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Challenge Mentawai

Challenge Mentawai
Mentawai Islands is one district in the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. This district was established under Law No. 49 of 1999 and named the original name of geography. This district consists of four main island groups that inhabited the island of Siberut, Sipora Island, North Pagai and South Pagai island inhabited by a majority of the Mentawai tribe community. In addition, there are several other small islands are inhabited, but most of the other islands planted with coconut trees.

Mentawai Islands has four major islands, namely: 

  1. Siberut 
  2. Sipora Island 
  3. North Pagai Island 
  4. South Pagai 
  5. and several smaller islands.

There are several straits on Mentawai Islands in the sea.

  1. Mentawai Strait, the strait that separates the island of Sumatra in Mentawai Islands 
  2. Siberut Strait, the strait that separates the island of Siberut with Sipora Island 
  3. Sipora Strait, the strait that separates the island of Sipora with North Pagai Island 
  4. Sikakap Strait, the strait that separates Pualau North Pagai and South Pagai 
  5. Strait Sanding

Facts About Mentawai Islands

Challenge Mentawai

  1. Mentawai Islands consist of several islands. They are the island of Siberut, Sipora Island, North Pagai and South Pagai. However, the most inhabited island of Siberut. 
  2. Mentawai inhabited by the Mentawai tribe. They called the land of his birth as Sikerei Earth. 
  3. On the island of Siberut National Park that made no one biosphere reserve by UNESCO. This national park is also home to 18 endangered species that can not be seen anywhere else. The endangered species include the flying squirrel and pig-tailed macaque. 
  4. There are at least 400 points in the Mentawai surfing. 23 were international 
  5. In Mentawai no secret home of the late Hollywood star Paul Walker, the star of Fast and Furious. Walker called the Mentawai islands as the most beautiful places on earth.

Tourism in Mentawai Islands

Challenge Mentawai

Natural beauty Mentawai located at a distance of 150 km off the coast of Sumatra Island is awe-inspiring. The islands were entered into a non-volcanic island chain has 157 points and 400 points surfing waves. Beautiful beaches consist of Tuapejat, Mapadeggat, Makakang, Katiet, until Bosua. The islands are fascinated consisting of Siberut, Sipore, North Pagai and South Pagai. Most of the beaches and the island there is still unexploited.

From surfing point of 400, there are 23 points of which have international waves. The area is spread among others in the area Nyang-Nyang, Coral Bajat, Karoniki, Pananggelat and Mainuk (Siberut Island), Katiet Basua (Sipoira Island) and North Pagai (Sikakap Island). The recognition given by the international community on the Mentawai waves can be seen from surfing event held in these islands. Each year, designated as the organisers Mentawai Surfing Champions World Series or World Series Championship Surfing Water scheduled every August.

The time between April to August to coincide with the summer holidays in Europe is the best time for surfing. On the season, Mentawai waves can reach a height of six meters and it is the most sought after by surfers.

With the championship, Mentawai 3000 can encompass foreign tourists in 2007. As many as 60% of the tourists who come from Australia, 39% of the United States, and the rest of Europe, and Asia. Traveler on average spent $ 2,500 for a surf in the Mentawai. To ensure the comfort and safety of the surfers, managers and local governments hold some supporting facilities.

Facilities supporting the most significant was the introduction of 60 exclusive spot waves that are scattered in different corners of the island. Spot exclusive wave surfing is a place that restricted the wearer up to 10 people. This is to avoid accidents that may occur when surfers collide when in action.

Mentawai Islands are a cluster of islands that are geographically located in the Indian Ocean and administratively into the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Mentawai Islands are on the west side of West Sumatra province. The original inhabitants of Mentawai have different cultures with the Minangkabau because of separate by the sea. Mentawai Islands have many beautiful beaches and blue sea.

Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra has a pretty stretch of beach. Beach with white sand blends with the blue water. Mentawai has waves that are well known among surfers the world as a surfing paradise, even Mentawai waves are positioned No. 4 in the world. There are many stunning beaches in Mentawai, call it Mapaddegat Beach, Tuapeijat, Makakang in North Sipora, Simatalu in West Siberut and Sipora Katiet in the South. Besides beaches mentioned earlier, there are many other beaches spread over 10 districts in the Mentawai.

Mentawai Islands is also one of adventure and cultural tourism destination. Madobak village, Ugai village, and the village Matotonan are some very interesting cultural villages to visit. To reach these villages, you have to travel about 5-6 hours through the river and the trail route-Muara Siberut Rokdok-Madobak-Ugai-Matotonan. The village is famous waterfalls Madobak Kulu Kubuk as high as 70 meters consisting of 2 levels. In addition to the village Madobak, you can also visit Lake Rua Oinan-shaped estuary surrounded by a large tree, which is located in the middle of the woods in the hamlet Saumanganyak.

In addition to spot waves exclusive, managers also established beach resorts and other supporting facilities to assure the comfort of tourists. Among the existing resort in the Mentawai Islands, are among other names Macaroni on Silabu island, Kandui in Nyang Nyang Island, Saraina Mentawai City, as well as on the island Alloyta Simakakang, and Surfing Ground in Katiet.

Towards the Mentawai Islands

Challenge Mentawai

Surfing activities are located in three districts, including the District of South Siberut, Sipora sub-district and District of North Pagai included in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This surfing tourist sites can be reached by boat and air plane pioneer. If using a boat, a trip taken during the 14-hour route Padang- Sipora-Muara Siberut

To enter the Mentawai Islands, tourists can use the services of a guide or use the services of a tour operator. For accommodation in Mentawai Islands provided lodging along the coast.

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