centuries old. The shape is prepared following the shape of the ancient village of Batak Toba. The Fence of bamboo trees, Hariara, grave stones, and ulubalang is an important component of the Huta Batak. Knockoffs also stored gale - gale is a statue to dance Batak.

Here you can also find out how the Batak people have a script consisting of two sets of letters, namely: kid ina ni ni letters and letter. Toba Batak script also called the useless characters (9-9). The Batak alphabet grammar is regarded as the first in the Dutch East Indies compiled scientifically.


Batak Balige Museum

Inside the complex, there is a cafeteria of TB Silalahi Center and the Sky Restaurant, which serves traditional and modern cuisine.

Enjoy the culinary here you will be spoiled with a panoramic view of Lake Toba and air as far as the mountains.

Even for those who intend to stay overnight, there are several hotels with the interesting dish that is ready to spoil your night where one of them as the hotel is located near the hotel Tarabunga which are dealing with the panorama of Lake Toba serving Bukit Barisan charming background.


Batak Balige Museum

From Medan, Balige City is about 250 km or 6-7 hours of travel, or 1.5 hours from Parapat. You can also take advantage of low to Silangit Airport, North Tapanuli district and then continue by road to The TB Silalahi Center Complex in the village of Soposurung Balige. The location of TB Silalahi Center is adjacent to the tomb of National Hero King SISINGAMANGARAJA XII. The distance is about 100 meters from the tomb trip to the edge of Lake Toba where you will pass through a number of traditional houses and cornfields beautiful and fascinating.

If you want to travel while getting science course "Balige Batak Museum" is the appropriate solution.

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